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Thursday, 24 June 2010


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Biya's escape route has been offered. Will he take it? A man held hostage by a useless francophone style government. The question is which francophone colony is succeeding. I work together with very lazy francophone colleaques. Their attitude is eating ans sleeping at home. They want salaries, but don't want to work. Francophones see Cameroon, as a nation were the president seek foreign aide from IMF, WB and other institutions to bring home and distributed to lazy sons and daugthers to eat roasted fish by the roadside. They do not see a nation as one in which to develop infrastructure, democracy, social systems and others. To them, that would be a waist of time and money. Lets keep buying rooasted prok by the wayside, and hope when the money finishes, papa Biya will ask for mmore, from those who actually dothe work. Lazy francophones, you will come to realise that as France fails, so to will your lazy attitude.

Va Boy

These are their recommendations:


To the Government of Cameroon:

1. Promote greater transparency in electoral processes by restoring the independence of the electoral body; revising the electoral code; drawing up credible electoral lists; and enlarging the electoral register, whose current very restricted scope risks excluding many citizens.

2. Set up, as soon as possible, the institutions provided for in the 1996 constitution but still not in place, including the senate, the constitutional council, and the regional governing bodies.

3. Improve anti-corruption efforts by:

a) reviewing the “Epervier” anti-corruption operation, which has so far seen the arrest of several dozen high level officials and ministers, in order to make it part of an institutional and impartial fight against corruption;

b) creating an anti-corruption body which is truly independent of the executive and follows clear legal processes; and

c) fostering anti-corruption public awareness and instigating transparent, systematic sanctions against those responsible for unlawful practices.

4. Enter in good faith into dialogue with opposition forces on election management and tackling corruption.

They are making me laugh. Very funny.


Things are falling inplace. Biya hopes to escape by the back door. Will he? or will he not? When you do run away, take away your rlazy fish eating sons and daugthers with you to Paris. Then we will begin remaking Cameroon as it should be.

Chief  Ayuk  Arrey

Paul Biya and France are those that have destroyed Cameroon. But they will all pay. They don't see themselves as Cameroonians but Francais, and as long as they refused to be Patriotic Cameroonians they will stay on being Lazy and stupid.

ojong manfred

Biya`s regime is so disfunctional.


It is very painful to stand by and watch how these francophones have destroyed Cameroon.

Agbor  Tabi

I just hate the words Francophones and Anglophones.Those are the things dividing the Country. Cameroonians are people from all ethnic backgrounds with well defined boundaries.
We all came together to form a nation call Cameroon and not Francophone nor Anglophone.

The enemies of Africa will instead use this divisions amongst us to exploit and control our lifes and decisions.
Its true that Biya has been a nightmare and the sole master respnsible for these problems of divisions. But lets reclaim the Land from him and hope,pray that God will give us a Leader who will see the Land and call it CAMEROON not Anglophones and Francophones


“Through all the struggle, through all the pain,
through all the things that drive a man insane.
We stick together, we will stand tall.
I will be there to catch you when you fall!”
You can follow me to where our hearts will beat as ONE.
You can follow me to where all the stars will shine as ONE!
Ambazonia forever. It's time to fight for our right.


Agbor Tabi, you may hate it, but that is what it is. We can and will never succeed in Cameroon with these two different cultures. History is full of divisions brought about by language. And one of the strong differences between us is language. I do not like it for people to be divided based on this grunds and similar others. But, unfortunately, that is what it is. I would like for us to live side by side, and in peace, but today the greater majority of government is run not only by Biya, but by his lazy francophone dauthers and sons. I work with them, and if you don't understand, these people are lazy by nature. WORK IS NOT ONE OF THEIR STRONG POINTS.


Chinua Achebe in one of his novels talkes about- "things fall apart and the center can no longer holds" Biyasm has reach a point of diminishing return. Gentlemen let us open our eyes the results of the lions in South Africa speaks it loud. He did every possible best to secure a win in order to use it as spring ground to declare his candidature for the up coming election. The gods of our land stood firm and said enough is enough. Take it or you leave it, Cameroon is a time bomb. An absess that needs to be insice. We will strike with precision, Our mission statement has been put across for those who can see, learn,take precaution. I believe Njimaforboy, Chief Ayuk Arrey, and a host of others have been speaking. Cameroonians keep your pieces of sticks ready for the Battle is about to begin. PAUL BIYA MUST GO.come 2011. MBUAMASSOCK has started.tracks are being circulted in the Economic Capital inviting the youths to stay on alerts.


Njimafor Boy is it not amasing that we waited all night long for paul Biya to visit Bamenda in march to celebrate his so called faked 50 anniversary and he never turn up? How i wish he attempted. "Bulsh shit" This time around we would have decorated him as Fons of death and not as the fons of Fons. Biya you are very close to your grave, The trillions you and you gang have amased in foriegn banks must be brought back. You must be joking, fool.

Lawrence thethinker

Thats a great article.


Jupits, stay put the race is not for the fittest but for those who can make it.When the battle shall begin, we will decide to stay or depart,My brother Jupit, the French man says "ce le moment" This is the moment.Come 2011 the fate of Southern Cameroons shall be decided by Southern Cameroons. keep your bombs, matchets,clubs we shall chase them out.Biya must go.

Lawrence thethinker

While I was reading this report, it seemed very familiar. After a deep thought, i realised that there was an article by a Cameroonian citizen, Mr Mbuli Rene posted here (the post ) talking about Cameroon's Peace and Conflict prevention. This article was a very good analysis of the situation and I think this reports only goes to complement what the author had wrote. If you have not read it yet, I suggest you do so. His conclusion was very pertinent. Indeed, the way the country is moving, things might escalate starting from next year. We need to be very cautious. See the link below. But I suggest you read the full version on Scribd: or on his blog.


We all want peace, but prepare for war if you are to have peace. What is the meaning of peace, if these bastards from france continue to plunder and destroy the very foundation that should make us peaceful. After they collect IMF, World banck grants they run to Yaounde to share it, and place it as debt for Cameroonian citizens. The time to stop these bastards has come.

ojong manfred

Why biya`s regime is so disfunctional is because, all the three sectors, the executive, the judiciary and the legislature are all hooked-up to the presidency. This gives the presidency absolute powers over the other sectors. in fact, in a modern democracy, there has to be decentralization of powers, executive was supposed to be autonomous from judiciary and legislature, but with biya`s regime, it is never the case.

Mallam Shehu

Njimafor is thousands of miles away from the center of action, he is a peripheral rebel. Let him move to the center, his tail shall be promptly mutilated.

Chief  Ayuk  Arrey

As Jupits rightly wrote, For there to be peace ,there must be war,creative thinking. I belief that is the only Language Mr. Paul Biya understands. We will fight and reclaim the Land from Paul Biya and French Imperialism.

The Veteran Homosexual Fool is trusting his illiterate Soldiers and his Paris Occupied forces to give him cover and support his escape to France, meanwhile that Bastard call Franck Biya will be announce as the successor of the Presidency.

But We have been very clear in warning Franck Biya not to partake in his assumed Father's sins, even-though till the end of the age we will continue to hunt him to give back what Paul Biya stole from Cameroonians and gave him.

All the riches in Cameroon cames from the Land of Southern Cameroon- Amberzonia. So it's the responsibility of All Southern Cameroonians to hunt down these Bastards who have enrich Paris and Swiss Banks from S.Cameroon resources.

Southern Cameroon must rule to force Our Brothers of the french tongue to learn to work hard to built the Country not hoping on brides to sit by the road side and eat roasted fish while the nation is decaying with no accountability.
Our sources are telling us that, Our Francophone counterparts are afraid a Southern Cameroonian shouldn't became President because he will be very strict.

Chief  Ayuk  Arrey

Have no thought on the performance of the Lions in South Africa neither should you deceive urselves that they can do better . The results have clearly shown the End of the Biya era. These has instead help to strengthen our aspirations to declare War on the Biya regime.

The results spoke for themselves neither should you blame the Coach, shine your eyes. That Bastard and his Homosexual Occultism Gang must Go.
We have observed that as months are passing, moving towards 2011 Chantal Biya is becaming very nervous ,that was also publicly seen in the fake 50 anniversary celebration.

She also took part in destroying Cameroon from huge sums of money she was illegally receiving from the Ministries.
She also will go down as just like the former First lady of Rwandan for crimes against genocide.
They won't escape for the World is a very a small place. What goes around comes around


Paul Biya, the butcher knows his days are numbered. He knows better not to come to Bamenda to celebrate his loot. Our tactics are gaining momentum here on the ground.

Keep up the good job Mr. Asafor and Chief Ayuk.

Thanks also to the many others for the shipment. We will continue to train and equip our fightewrs for D Day.

Mallam Shehu

Field Marshal Njimafor,
If wishes were horses, I would have loved too to kick Biya's butts out of Etoudi.

Please, don't forget to teach your D-Day fairy army how to make a good concoct for your Molotovs and roadside bombs.

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