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Wednesday, 09 June 2010


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Kagame is not a tyrant and his regime not oppressive.
Take care of your broken and confused cameroon and leave our Rwanda for us.


Interesting stuff Chief Charles - Look to countries like Ghana and Botwana (yes i know they are few and far between) - There are glimpses of hope in those countries.

uri imanzi

Like the chief you are, you sound like the Omni-potent, looking down on earth (read Africa), making misguided attacks and dishing out judgement the way you like...yet you fail to critically simple issues, which you opt to generalize. It's unfortunate.
The question of the lawyer you refer to is simple. He has been making statements out of the privileged courts of law where he is protected to conferences and workshops he organized, trivializing, minimizing and denying the 1994 genocide in which over a million people lost their lives! His actions were bound to cause insecurity, perhaps another round of violence in our peaceful country!
Rwandans and many open minded observers know that armchair writers like yourself sit in your comforts wherever you are and pretend to be experts on the country...and we do despise you!
Otherwise, if you need the truth, simply get to the ground and write with authority....then gain respect!

Sangoh Angoh

The entire world watched, with sympathy, when millions were slaughtered in Rwanda a few years ago, and vowed that such blunders, in the face of the world, will never happen again. For Ndamyimana and uri imanzio to lash out at Chief Taku following a few comments from him about their leader, is disturbing.
What is so wrong about critizing an African leader that we are so accustomed to seeing them stifle opposition to their rule? So is the Rwandan leader now beyond reproach? It is the same attitude-our rush to immortalize them- that has made Africa a laughing stock in the world.
But watch out gentlemen: Five years down the road, I will find out if this the same leader that you apparently think you know so much about him; that you think he should not be critized, will pass the test of real leadership. For now, celebrate, but it's a prematured celebration. Time will tell.


I've been reading of late a lot about the tyranny of President Kagame, and I am not really sure what to make of it.

What I know about President Kagame is that, along with the RPF, they put an end to a genocide that had the absolute patronage of France institutionally, and active involvement of France in terms of military personel on the ground. While France was orchestrating a genocide in Africa, two Africans in key positions, Boutrous Boutrous Ghali (UNSG)and Kofi Annan (UN Peace Keeping Chief) failed to put to use their huge bully pulpits to offer even token public moral outrage. They played the game while Africans were being slaughtered!

What I know about Rwanda today is of a rapidly developing economy with minimal corruption and an efficient public service investing in itself. It is also a country attracting expatriate African intellectual talent according to some recent reports.

African leaders that have emerged with some legitimacy from their peoples and offer them genuine hope and a break from the 'slavo-colonial' narrative, appear to be targeted for ridicule, harrassment, demonization, and then extermination: Chief Taku mentioned some of them like Lumumba and Moumie. I will add Sankara and Ggabo, and to a lesser extend, Lissouba, to that list.

I understand the advocate in Chief Taku speaking, but I will give President Kagame the benefit of the doubt, especially knowing that there was no Kagame in la Republique du Cameroun to stop the French genocide there and what the cyclical binges of murder that the inheritors of France's genocide in la Republique du Cameroun get away with.

And no narrative about Africa's problem can be complete without mention of France's continuous theft from the continent using the instrument of its colonial financial arrangement with CFA countries. Another moral outrage still begging for a voice from those in high places.


Tagro, you have a point here. Simplistically, there are two kinds of tyrant: the tyrant who works for his country and the other kind who is an agent of the man, like Mobutu, Ahidjo and Biya who is not even good at being a tyrant.

The other kind of tyrant is very rare in Africa. So, Mao Tse Tung was an awful tyrant, but there is no question that he put China on the road to being an independent superpower, answerable to no one but itself. If Gen Kagame is a tyrant, he is more of a patriotic tyrant, who will leave his country better than he found it.



I share your confusion over Paul Kagame. Every time I watch documentaries on the new Rwanda, or listen to the man, I see a someone interested in the issues that really matter: bridging the ICT divide; housing; corruption... Not the type of staid personalities we have in our neck of the woods. But then you get all these insinuations and I think, maybe I don`t know him well enough.

Chief  Ayuk  Arrey

Honorable Chief Taku you've written well. The African continent deserves patriotic Africans of your caliber for pieces of Advice.

Kagame was a war-timed Lord and Rebel Leader who was a top time pioneer in the Rwandan genocide. What a stupid one it was !
If he has repented from his sins and he is now a Patriotic leader with the Interest of All Rwandans, then I wish him well.

What I belief is that nothing last forever, Africa will surely get back on her feets, When France will be made to pay for all her atrocities against the African continent, we shall no more accept her humiliation.
I am very glad that the African Diaspora has got to recognize African External enemies and Internal Enemies such as the Demo-Dictators backed by France.
Africa will never remained a laughing stock forever, God raised Nations and Continents and gives them Powers.

" Africa will Rule the World"

The Conspirancy in the world against Africa will never last forever. The world knows the strength and capabilities of Africans. The African Revolution will take France unaware just like Slave traders, Colonial Powers and Religious matyrs took Africans unawared.

Sessekou Chief Ayuk Arrey.


Challenging the the Kagame "Master Narrative" about the Rwandan Genocide

“We used communication and information warfare better than anyone. We have found a new way of doing things” (General Paul Kagame (now President of Rwanda) in an April 8, 1998, interview with Nick Gowing).

One of the advantages that Kagame has had is that many have not paid too much attention to his internal activities in Rwanda and have been dazzled by his progressist views. In fact, there is an emerging body of literature which shows that the Rwandan genocide as presented to the world is a much more complex phenomenon with Kagame and the RPF playing a more active role - the double genocide theory which has been around for years now but is ignored by the mainstream media. Taku, who has served for over a decade at the Arusha Tribunal therefore knows what he is talking about when he takes on that "master narrative" about the genocide spread by Kagame.

Tony Omondi

Kwame Nkrumah and Julius Nyerere are very useless people who have been classified as visionless despots who presided over failed states.I would rather admire whites like Ruth First,Prof.Jack Simons,Lionel Bernstein and Dennis Goldberg who risked their lives for the cause of African nationalism

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