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Sunday, 02 May 2010


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Dr A A Agbormbai

A great and illuminating piece, written with great clarity. Yet anonymously.

This article and Molefi Asante's of a few days ago are sufficient to free the minds of Africans from intellectual bondage.


Sorry about the anonymity. This is Dr.Peter Wuteh Vakunta's piece.


Commendable piece from Dr Peter Wuteh,I felt like weeping after reading this..

Lets face reality and stop bitching about with words. Is there same game that has put the African continent in salvage as we know. For how long can we afford to continue with same sermons. IT WONT HELP...

I live in China at the moment,and last night at the world expo in Shanghai,one Chinese friend said to me “Is that your president putting on sun glasses ,its really dark’and I said yeah pal,he’s not blind, just can’t stand the marvelous growth and selfless works of the Chinese leaders.

No really,if you haven’t, try come take a tour of China and you ll get the real image of how much a country depends on its rulers

Our leaders are DEVILS and DEMONS, they are no FATHERS even to their own.

This is 98% of Africa’s problem.

Ras Tuge


Let me state clearly that Colonialism is by far the route cause of Africa's woes. Whatever discord that existed in the continent prior to that evil exercise of control by kleptomaniac Western systems, only got exacerbated by this notion of exploitative conquer.

The British in particular understood Africa better than any other imperialist plunderer, and they held the key to prosperity for the continent. However, i can tell by the discourse of the British on the eve of Ghanaian independence that the plunderers wished to annihilate Africa. These people created alot of confusion that would take centuries for Africans to unleash themselves from, if they ever will.

As long as African leaders remain answerable to these colonial pirates, Africa is bound for it's most cruel demise, even if Jesus takes over the continent. How can you explain to me why more than 60% of Africa's foreign exchange reserves are stored in the French treasury? And still expect good governance to proliferate in Africa? How can you expect any form of accountability when these same evil nations of Babylon are the chief masterminders of fraudulent elections to safeguard their interests in the continent.

Listen man, this is no blame game. I don't deal with that shit. I tell the truth as i see it, and i don't care if you chose to keep narrating irrelevant tales. Whereupon i say, Africa must sever all ties with England and France, and once that bridge is burnt the continent shall seek out alternative avenues. Like China!

I am abit wary of China, but given the treachery that Africa has witnessed under the vicious claws of the British and the French for half a century, Africa must seek for a new lease on life. The time has come for Rasta to take over Africa.


yup,you got that right...defining Africa in the right perspective comes up with a continent of artificially created boundries nowadays refered to as states or countries.
colonisation is the root cause of all this endless bullshit.

Agree with Ras,and come to think of it,not even angelic leadership can save that continent...we re caught in a web of mixed ethnicity created by colonial rule all for theresame bullshit we re going on and on

But all this is what is,what else is left, leadership, its the only one path left to take........what ever happened and is taking over our fathers

China is a self made country,man..... you need to hear the chinese boast and talk of it.Africa and Africans ve got more than enough potentials.

My respect goes to Nigeria, they as an African country have atleast showed some differences ,leadership wise,all other things follow.

Bullshit, trash talk,Biya is an imbecile ,love to visit him in hell old are you re a disgrace


The first step to improvement is recognising one`s deficiencies. Africa`s biggest problem is technological knowledge. Knowledge to add value to naturally endowed resources.

Other regions of the world have been colonised but rose with time. I try not to see doom and gloom. I think we are on the way but not yet there. In the mean time I think emphasis should be on mass education on local consumption. We may blame the West but no one is coerced to buy their modcoms and other trinkets.


Donhills, get yourself a pack of Dunhills for hitting the nail on the head.

All this bitching as u say will never solve the problem. We have figured the Root Cause of the problem in Afica.

Whenever we go of on a tangent about the truth, u have all these Biya Spies/Southern Cameroon traitors come out and start spilling vomitus.

We continue to face the same barriers, denial, rationalization,blame.

How long shall u blame colonialism, Europe, America and the rest of the world for a failed government and failed regime. Gentlemen, our problem is greed and belly politics.

When leaders like Paul Biya and La Republique put self interest before that of the Country, how can Cameroon progress? How can an ordinary citizen of Cameroon sacrifice for the Country when the president is looting the Country? This is througout Africa.

We are not the only ones that were colonized. Look at world history. Stop making up excuses for failed Presidencies and failed governments.

Paul Biya and La Republique is consistently holding no one responsible for nothing. In essence, what Biya permits he promotes.

Einsehower said " the bucks stop with me ". What makes this example of a leader different? Nothing except he knew he was reponsible for the fate of his people.

Problems caused by a bad President like Paul Biya causes misalignment at the top that will multiply as they cascade dowm through the country. They'll get worse not better.

If a pilot changes the longitude and latitude of his coordinates slightly, the plane will land in the wrong town. When Christopher Columbus was trying to get to the Indies, he had the wrong longitude and latitude. He ended up in South America and didn't even realize it.

This happens in African Countries. Do not underestimmate the big impact even a small misallignment can have on a Country/Continent and her people.

A country like Cameroon and many other African Countries that's not aligned at the Presidential level will certainly never be aligned on other levels of the Country.

Chief  Ayuk  Arrey

How long are we going to blamed Colonialism and Slave trade ? These things are all over, What ever happened, has happen. I always believed in moving forward. weeping is not the solution.

The problem is just GREED AND SELFISHNESS. Your leaders are unpatriotic and the citizens are also to share part of the blamed.
African problems lies within Africa.
The Unwillingness of your leaders to changed is a Mayor factor to our Problems.

1. Before Biya appoints his Cabinet Ministers ,he first of all send their names to France for confirmation ,is that what an Independent Leader should do ?
2. The wealth stolen by Paul Biya and others enrich french banks instead of Cameroon Banks.
3. Tribalism And Nepotism: Biya stole Money from Public coffers and gave to his tribal men and women to do Business in order to compete with the Bamilikes. They all went to Paris slept in Hotels, sqandered the money, came back empty handed with PIERRE CARDIN suits.
All sectors in the Cameroon Gov't that yields money and power are all controlled by Biya's tribal men, who also are not willing to changed for them not to lost their selfish interest.
Second Lady Chantal Biya collects public funds from Ministries for her own private business.
4. Ignorance. In every elections, there's the attitude of "Scratch my Back I scratch your Back" The So-called CPDM youth arm, especially in the University of Buea and others, will received a mean sum of 1000frs to vote for 5 times. In our rural councils, parents will receive mean gifts before they cast their votes, such gifts are ; a bottle of beer, a cup of salt, few cups of rice, e.t.c which will all last for just a day.
Who then do you Blamed, Colonial Masters or Cameroonians( Africans) ?

If the western Powers has formed their G8 for their own interest, Why can't African Nations also formed their own G8 or G20.
African leaders are merely stupid. We can't use Colonialism as an excuse not to developed.
The world is moving at a very faster rate that those nations and continents left behind will be trampled upon by others.

If Cameroonians love their land, then chased Biya away. The guy is OLD AND CONFUSED, he has got no use to us. He is just a french pet.
If Biya stays we all perished with him, But if we chase him away we will all survive from the shamed and ridicule Biya has brought upon us.

Ras Tuge


man this thing seems too intricate for you to understand as i notice how confused your mind is. You start by undermining the role of imperialism in shaping the sort of dreary continent of ours named Africa. But what you failed to recognise is the fact that surreptitious remnants of this mephistophelean system of exploitative conquer are still gripped on the continent like the vicious claws of hungry eagle on a piece of fresh meat. And whether you like it or not, that is the root cause of Africa's woes.

You sing the old song; colonialism is over, only to unwittingly declare that Mr. Biya is just a French puppet! Who rules Cameroon then? See, this is exactly the point that i am trying to share with you guys, but sadly a good many of you prefer to imagine that working by principles and ignoring the facts of the matter would solve the baffling African equation.

Sooner or later power shall change hands in Cameroon, but unless the people are concertedly able to redefine the meaning of cooperation with these rogue nations of Babylon, things will remain the same. It could even get much worse if the new leader comes in with aspirations that are utterly antagonistic to the special interest of the populace. It would be interesting to see what happens after the exceedingly anticipated departure of Biya. If we manage to root out every single trace of France or England in the running of our country then we shall truly be able to employ our patriotic effort to build our country by ourselves.

The British tried to colonise India by establishing what they termed the East India Company, but the Indians fought back dauntlessly and forced the British to reconsider their ill-advised ambition. And look at India today, with a superabundance of British as well as other heavy Babylon investment. No where else on earth did the British treachery achieve its apotheosis than in Africa, owing to the docility or stupidity of the African people.

All in all, whoever takes the hot baton from Biya must be ready to stand up to these Babylon hypocrites just like Paul Kagame is doing. If all the African leaders can understand Kagame's vision, the transformation process across the embattled continent will be achieved much sooner than later.


"If we manage to root out every single trace of France or England in the running of our country then we shall truly be able to employ our patriotic effort to build our country by ourselves" love this one by Ras...End of story,editors move on to the next chapter..

India,china and south American countries are clear examples. Any need to call Biya a sadistic, hippophilic necrophile??, that would be like beating a dead horse,and for how long my brothers..corps are corps,let them lie.

Chief  Ayuk Arrey

I still mentains my stands that " The African Problem lies within Africa"

I quote your comments " If we manage to root out every single trace of France or England in the running of our country then we shall truly be able to employ our patriotic effort to build our country by ourselves.
Was it Cameroon alone that was colonized ? Didn't you made mention of India?
Why is Biya a french pet? Because he allows himself to be a french pet.

My point is very clear, The Unwillingness of Biya and other African Head of states for Changed and take what rightfully belongs to them is the problem. Biya and Others heads doesn't endorsed Pan-africanism.

If African Leaders stupidly allows themselves to be use, who then do you blame ?
There's no time for blames, It's time for us to make the rightful changes and move on.


why allthe pessimism? Africa is after all developing despite our present challenges. you guys should read "africa rising". Vijah Mahajan.


Saying that we should forget about slvaery and colonialism is to ignorance.No people have ever been treated they way our ancestors were treat. 100 to 150 million people perished thanks to chattle slavery, our civilisations and conciousness destroyed. europeans and arabs jointly perpertuated our holocaust. Arabs conquering the north of Africa enslaving our ancestors and taking our land .Egypt and all north africa countries etc.Today our history and lagacy in egypt (pyramids)is taught in the media as an arab civilsation. Universities in egypt where our ancestors had invented and preserved knowledge before the coming of arabs and europeans would be destroyed by these invaders.

Today we leave the lagacy of our holocaust which stared with chattle slavery about 500 yrs ago and resultant colonialism.Now where in the world have a people lose about 150 million of their own humanity and continue to survive.? How then do you compare us to the indians? The indians were coloniesd, but were not enslaved for a period of over 400 years prior to colonialism and their history,land science and civilisation were not stolen like those of the africans .

Our children are taught about the jewish holocaust, yet only about 6 million jews perished. What we need to do is not to downplay the the legacy of slavery. When we look at the world today this lagacy stirs us in the face. Descendants of africa everywhere, be on the continent, in Brazil, USA, Carribeans, life almost entirely as second class people or occupy subservient positions in the world. Yet before our enslavement we were never second class people.


Why are we going round in circles? What was the reason behind our subjugation in the first place? It was all down to the yawning gap in technology between the Africans on the one hand; and the Arabs and Europeans on the other. How come tiny islands and countries like Great Britaain and Portugal could hold sway over parcels of territory and people, over a hundred times their size? Because of naval superiority. Breach the knowledge gap and you solve the problem.


I agree with you that we should not only see doom and gloom. It is a journey after all. However, you should put the Jewish issue in perspective. What was the proportion of 6 million Jews to the total world Jewish population? How long has it taken the Jews to regain their their status. For such a tiny population I think they wield a disproportionate amount of clout in all sectors that matter.

Agbor  Tabi

Africa devastated by slave trade wars

Inter-communal wars waged to procure slaves were intensely destructive of human lives. Tens of thousands of people were slaughtered in a single skirmish. The wars and rampant kidnappings fuelled hostility and suspicion between communities. Distrust was a basic requirement for individual and communal survival. The slave trade arrested and distorted the cultural development of African societies. It affected the meaning people gave to the world and their place within it. Increased uncertainty of life gave added force to superstitious beliefs and customs. People sought salvation and protection from the spiritual world. They paid homage to gods to safeguard themselves and their families from misfortune. The psychological impact of the dehumanising trade was crippling. There was constant anxiety caused by perpetual fear of being captured and herded away like common animals to a place of no return. Some Africans believed that whites took slaves to eat them.

Agbor  Tabi

Whites assert racial superiority.

It was during the slave trade and slavery that white people affirmed their superiority over blacks. It is not difficult to understand why white traders who bought black people for price of adulterated brandy and packed them onto slave ships like cattle could consider themselves to be superior. Though most were illiterate, crude and drunken, white slave traders were free men herding flocks of human cattle.

As the centuries passed Europeans became more and more scornful of black people. By the nineteenth century various theories of black inferiority were developed and used to justify the colonisation of Africa. During the slave trade Africans came to believe themselves to be inferior. They lost confidence in themselves, their culture and their ability to development. The late Afro-American civil rights leader Martin Luther King's comment that few people realise the extent that slavery had "scarred the soul and wounded the spirit of the black man," holds true not only with respect to the descendants of the Africans who arrived in the New World but also the descendants of those left behind. "The backwardness of black Africa," said the late Senegalese president Leopold Senghor, "...has been caused less by colonialism than by the Slave Trade."

Would the history of Africa have been turned out differently had it's leaders taken the advice of eighteenth century French thinker Jean Jacques Rousseau. He said: "If I were chief of one of the African peoples, I declare that I would have a gallows set up at the frontier, on which I would hang, without mercy, the first European who dared enter the country, and the first citizen who tried to leave it." Perhaps if more African rulers had militarily resisted the design of the better armed Europeans their peoples might have paid a bloody price, as did the Indians in the Americas who fought to keep their lands and expel the white intruders. Before Columbus arrived in Hispanoila in 1492, the native population of North America was perhaps 40 million. By 1900, in the U.S. less than quarter of a million remained, scattered among 1,500 remote reservations

Agbor  Tabi

Most slaves sold by Africans

Estimates of the total human loss to Africa over the four centuries of the transatlantic slave trade range from 30 million to 200 million. At the initial stage of the trade parties of Europeans captured Africans in raids on communities in the coastal areas. But this soon gave way to buying slaves from African rulers and traders. The vast majority of slaves taken out of Africa were sold by African rulers, traders and a military aristocracy who all grew wealthy from the business. Most slaves were acquired through wars or by kidnapping. The Portuguese Duatre Pacheco Pereire wrote in the early sixteenth century after a visit to Benin that the kingdom "is usually at war with its neighbours and takes many captives, whom we buy at twelve or fifteen brass bracelets each, or for copper bracelets, which they prize more."

Olaudah Equiano, an ex-slave, described in his memoirs published in 1789 how African rulers carried out raids to capture slaves. "When a trader wants slaves, he applies to a chief for them, and tempts him with his wares. It is not extraordinary, if on this occasion he yields to the temptation with as little firmness, and accepts the price of his fellow creature's liberty with as little reluctance, as the enlightened merchant. Accordingly, he falls upon his neighbours, and a desperate battle ensues...if he prevails, and takes prisoners, he gratifies his avarice by selling them." Equiano was born in 1745 in an area under the kingdom of Benin. At the age of ten he was kidnapped by slave hunters who also took his sister. He was more fortunate than most other slaves. After serving in America, the West Indies and England he was able to save for and buy his freedom in 1756 at the age of twenty-one.

Ottobah Cugoano, who was about 13 years old when he was kidnapped in 1770 in Ajumako in today's Ghana, had no doubt the shared responsibility of Africans for the horrid business. Referring to his own capture Cugoano wrote after he regained his freedom "I must own, to the shame of my own countrymen, that I was first kidnapped and betrayed by some of my own complexion, who were the first cause of my exile and slavery." But he added, "If there were no buyers there would be no sellers." By the same token, if there were no sellers there would be no buyers.


Gentlemen, the above article explores and exposed the ugly head of slave trade,and slavery.learnded men,make no mistake" African leaders constitute the bulk of our contemporary slavery.Take it or you leave it the impact of slave trade and slavery extends hitherto.Ras i honour your points but accept with me that every African leader in the podium of power is a tyrant,Why?i find it hard to believe that if Biya wants to conduct a free, fair election France will be a hindrance.When it comes to appointment he turns to be tribalistic,France Britain will not dictate such to him.However we accept the fact that some African leaders are used as headboys to bully their citizens.Therefore i suggest the blame should not be onesided,i will say 60% for African leaders for accommodating foriegn views which are distructive to the citizen,and 40% for external influence.We as a people must rise up and defend our culture and interest.

Secondly,with a fair and balance terrain,a supportive governmemt,the transfer of tecnology will not be a problem. its all about determination.It suffices an enterprising government to create links with countries like Venezuela,Cuba,Russia,India,Brazil,Vietnam,South Korea. Cameroonians should be train to manage the MINISRY of SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH which is defunct.Who cares. All said and done i strongly believe we have a duty to sit up and stop complaining.Forward looking and reason in the 21century.


To understand race relations, one needs to look at race as merely an extension of family. When you send your offspring to school you don`t want them to just "get along", with others. You want them to get to the top, and you use every possible advantage in your possession.

The only way the black man can gain respect is to build an equally competitive parallel society.

Mallam  Shehu

Africa and Africans have got no problems"

It is interesting to see how we waste time gliding on different horizons to seek for answers to our calamities as we ignore or refuse to embark upon a travelogue in our various consciences to see if the cause of our problems is not to be found within rather than outside.

I’ve been ostracized many a time because to date, I bear the Whiteman no grudge whatsoever. These colons were capitalistic business men who were out to enrich themselves no matter the cost. That was the philosophy they abhorred to and it was well executed.

To make it short, the point is, we all spend time blaming the Whiteman whereas when you intensely investigate our societies, you observe our rulers now and in those days: chiefs, sultans, fons, priests, imams etc. were no different from the colons coz like the capitalistic colons, they too have the same philosophy of exploitation and survival of the fittest as guide line.

We must blame ourselves for our fate and leave the Whiteman out coz the Whiteman only exploits our weakness to his own advantage, that’s all. I will do same if my philosophy was based on those premises. What are then our weaknesses the Whiteman exploits? Stupidity, greed, wickedness, gluttony, excessive pride over nothing and worst of all jealousy.

The reason I say we have no problems is coz we create these problems ourselves and fail to see that we’re the sole people who can solve our self-made problems. The symptoms as well as the cures are all at hand; let’s stop being stupid and ignorant, let us bury our greed, let’s have a great leap forward over our wickedness, let’s us love our neighbors as much as we love food, let’s put the communal interest in the first place and our pride in the second and to be salvaged from our jealousy, let’s learn to render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s.

If we can all abhor to these simple principles, any Babylonian coyote attempting to intrude into our continent to exploit and extort us, shall be smoked like bush meat...


Babylonian cayotes may serve us better than Biya Paul, the butcher of etoudi. Why don't u smoke him out first?

Our selfish none elected thiefs made leaders like Paul Biya are responsible for the many problems facing Africa.

If one can isolate and identify the genetic make up of men like Mobutu, Ahidjo, Biya and Bongo, it will serve Afrcicans well to develop a vaccine against the genetic marker identified.


Stop exposing your ignorance and lack of an all rounded education.

Any country can strive to improve it'S productivity. There is a concept from Peter Senge, who talks about creative tension in his book "The fifth Discipline".

U can also use disequillibrum for creative tension. A main job of any leader is to manage the disequilibrum or tension in the Country.

It is also a main job to create tension in order to improve results. Staying the same will never lead to imptovements.

If a Country's performance doesn't constantly get better,the changing external environment will cause it to get worse. It is like standing still in a downward moving escalator. That is what is happening to Africa.

njimaforboy the way who is the caesar u are referring to?

If your Caesar is Biya Paul,
just remember the ides of march may have gone, but death still looms over the horizon. She will strike when La Republique least expected.

It shall not be because of some divine intervention, but due to the free will of man.

A P Geofrey

Chief chief i think you understand very well what is meant by the fact the slave trade and colonialism are responsible in part for Africa woes. Now you try to argue that African presidents and Africans needs to change. But what you fail to understand is that they would not have the need to change had they been no colonialism that instituted these mentalities and ways of doing things. So that is why colonialism though it's pst as you rightly put it is still affecting us today and is in part responsible for our problems. I would not like to say much because others have already did just hope you can get that right.

Chief  Ayuk  Arrey

I havn't denied the fact that Colonialism isn't a part of African Problems but can you please answer these Question.

1-Is Colonialism An Excuse For Underdevelopment in African states till this 21st Century ? If Yes then should we remain as the so-call Dark Continent forever ?
2- Was Africa the only Continent that was Colonized ?
3- Who is responsible for the Embezzlement of Public funds and subsequent transfer of those funds to Swiss Bank or Paris ?

Chief  Ayuk  Arrey

Imam Shehu
Your point isn't logical at all.....
You wrote "Africa and Africans have got no problems"
So where is the Problem from ?

You also wrote " The reason I say we have no problems is coz we create these problems ourselves and fail to see that we’re the sole people who can solve our self-made problems. The symptoms as well as the cures are all at hand; let’s stop being stupid and ignorant, let us bury our greed, let’s have a great leap forward over our wickedness.

From your own words, If we create these problems ourselves, that means Africa and African have got Problems.
- Let us bury our greed, meaning Greediness is an African Problem, therefore Africans and Africa have got a Problem.

My Dear Friends, my stands remain clear
"The African Problem Lies within Africa"

Chief  Ayuk  Arrey

Our People say that "The Woman that gets impregnated while standing will give birth to a Mad Child"

A saving continent is a wealthy continent. If Bvondo Biya Paul and Others steal Public funds and Invest in Swiss Bank and Paris, surely Colonialism and Slave trade should be blamed for their actions isn't it ?

Those other Hard working Private sector Africans doing everything possible to invest in Africa, aren't they hypnotized by Colonialism and Slave trade ?

Christian Louboutin Pumps

has a class all his own with the blitzkrieg power of

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