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Friday, 30 July 2010


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Mallam Shehu

What a contrast on that shot. Do we really know the meaning of the terminology urbanisation in Cameroon at all? Isn't it paradoxical? Raising a mansion, decorating it with a cocktail of cables and limping huts? We need to freeze politics awhile, and reboot square one first. We're too full of big visions and vain grandeur at the expense of petty things that are easier to amend than the too much politics we have no notion of.


You are always ready to spill toxic vomitus on anything against the failed regime of Paul Biya, the butcher of etoudi and his gang.

These ministries by themselves are not corrupt. It has taken almost 30 years of Biyaism to create the culture the reader speaks about.

You must be either dumb or brain dead like Paul Biya.

The world would be a better place without low lifes like u guys, for u are doing nothing but tarnishing what humanity and mankind is all about.

What is wrong with u? Do u have difficulty retaining information? If so please do us all a favour and stay off this website, Nyamfuka.


No surprises there. Cameroon is currently ranked 26th, among failed states of the world, according to foreign policy magazine.,26

Mallam Shehu

Field Marshall Njimafor, if your wishful thoughts materialize, and you're put in power, or granted autonomy, that's the type of contrasting development we're going to experience under your rule. You're a toothless and 'Ngong' dog, when serious matters will start, you'll melt and seek refuge in Nigeria while docking your midget tail in-between your tiny legs.
How many times shall I challenge you to move to the centre of action, General? Shouting out very loud in the comforts of mass effects has always been very cheap, sneak yourself out of the crowd and move to the metropolis, then I'll know you have got testicles, and not helium-filled balloons.
I once more invite you to join in our pacific fight on, there is no room for hit and run cowards there.


@LimbeKid, C'mon now !! George Ayittey in that article calls over 1/3 of the world's nations as failed states...that's kind of a stretch, don't you think. India and Iran also made his list !!! Makes you wonder, what in the world is a failed state!?

As concerns that picture, what's the big deal?! I can show you a picture with a similar theme from New York City through Rio...Lagos...Bombay...Jhannesburg to Douala.

Folks the is no news here...


@ Manny,

I`m glad you read the article. Actually, I only posted it as a scoop. I do have issues with the accuracy as well.

For starters, they mention Paul Biya has been in power for 18 years (that`s 10 short of his actual 28). Not that it would change my verdict, but tells you a lot about the level of diligence when carrying out such research.

Like you, most commentators also noted the odd examples.

My verdict: should Cameroon be a candidate for such a list? I think so.

Do I think there is Western media bias against certain countries? Yes I am of that opinion.

Now to the picture. My initial reaction was the same as Mallam`s, but on second thoughts, I think it is wrong to deduce: mansion, ajacent to rickety hut = corruption. Who says third worlders are not hard working enough to build mansions, off the sweat of their brows.


I like u, dude...u come off as a true gent... Bro, sadly enuf, we gona make that list regardless of who is writing it. we r just that good. I just have an issue with folks who think, this a problem with a specific group of Cameroonians...we could not be more wrong. Corruption is a prominent fibre of our doesn't make us all evil..but it just says a lot!! Reports like the one above,,,just make me!? I'm tired of all the research to prove the obvious...shyte...time for some solutions...otherwise...folks should give us a break.

An Observer

Well,if the picture was taken for the sole purpose of demonstrating corruption,then it sends a wrong signal unless the writer of article is able to tell us with names if the owner of such a beautiful home benefited as a result of corruption.Mind you,there are people living in Cameroon who are capable of doing something of this stature without stealing a dime from the gov,t but this is not to conclude that some of the mansions we see along the dirty streets of Douala and Yaounde are not as a result of corrupt practices.
Bushfallers,Bizinessmen and to some extent civil servants are capable of doing things like this if they work hard

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