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Tuesday, 25 May 2010


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Chief Ayuk Arrey

Well said Joe, Infact 2011 is the time line, If we missed it then, Cameroonians should be ready for worst predicaments under the Biya-Paris Regime. I see no need for International Diplomacy,we cameroonians will do it ourselves.

The new coalition should note that Cameroonians are counting on them.They should have all available resources together and be prepared to defeat the Paris regime.

I think that the reason why our Opposition Leaders are not Internationally known is simply because they are True Pan-Africanist and I endorsed them for that. How do u expect to see them on the global control media by the west bcos they don't worship the West.

Despite the predicaments in Zimbabwe,Many prefer Robert Mugabe and despised Morgan Tshangarai.
Tshangarai is going about Apologising to the West and asking for forgiveness on behalf Mugabe bcos of reckless sactions which his party wasn't supposed to have back the sanctions in the first place.
Many Zimbabweans accused him for trying to sell Zimbabwe to the West and he will find it difficult to be the President of Zimbabwe.Presently he's the choice of the West.


I strongly feel instead of cameroonians putting hope that opposition leaders should have a common front against Biya for the upcoming 2011 election, instead this war against biya should be for him not to put on his candidacy. Ask yourself why should Biya change the constitution? This is for him to rigg any election to stay in power. Even all cameroonians come out to vote him out he will still do what he did last parliamentry election to stay in office. Know that before the election, Biya and his minister of territorial administration have already distributed the results whether you accept or not. Remember when counting was still going on in the various constituencies, Biya had alraed announced results for those cnstiyuencies. Watch out.


what is cameroonian in the first place?
i dont see myself as cameroonian, i seemyself as southern cameroonian, and ask every francamerounese he will tell you the same, they see themselves , exclusively with southern cameroons, even as they have ilegally occupy southern cameroons and are falsely mapping it and teaching students in grade schools as part of their cameroun,
we are not cameroonians. we have our own indepepndent date, they have theirs from different colonial experience, we came together
on the basis of 2 seperate nations to form a federation, which cameroun latter , turn around and start calling southern cameroons its province, and even sent its military to occupy it. till date, soo, you people must never give up to the wish of this regime, be truthfull to your selves and afcts of history.


Sources very close to La Rpublique are saying that Paul Biya is actually grooming His son Frank to take over.

We also cuncovered reports that Frank is actually the son of a sister to Biya's late wife. His Late wife was unable to give birth, so according to the tradition of Biya's people, it is customary for Biya to have a child with his sister in law.

The sources close to the butcher also told us that after Biya killed his first wife, her sister, Frank's Biological mother was chased by La Republique into exile.

It is widely rumoured here in Yaounde that frank had a rough relation with his father, but they have sice reconciled thir differences, and Biya is now grooming himmto take over La Republique. These reports are from very reliable sources who are very close to the butcher.

All Cameroonians should take this seriously because there is more than an element of truth to it. The guy is studying in some foreign land to come and take over La Republique.

What aninsult to almost 20 million people.

Chief  Ayuk Arrey

You're right Mr.Nji, Infact that memo is a secret memo and I even have a copy of that.
If the so-call Frank Biya is really naive then let him came over and partake in his assumed fucking Dad's sins.

If he thinks that as Paris backs Ali Bongo so too will Paris backs him, then he his deceiving himself.Bcos even France will have no more place in Cameroon.

Dr A A Agbormbai

Good article. But...

1) You are comparing the noble UPC leaders (who were true patriots) to the current opposition, which consists of belly politicians.

2) The UPC leaders (particluarly Um Nyobe) seem to be better educated, more intelligent, and more of a fighter than what we have today in Cameroon. They understood national and international issues, which cannot be said of today's 'colonial' politicians.

3) You place too much emphasis on the opposition as though they are the only option for Cameroon. Meanwhile, the opposition consists of politicians who are no different from Paul Biya and his entourage. Put them in power today and you will simply perpetuate the current agony.

4) You totally sidestep independent candidates, whom I think are the answer to Cameroon's current problems. Particularly, eminent diasporans, who have grown up in the right environments and have developed the skills, know-how, and systems needed to transform today's Cameroon.

The Entrepreneur Newsonline Inc.

Obama regime?
Sakozy regime?
Cameron regime?
Biya regime?
Merkel regime?
Ban ki moon regime?


No, the Obama administration. when you are there to serve (or not serve the people as best as you can with the acceptance that you will leave peacefully after 4-8 years for someone else to come in with fresh an innovative ideas; when you don't see yourself as a demi god who is infallible and who cannot be criticized; when you see yourself simply as someone leading/administering the government on behalf of people to whom you are answerable, what you have is an "administration".

The reverse, as we see in the Cameroon of 2 monarchical presidents in 50 years of independence is a REGIME.


International Diplomacy is not a game for free but do have strings attached.It all involves negotiations and gains and considering the fact that our opposition is less skilled in games of this nature we risk plunging this country into a more nasty situation.In other words neo colonialialism will come to play and that will be dangerous for us.On the other hand diplomatic moves with non state actors could out of sympathy have a less precarious implication for us.That not with standing the true opposition need to come together and educate the electorates and gavalnised internal and International support and propose palatable programmes for the electorates.Secondly,they need to mount pressure on the government to change the present electoral system so as to bring in meaningful possibilities to a peaceful transition.2011 is just next day but yet the opposition seem to look weaker than five years ago.Cameroonians need a change and this is the time to prepare their minds for the change by going down to work and come out with meaningful strategies.At the same time we know not all out there are for change but if any change it should be for their stomach.That we know them.Elections are coming up next year but there are many things pending:ELECAM issue not yet resolved for the good of Cameroonians,the electoral laws are out dated,the issue of second Round Voting,election time table not known except to Biya and his men,computerization of registers,the right of Cameroonians in the diaspora to vote, financing of candites,the scandalous population Census results etc.These are some of the issues that should occupy the Cameroonian opposition but it seems they think 2011 is still far.As far as i am concern if these issues are not positively resolved then it will be an all win for Paul Biya come 2011.Opposition set aside your differences and the love for money and come together and salvage this nation.That is the common cry and history will judge you one after the other if you fail in this DIVINE mission to liberate Cameroon.Remember together we can.Yes we can.


Cameroon will only be free if it declare itself independent from so called colonial master- i mean France. Lets say no more power to France. Cameroonians love their country.But the fact that Cameroon is not yet independent by actions, we will continue to be in this mess, be it mr A or mr B at the presidency.

Air Jordan 7

Your want his love much more than mine

"Cause I"ll just say we"ve never met.

Tafor Nebane

i want to state that Cameroon can only have its independence from 'France' by first of all getting rid of the Biya regime.
How does the Leading opposition party in Cameroon (SDF) expect to solve issues at the National Level when they have some real issues within their Inner circle?
i belief SDF lost its Trust from so many citizen, and can only regain it by a change of the Party's chairperson (Fru Ndi) to a younger and more charismatic person.
I really admire and appreciate what Fru Ndi has done so far, but there has to be a change if the S.D.F must go forward.
The S.D.F still has the potentials needed to win the elections, if only they realize the need for an Internal change, re-organizing, and developing New strategies.
It all works with a critical Examination of their S.W.O.T analysis:
1) strengths of the SDF
2) WEAKNESSES of the S.D.F
3) Opportunities the S.D.F has over the ruling party (from my view we have more opportunities than others. i will come back to that)
4) Threats it faces from the Ruling Party.
i will be back with a critical overview of what i think would be the Best strategies for the S.D.F to win the hearts of the Cameroonian people, and subsequently win the 2011 ELECTIONS.
I have done a lot of studies on this, and Now is our time !!
Tafor Nebane

tifuh bih

hello my brothers i just hope that we are realist from this bondaeg that have been disstoing our cuontry for some time now e just have to bee prayer full

Ebwellé Philippe

The opposition in Cameroon has shown how much it is incompetent and this for 20 years. I wonder how many more years they will need to get up from slumber;There is no need for international diplomacy but for intelligence, wisdom and common sense on the part of the opposition. Many people embark on politics without even knowing what is all about, it is not a game and people should understand that.

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