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Thursday, 08 April 2010


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Actually, according to a recent study, West Africans are the highest paid group of blacks in America. When compared to blacks from other parts of the world, West Afrcians are ahead in terms of Education, and have more Doctors, Teachers, Lawyers, Engineers and tecnicians.

Our prayers and best wishes to all Cameroonians in Europe, America, Asia and away from Cameroon. May your hopes and dreams come true.

Va Boy

southern cameroonians are west africans
la republique du Cameroun central Africans


Never thought about that. That explains our intellectual superiority over frogs,and the failure of La Republique as a government.

That explains the greed and avarcie of La Republique and those close to her.

Biya has created a situation where employees of La Republique are happy, but they don't know anything different. Cameroon has become a frustrating place for high achievers due to failed leadership.

Every effort is mediocre. Greatest enemy to individual potential. Biya and La Republique do not see things coming, they have no vision for the future of Cameroon.

Due to the corrupt nature of Paul Biya and the CPDM party, it is very easy to become a CPDM member, but difficult to leave. It is like La Costa Nostra.

Unles La Republique withdraws from Southern Cameroon,like frogs in a pot of water,we will continue to turn up the heat, just a little at a time, until the water's boiling.

Chief Ayuk Arrey

Those Cameroonian immigrants with such positions and other vital careers that weren't mention ,portrays that they are Southern Cameroonians.
It's very clear why our La Republique neighbors don't want us to head the Presidency because they'll force to work hard. Some seat at home and receives salaries,they refuse to work with passion for the growth of the Nation.
nod aught they top the list for those draining Cameroon economically and taking it to the slaughter house.
The only future for Cameroun belongs to the Southern Cameroonians. This is the ONLY compromise with La Republique.


I disagree with this statement"For example, it is highly unlikely that there are more Police officers of Cameroonian origin in the US than teachers and lecturers." Protective service according to my understanding includes "guards" which will drive up this statistic and it is very plausible that we have more Cameroonians serving as "guards" in the U.S. than teachers and lecturers. It is in my opinion a transitory occupation and will always have a good proportion of new "bush fallers" given the entry requirements..




I'm puzzled that the NY Times will publish a study that carries a margin of error of over 50%. They could take a few more weeks to gather more accurate data rather than rely on sample statistics from Minnessota or Maryland.


soutjern cameroonians are west africans
and french camerounians are central africans is nothing new, If you live in the country, you would be brain washed by the regime into thinking you from mamfe are in central africa. AS YOU CROSS THE BORDERS
AT the mungo bridge, from victoria( west africa, you are entering central africa.
And all these statistics you see from the dhs
referring to cameroonians, is MEANT SOUTHERN CAMEROONIANS, (WEST AFRICANS)

The Entrepreneur Newsonline Inc.

....Very interesting....I was wondering about the shoe-shiners, cleaners, newspaper distributors and night-watchmen etc...With a statistical margin of error above 50% it is then plausible that this lot has been ignored....

...Very interesting.....


Attention Monsieur Ondoua!


i dont know where you are writing from, but
in american, ther are no shoe shiners jobs today, may be in the 1950s.
you think you life in the stinking cameroun of thif thif mbia is better than the hard life in great america, you are lieing to yourself boso..


what evers these brave sons and daughters of southern cameroons in america do, thank
god for the western unions, moneys sent, families back home could have some thing to eat, and a house over their heads, and a dress on their bodies, if not, images like that of ethipia could have been coming form our land, due to PAU MBIA ILLEGAL ECONOMIC BLOCKADE AND COLONIAL OCCUPATION OF BRITISH SOUTHERN CAMEROONS

The Entrepreneur Newsonline Inc.

...fool yourself....remittance to Cameroon is proven to be nothing else but windfall income that spike ostentatious consumption....

....meaning your harlots receive the money and go for a second mobile phone, or do their hair for date with their real boyfriends.....

...If you want to see what remittances do, significantly, then go to Kenya and Ethiopia, and feed your eyes!

The Entrepreneur Newsonline Inc.

..and the statistic may not account for the fate of the sans-papiers...and the janitors, barbers (njimafor), taxi-drivers, night-club bangers (targo), housekeepers in hotels, prostitutes, homosexual escorts (chief ayuk), striptease (ma mary), etc...and diverse subterrenean occupations that Cameroon diaspora engage in!..."Money no get color"

Ma Mary

Mercenary Entrepreneuronline, very funny. One who sells his country is the worst harlot of all. You will be dragged kicking and screaming into a free Southern Cameroons.

Chief Ayuk Arrey

The Man who sells and betrays his fellow citizens because of his own selfish interest.
You must be terrible

...meaning your harlots receive the money and go for a second mobile phone, or do their hair for date with their real boyfriends.....

U are really writing from experience, sorry...........


Entrepreneur,you forgot another type of job! That of online paupers,who literally want to drag the people they denigrate to madmen asylums called websites.

Bob Bristol

And this is what we get from " our university lecturer". Or should I say "legturer".

The impression I make of this guy is that he thought acquiring some education and making some money could earn him a pass into the laps of some hags he desired. You can't imagine how frustrating it can be, to be rejected even by this class of gorgons.

A P Geofrey

hahahahahaha. i just can laugh out my lungs after reading all what you guys can comment.


Entrepreneur, at least we rear and feed our own offsprings.


You can take the boy out of Church Street but you can never take Church Street out of the boy. Poor Dr. Ernest L. Molua aka The Entrepreneur Newsonline is like a genocidaire, jumping from website to website attacking diasporans, especially those from the Grassfields. He is simply a product of his environment. His example should caution us about what education can do to barbarians! One of these days, Yale University shall regret having given this simpleton the Fullbright Fellowship...He is an embarrassment to his students, his colleagues and himself.

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