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Friday, 28 May 2010


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Bob Bristol

"Roger Milla said he had yet to prove his worth for his country and lacks discipline" by George Esunge Fominyen.

George, I find your grammar here very wanting. I thought you could do better than that. I'm sure you must have heard of faulty parallelism before now. Don't get mad at me but it is troubling to get this from a "senior" Cameroonian journalist in an opening sentence.

Agendia Aloysius

This nonsense is coming up because cameroonians, just like the Natonal Coaching team thought and made some players indispensable to the national team whereas it should not have been the case. Playing for the national squad should not only be measured by one’s trophies out of the squad but, by also how one can deliver when with the squad.

Having made some players among which is European-prolific Samuel Eto indispensable, some cameroonians have been worried because of Eto’s inability or unwillingness to live up to their expectations. On the other hand, others who see Eto and right so, as an extremely talented footballer with the European leaques, believe that anything contrary to their views are sparked my jealousy against their idol, Eto Fils.

That is where it hurts. Paul Biya is not indispensable to cameroon, but the current ruling political class says he is. This is all stupidness.

I blame Milla for making such “polemic” statements now, i blame Eto for being too full of himself and i add that if he feels that he wants to abandon the squad, let him do it. Other great strikers like Etame Mayer left but the squad is still riding on.


In fact , Milla's assertions,though ill-timed tell of the frustration people feel dealing with Eto'o. Le Guen made mention of including Song and Geremi in the next squad. This should be as a result of pressure from Eto'o ,since their frienship is well documented. Bell out against this and Milla is trying to forestall this move by attacking the source of the problem. Secondly,it disconcerting to read salacious about our captain day in day out, like the latest saga of impregnating a Senegalese and forcing her to abort .Eto'o's talent comes with a baggage,not like the Millas of yesteryears.


There is no doubt that Milla is an icon of Cameroonian football but it has to be equally said that his comments are irresponsible and ill timed at this moment.I hope he knows that he is an ambassador and is there to bring the players together and not to raise egos

Chief  Ayuk  Arrey

If Eto’o wants to quit then let him quit. Who is he that Milla can’t criticised him? Milla should speak his mind. Eto’o is not Discipline and lacks respect for others. Let him quit because he’s blocking the chances of other talented young Cameroonians.
When he plays in Europe he is discipline but at home he thinks he is some kind of a god. Howmany European based players behave like Eto’o?

For instance, England and Chelsea defender John Terry was recently deposed from his captainship by Coach Capello because he slept with his mate girlfriend. That shows discipline, but very rare in the Eto’o's and the Biya’s.

Eto'o just imprenagted a senegalese lady and asked her to abort. He's supposed to be deposed from that captainship or even drop out from the squad.
Since Eto'o fought a Cameroonian Journalist and hospitalized him, I knew he was not the right one for the captainship.

Opportunistic Infections

I thought Eto'o was mature enough to hold his head, simply execute his job to the best of his ability and let the public judge.

Alas, sports and mind now seem to be so unrelated. Equally, Milla should have held his calm in retirement and let his glory stay untarnished. He should have stayed back with a smile, be optimistic, and discerning enough to let the young carry on.

What's wrong with these Francophones?

All physical talent and no power to discern and exercise self-restraint? We know that Cameroun will not win the World Cup, but for all these dirty linen to be brought up in public even before the kick-off, is telling about the country.

It's just like Hollywood stars - admire them as good actors and players, yes, but hold them up as role models in terms of character, and they come crashing with clay feet.


If person go market to buy fresh fish u no need laboratory to sabi whether di fish dey fine. Just open the head and check.. If di gills don rotten e mean say the whole fish don baddd. Paul Biya, Yang Philemon, Milla & Le Guen dem all don rotten so what do you guys expect of Eto'o.

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