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Monday, 07 June 2010


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Ras Tuge

Yet another bold Vatican tentacle in my backyard! Well, i guess my anger against the perverted Roman Catholicism would not make me deprive my younger ones of their chance to obtain the training that could land them some of the most dreamful careers of tomorrow. I am particularly happy about the School of Information technology, and i hope that UIDB makes this a priority or specialty for the insitution.

I may also add that the unwieldy nature of this venture makes it rather risky or utterly incomprehensible for being a supposedly nascent institution of higher learning. I am not very impressed with this somewhat zealous, if not misguided School of Engineering in an institution which seemingly has not conducted ample feasibility or logistic studies in the broad and costly domain of the utterly intricate engineering sciences.

For a university to be run in a successful and effective manner, there has to be careful organisation, and it takes time and sacrifice to build something worthy. It is not just about the money, which i am convinced that UIDB will not be in short supply of, owing to it's ties with the Vatican. Nonetheless, there are tons of small parts and details within the realms of Engineering sciences that makes it extremely challenging to manage, especially for an aspiring school like the young UIDB.

Therefore, i'd rather suggest that plans to administer the numerous degree options in the School of Engineering be shelved for a while, in favour of a more pragmatic approach towards offering the various IT specialties, as well as the exceptionally promising options in the Management sciences. The options in Agriculture are just as enticing.

I would even encourage UIDB authorities to run the school for some years before determining the next big move. During this time, they should be able to resolve which options are best for the institution, and to determine the courses that would be tailored to meet the demands of our local market. This, to my mind is the only way through which this new school will have high turnovers.

Cameroon is truly in dire need of novelty initiatives such as this one, and once started, then providence moves too, and all sorts of things occur to assist that would never otherwise have occurred. The road is long and rough, but UIDB will have to stick-to-it-iveness, and all shall hopefully be productive.

I must however indicate that the tuition is sadly way beyond the reach of the ordinary Cameroonian who would probably have to rob the Catholic church to be able to study at UIDB for just one academic year! I hope some kind of tuition waivers, or even scholarships are awarded to meritorious students. Else, this thing will quickly deteriorate into yet another empty prestige stunt that excludes some of the brightest brains we have.

Lastly, i am not the least impressed by the haphazard nature in which the Almighty Chariot town mayor is building or, better still ruining this once unspoilt little town. Chariot town has the potential to be that city of light on the hill.


The present government can't build more universities for its citizens. They spend millions on irrelevant things. I'm not saying what the catholics are doing is wrong. But just think about it. How much money is leaving our economy due to capital flight? And how long can a country like Cameroon continue to live off of foreign add?

Louis Egbe Mbua

Ras Tuge,

Define your vision, put pen to paper, and then go on to implement it -- with the right expertise and people. No matter how vast and complex that vision appears, it will materialise if you follow it to the ultimate conclusion.

The vision of the engineering school is one of the boldest and the most far-sighted I have seen in Africa. I only hope they include Aerospace Engineering to cover every aspect of that discipline.

The days when we call on the Chinese, French etc to build our bridges, aeroplanes, cars should be the thing of the past in 20 years time.

I wish the University well, and God Bless them.

Chief  Ayuk  Arrey

What a great achivement for Cameroonians. I am proud of the Institution.


All the best to UIDB. A wonderful development.


Ras Tuge

What makes you think the idea is so bold? It is called the University institute of the DIOCESE OF BUEA, emphasis on Diocese of Buea. This means, this is a catholic effort. Lets wait and see.

Va Boy

The Catholics have a great track record of starting small in a spirit of excellence and building great institutions. Sasse started in shed. Most of the better hospitals in the grasslands started as one room dispensaries run by nuns and that is true even abroad. It turns out that the current Bishop of Buea is much more forward looking than his predecessor. The fees are moderate for a private institution of higher learning. Through collective effort, we can support students in that institution and reduce the pressure to go to NIgeria.


Good news! But the people on this website do not look like the people meant to attend it. Must we now appropriate the photos of others to sell ourselves?

D Nnange J M

Kindly send a copy of the application form to me through the email address below and also indicate which bank at the level of Younde horst your account

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