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Sunday, 25 July 2010


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Chief Ayuk Arrey

Thank You Mr. Vakunta. Truly we must seized being Spectators.

Va Boy

We know this. It is true of many African "countries" but particularly the francophone ones, which are in a vice grip, economically, politically, financially, psychologically and culturally. It is too much of a quagmire and Southern Cameroonians should be focusing on removing themselves from it rather than trying to metamorphose the francophonie of Africa. They have to accomplish the task of their own freedom for themselves. We are like the victim of the drowning man, who is choking us vainly trying to save himself. Go to America and Europe and see the number of Southern Cameroonian professionals who have escaped to save themselves from a meaningless existence.

Good analysis, Vakunta, but we cannot save the francophones of Africa. They have to save themselves.


@ Va Boy,

The writer has addressed what is clearly a African problem. As it is we are already faced with a uphill task and we only make it more difficult by introducing a sub-plot (Southern Cameroon). As mentioned in the article, we cannot extricate ourselves by advocating a symbolic flag and anthem.

Besides, I`m sure if you visit forums of any English-speaking African country (Nigeria, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania...) you would find voices of dissent, denouncing the same malaise condemned in the article. It is disingenious to assume we would attain the level of independence advocated, by a simple geographic separation, based on linguistic lines

Mallam Shehu


entering the pitch as a lame player in no better either. What we need in Africa is simply to cast our egos far-off on an Island where we'll never have access to it. So long as we'll continue to be ego-full and keep on putting our personal pride in front of the national cart, we'll never be free.

We have too many philosophers without a distinctive philosophy, we should stop fooling ourselves, if we're where we stand today, it is due to our own making. We're too soft and docile in the face of a calamitous fate.

We keep on playing the victim, decades after decades and nothing is ever being undertaken to change the status quo, even the White man will tell you, there is no suffering in Africa. A continent, which is fused with perennial merry-making, yet people complain they're suffering, isn't paradoxical?

If we opt for a pacific civic disobedience as a means of altering the existing situation, we should stick to it, if it is a violent option, we should also stick to it. It helps very little always playing the double standard card, it either we accept our nemesis and shut up, or we reject it and act promptly against it. That is what the African needs, saying enough is enough and meaning what he's saying, all this yelping and too much philosophizing does nothing but ridicules the African.

Va Boy

Limbekid: the basis of the Southern Cameroons is not merely linguistic. It is territorial, historical and legal. The movement of Africa will not happen en masse, but in groups and nations charting new paths. Southern Cameroons had its power of agency to chart its path taken away by this arrangement. As i said before, we are in the position of someone who tries to rescue a drowning person who then chokes his rescuer. We need our power of agency.

The difference between Nigeria and any francophone country is that Nigeria's mistakes are its own and its salvation will also be its own. The francophone countries do not even have the opportunity to make their own mistakes, because despite all the protestations to the contrary by Sarkozy, they are only nominally independent, and to use your words, have merely symbolic flags and anthems. The existential struggle between france and its colonies is not the business of the Southern Cameroons and we should be on our own charting our own destiny, mistakes and all, like adults.

Va Boy

Mallam Shehu, philosophizing is very important, because people struggle because of ideas. A struggle bereft of ideology is a dangerous thing that degenerates into banditry or sheer power play. So, let the philosophers bring them on, until we find the right one that animates the struggle. National struggles can also be long term affairs that can consume entire lifetimes.

Going After Biya, BNP and Credit Lyonnais


"Chantal seems to have hypnotized (Biya) and made herself the de facto vice-president of Cameroon, calling the shots left, right and center! Smith (2006, p.1) makes a strong point when she describes Biya’s marriage to his métis[v] wife born in Yaoundé to a Lebanese father and Cameroonian mother as the “worst blunder of marriage of an African leader to a second wife.” She points out that Chantal has a well furnished bank account at the French Bank BNP, the Bank of African dictators, their wives and entourage. Chantal Biya is alleged to have a ‘healthy’ account with another French bank, Credit Lyonnais. This bank is believed to be where the petroleum monies of Cameroon have been deposited by Mr. Biya since he came to power in 1982."

The Congolese and the Gabonese have initiated action against Omar Bongo Sr and Sassou Nguesso.



good article vakunta .after reading all the comments here .i have the fellings a good number of us still do not fully understand what is in play here.we most keep in mind the divide and rule system has worked tremendously for the french .they have reduced us in to small fractions and so very fragile.if we hope to ever obtain real independence then we most keep the southern cameroon issue aside.this is not somting concerning a group of people but the whole continent of africa .if we are still in this position it is partly because of the berlin conference .if we reflect on what just happen in cotede ivoir a few mounths behind then it helps us see how fragile realy we are .when the french army shot at people in abijan and kill what happen? but lets imagine the whole of africa on the streets to protest and block acess to all french investments just imidiatly after this incident .the impact will be very important and the french will fell for the first time they are in denger.the solution is in our hands but we most all admit the fact it comes with a price as in all colonised countries.if we think each country will look for its solution then we are bound to fail.thomas sankara once said it is only throught unity that we can find a lasting solution .

Va Boy

Not at all Cletus. We totally understand what you are saying, but we shall not lay Southern Cameroons issue to the side. It is our priority. We wait for what? 50 years for Africa to get its act together vis a vis France? You are talking like the fellow who would not feed his family until everyone in the town has enough food.

Va Boy

I hasten to add, dear cletus, that your statement is the hallmark of someone who is not actually doing something for Africa. People doing stuff have actually naturally narrowed and specified their scope of action. Vakunta, for example has made his scope the raising of hell and of consciousness. What is yours?


i fully understand your point man and respect it .but again do u realy thing this is how africa will reach complete independence?i am very convinced our only hope lies in real unity .we most be able to mobilize every one to work towards the same objective.keep in mind the neocolonial system is powerful.zimbagwe is a very good example .bretain fail to respect the accord of lancaster .mugabe was forced to act .but alone. look at his situaion now.if we could all give zimbagwe the help they need it will be more easy for other countreis to force thier way throught.but then the obstacle is the divide and rule system .we somtimes turn to thing we will achive what needs many years in a very short time.if the is one very big mistake africa made was to bilive independence will be obtain easyly .but where are we now?it has taken us a very long time to realise we are not independent.nkruma for example saw it but by then he was far ahaed of us and insisted .we most unite and today we can see the need.what we need now is not a short term solution for a few but a long term solution for all .our generation has the responsibility to set the foundation.we most accept we are likely not going to see the fruits of our work but if we want independence it then becomes and obligation.madam wangari maathai said in her last book .africa most not continue to exist in fragments .my contrebution here is already somting man .thanks

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It's a shame that very little empirical evidence is known on this question. I've been working on some experiments, but need to finish up those working papers with the results.

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