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Thursday, 27 May 2010


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Chief  Ayuk  Arrey

It's very clear that Milla has got the interest of Cameroon football at heart. I see nothing envious in his comments.
It's also very clear that Eto'o is not decipline enough. He needs to do more for the team....
He should respect his mates bcos him alone can't play to victory.
He's known for his lack of respect for others just like how he fought a Journalist in Cameroon.


You know why, Milla? Nobody believes in Cameroon anymore. You are really from another generation, sir.


l'enfant mal eleve
bad mup bikin.
money plenty pass contry yi own. je wanda si meme popol ne fia pas lui meme. Eto'o fils. bonaberi pikin.


If you don't discover you can never recover.The truth is bitter but it must be spoken.I think Milla has said it all. Eto'o - Eto'o - Eto'o, how many times did i call you? Amoto, o nongor ponda.


Kinda hard to say here.On personality,I might not doubt Miller's view much...
But on Eto'o s performances at the national team,its really really not of his making..He has proven himself beyond all doubts internationally..why then is he having problems to prove it at the national level...
A team makes a player,Eto has the right to blame the entire cameroonian squad for his performances,he's an excellent player,we all know what's he got to do

ETO do what you can,the rest is for the team to decide


He does not put his all in Cameroon because he earns little or nothing from the National team. Defending the national team is pure patriotism and nothing else. Eto'o is not patriotic enough. Milla said it all. He has never bailed us out from a tight corner. Milla did it and Mboma did it. That is what is important to us Cameroonians not a score of European titles Eto'o has garnered with his respective team.


It`s a shame to hear great Milla say such things about Eto o. If you consider Eto`o scored 9 out of our 20 goals that qualified us for the world cup then it`s easy to see how he contributes. Not to mention the 2 ACONs and Olympics which he helped us win. I like Milla but I think he should respect himself. If he is truly patriotic and a football man he shouldn`t be coming up with this at this crucial time. He might just spark controversy in the dressing room as well as distabilise Eto o. We don`t need this now Milla.


I don`t think Milla himself indeed wish success to this team, or else he shouldn`t be making such comment at this crucial time.

Edwin T.

Who scored the lone goal against Brazil in Confederation cup 2003.who scored the goal that took us to the penalty shot-out in olympics 2000.Well just to name a few.Please Milla if you consider yourself a respectful figure go to Eto'o fils as a father and advise him.It's not for you to come on air and creating disorder.before you said you don't see any African team putting any surprise in this world-cup.Before the world-cup 1990 who knew Cameroon could go that far.Just shut-up and respect yourself.I bet you, you will be shock.Eto'o is a better footballer and achiever than you.That's the fact.

Milla is defintely correct but the team is much to blame. Eto'o doesn't feel the threat he gets at his club level in the national team . At the club level he is much more disciple and knows if he fails to deliver there will be consequences. no body makes him think so in the national team


Isn`t there someone to tell this old man when and where he should be making his criticism. To me he`s just being jealous of eto`s achievement.

Elton Ellis

Eto'o should do what is best for Eto'o. He gets paid by his club and screwed by FECAFOOT and the people who run the national team including Milla (with all due respect). Doing it for country is hard when the country does not seem to care ( at least those run it)

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