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Thursday, 20 May 2010


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Chief  Ayuk  Arrey

The fact remains very clear that we're a colonized people and the History of the colonized people will always be shunned by the Colonizer-La Republique.
Our ambitions of Independence is moving closer and I belief that we will get there.
Mallam Ahidjo and Biza Paul and their Paris counterparts are the Devils behind Southern Cameroon predicaments.

"Destiny can be Delayed But It can never be Change"

At the appointed time, on that day and in that hour, History will be made. The Destiny of Southern Cameroons lies in our own hands.

Mallam Shehu


Independence anniversary illustriously executed, thought I will see one of your Molotov concoction explode on my TV screen--you and your battalion are nothing but empty vessels.

Examine the portrait above critically, those are some of the people you should dig out and ask them why must we be in the situation in which we find ourselves right now. Why?

Stop growling sir, learn to accept things the way they come and make good use of the least you’ve got.

Chief Ayuk Arrey

Dear Mallam
If you don´t know your rights and the history of southern cameroon then keep quite.people like you will invite western or chinese colonization and slave trade into Africa and will say there`s nothing wrong with it.

Accept things the way they`re but we will never retreat, our fight goes and we will get there.
Southern Cameroon will get it Independence on that day,on that hour and history will be made.
La Republiques spies like you are a disgrace to Humanity.


I am not surprised by the fact that u do not pay attention to details.

We warned the butcher not to celebrate his loot in Bamenda, we never prevented him from doing so from his hide out. Read what i wrote.

You are just a looser who has nothing to offer society. The theory of natural selection will not spare u for long,Nyamfuka.

Mallam Shehu


Our probs can only be solved if we remain united, be it with la République or among ourselves, Southern Cameroonians.

We can still fight for our rights while being united. Just need the right Anglo mouthpiece and the right timing to advocate for a better wealth redistribution of Southern Cameroon's natural resources. Anything short of that, will just add more “Fungué” on fire Honorable.

United we stand, divided we fall. Ask the Germans or the Koreans, they'll refresh your brain on how it is to live a life apart and at constant war with your relatives for centuries, all cos of division...

Chief Ayuk Arrey

Who says La Republique is our relative? The South Koreans are better place than when they were with the North Koreans.If there`s a problem amongst the Koreans then it`s because of Jealousy.
La Republique is jealous of Southern Cameroon and is doing everything possible to keep us undeveloped.

The conscience of La Republique will keep on hunting her on the matter of Southern Cameroon in International Politics.

It`s better to live in the Lions Den than to live under annexation by La republique`s regime.

Ma Mary

Freedom is of higher value than "unity". Do not hold me down by force and carry on about "unity". Mallam take note.


They will not hold us down for long from now because we have all the materials necessary for a raw combustion.

If Paul Biya, the Butcher of etoudi, wants to enjoy his loot into his very old age, it is time he listen to reason, though this may be difficult for an insane old man who has lost many bearings. It is up to goonks like this one to offer the butcher sane advice.

The problem here is trying to figure out who is more brain dead, Paul Biya, Shehu,Dipoko,
Molua, Samba or all frogs.

If they all are brain dead from all indications, then the bigger problem is , who is ruling Cameroon.

Give us our freedom, or death to LA Republique.

Mallam Shehu

If it's better to live in the midst of lions than under la République, Njimafor, please change the status quo and I'll rally behind you, unconditionally.


This is not about instant gratification which is what you desire. This is about an independent Southern Cameroon, which as you know, you and i may not live to see, but our children will continue the fight.

When i left West Point in my youth, little did i know that in my old age i will be here in Cameroon fighting for the independence of Southern Cameroon.

Your love and lust for La Republique is about the instant gratification u are getting while forgeting about posterity.

We do not need you to rally behind us because we are unable to meet that proimitive animal instinct which is still so much in u despite evolution.

Mallam Shehu

Njimafor go ahead with the guerrilla tactics you learnt from West-point please, mine is a non violent one. All I know, nothing can last forever, it is just a matter of time and the status quo shall alter.




The problem with waiting for time is that looting of Southern Cameroon continues, and will continue with even Paul Biya, the butcher of etoudi on a respirator.

We have waited for too long for the status quo to alter,we have ran out of time and patience.

All we can make from your begging for time is to loot more, transfer more of your loot to foreign banks and Countries, and cover up your tracts.

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