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Sunday, 23 May 2010


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Va Boy

for a moment, I thought it was a new shooting, thankfully it was not. Note to other young people. If your spouse is cheating, consider nonviolent options like counseling divorce, doing nothing or going to get your own BF or GF.


So when he comes out of high school, he will be 59. That will be time to come home, buy a farm, and get married using his US credentials - just what he could have done a long time before.

Importing girls and women to the US looks like good economics, emotional and gene management, but this is the real problem. They become no more than vectors for men's own desires; vectors without rights or free will.

But women are not that dumb. The hyena that also waits in the shadows to exploit the selfishness and timidity of another is also a cruel beast... Look at the scenario now. Who wins?

It's a lose-lose game.

Chief Ayuk Arrey

A man who kills because his wife dates another man is not man enough.
If your wife cheats on you, look for other means to settle the issue. Using firearms is stupid and insane.
RIP my brother Oscar Agbor. But itsn't good to date a married woman, there're many young women out there even begging for marriage, you could have gotten as many as possible. always find out if she is not married.
"Do to a fellow man what you want him to do for you" Don't go after somebody's elses wife because the same can be done to you.


Maybe what's at stake here is not so much Eno as a person, as the emotions he let go wild, just as the emotions that Oscar Agbor too let go wild in the first place.

We must always be on the safeguard and check such emotions. Wild emotions are savage, and they only engage savage consequences. Once we let such emotions that parents, peers, society, and schooling warn us against, we're open to all sorts of weapons and actions that always leave us in the end contemplating existence from a desolate edge.

We all have these emotions in us and meet with such challenges. It's how we handle these challenges and emotions that matter.

Che Sunday

He might have gotten some satisfaction knowing he has killed his rival, but he will spend 12 years in jail knowing she is sleeping with another man or several men for that matter, knowing the magnitude of promiscuity of our people. By the time he comes out of jail with a murderous record, he might be waiting deportation. His sex drive would have rendered him an ex-convict, placed him permanently on the list of un-empoyables, and deprived of the right to vote. Wouldn't he be better off killing himself? Ruining your life because of a woman is a dumb thing that defies reason.I wonder if his senses are between his legs or in his head?


By the time a man is over 40, he should be over jealousy too, having figured out that it is a waste of emotion and energy.


Great words of wisdom, worth taking down in one's notebook.

"By the time a man is over 40, he should be over jealousy, having figured out that it is a waste of emotion and energy."



Mr Che Sunday has said it all. It couldn't be said in any way better!


Well, he already served 5 and will now serve 7 more and be out.At that time, he can still find true love. Wait until you are in the shoes of Eno, then come lets talk. I do not support his action, but i understand his recation

Ngum Anthony

Mr Che Sunday exhibits the mindset of an unprincipled promiscuous man - this kind of mindset spreads AIDS and other STDs and is insensitive to the interests of others.

While Eno acted impulsively with a deadly weapon, Agbor had initiated the deadly provocation. You do not go into another man's town, bed his wife at a local hotel and take her for a spin on the freeway with impunity.

There are many weaker reasons to shoot a man dead, for example trespassing in certain States in the US can draw molten lead from the owner's revolver. Touching his wife or daughter is more than enough to have yourself cremated alive. Our interest is safeguarded if we respect the interest of others.


There is no law in the world that says kill an unarmed man for whatsoever reason.It could have been avoided for the interest of them both. After all, forgiveness is what makes us different from animals.


The bible requires divorce in such a case, what ever the situation it is ok for him to decide what to do. May be he spend his entire savings to bring the slot of his wife to the states.

Che Sunday

Don't be an apologist for stupidity. Regardless of the degree of provocation, this is a country of laws and like it or not, one must let the law run its course. When a marriage is beyond salvage, there is a thing called "divorce." Even if you are a catholic where divorce is not accepted, do as the late Robert Kennedy did.Walk away from it. Murder is not the answer. Trying to continue living with a woman who no longer cares for you is very much akin to rape. Let her go. Having an affair is a two way street. The woman is equally guilty. Why did he not kill her too? If he could have reason it out carefully, this affair could have presented him with enough evidence to prove infidelity as grounds for abortion. He would have walked away without having to pay alimony, child support, if there were any in the marriage, or he would be granted custody while the woman pays child support. Her flirting would have cost her plenty and just maybe forced her to tighten her legs some more.
This case sits at the heart of how Cameroonian men, especially back home treat their wives. The see them as personal property,they beat them. See how this is glamourized in one of Ruth Kotto's videos on Utube in which the boy friend slaps her and she drops in bed. Tell you what, I will kill any man who rapes my daughter and will plead insanity because at that point, I will be raging mad. That is all I am going to say.


Che Sunday,

Isn`t it ironic? You appeal to logic, yet you will "kill any man who rapes my daughter". Is there a law which grants you liberty to kill a man for raping your daughter?

This is a crime of passion and we should take it for what it is. It is unfortunate for both parties involved.

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