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Monday, 19 July 2010


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This is the Biyaism that we have been speaking about.

Where is Paul Biya, the butcher of etoudi, while women children, the elderly and the disabled are going hungry?

Where is Paul Biya the dying fish, while the wealth of a nation is being plundered?

There is something fundamentaly wrong with this picture?


Cameroon and bad governance.

The bucks stop with Paul Biya, the butcher of etoudi.

This senile old man called Paul Biya is slowly dying and becoming suicidal. He does not care for Cameroon.

This bone head turned President only cares about chantals panties, though his penile implant is not functioning well.

Mallam Shehu

Njimafor, aren't you exhausted with your 24/7 Biya-secession innuendo? What has this exorbitant bonuses got the hell to do with the butcher?
In any position of authority, you'll be worse than Bokassa. Your mannerism speaks for itself, I can bet you'll even masticate your opponents' genitals for the mere reason that you will not tolerate any contrary view to your debunked ideology. I'll love to see your butts rot in Harusha or in Den Haag, you're a jigger in the toes of peace.

Mallam Shehu

-have these-

Mallam Shehu

Come to ca meroon onli ne dot com, we shall cut your tail there. You fox. Honorable Chief Ayuk is there already, now a changed visionary and a man of God though. We're waiting on you and Ma Marry to show up. Cowards.


Chances are that most of them blew it shopping in South Africa. Good luck, Mr PM.

Chief Ayuk Arrey

Mr.Philemon could do better but he is a king without a Crown. Such endeavors are welcome and I request the Prime Minister to gather more momentum to do more!

Hahahahahah, Mallam so you have been hiding your screen name at
My tone can changed but my quest for change will never die down!


who can me believe that honourable minister of sports and physical education is free from those charges

Pa Chi

How much did Fifa give Cameroon prior to and after the Mundial? At least 10 Millions US dollars. Convert that into CFA. Do you get it?The Presidency and the Ministry of Sports have their figerprints all over this money.They cannot seem to pretend as usual. For heaven sake, why can't they use some of this free money to give a face lift to our shamefull sports infastructures?


Once again Cameroon Minister is showing how corruption works in Cameroon.
Who is Mr.Philemon to Oder that this money be repaid?.
Where are the other ministers who swallowed large amounts of monies most in similar manners.
Why are some in jail and others not and some are simply asked to repay.
What about Mr Biya's own excessive amount when ever he is going out of the country.Are you afriad sir Mr.Philemon to tell your Master to repay most of these monies?
If Mr.Philemon is the justice of Cameroon, I think he should not be selective.


That is wrong thinking Mr Felix. Yang could keep himself clean and exercise discipline over those on whom he has supervisory power. That country is not a parliamentary democracy in which he has real authority over the other ministers. You want to check Biya? He is a sneaky dictator, so organize a coup, a revolution or let decrepitude take its toll.


Bravo!!! H.E. Philemon Yang. You're doing us proud!

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