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Wednesday, 14 July 2010


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Sangoh Angoh

Mr. Ofege:
I do not find, from this piece, any tributes to the late Pius Njawe. Please, let us not use this sad event to bask in some vain glory. True, you and other friends might have started the English version of his paper, but in paying tributes to a fallen hero of his status, you ought, I may say, to focus on his deeds. Rather, you digressed totally and went off the cliff. I think there is a better way to pay our respects to those that have passed. Read the other tributes that have poured in since his death, and you will see what I mean. Thank you.


Hi Ofege,

I have always wondered the real names behind those names that made the English Le Messager such an institution back in the early 1990s. Thanks for the clarification.

True we would have loved to know more about your interactions with Njawe as the English edition of his paper took root with the arrival of the likes of Adolph Mungo Dipoko, Henry Kebila Fokum, Michael Njawe etc. One day perhaps...


Everything Njawe is good now, even stuff that is tangentially related. Just keep them coming.

Godlove Fru

Mr. Ofege,

Are you paying tribute to Larry Eyong Echaw or Pius Njawe. I find your article very annoying. What the hell is wrong with you. The caption of this article is very misleading and should be changed to "Tribute to Larry Eyong Echaw.

Who really cares about Larry's datsun car or whatever. Please tell us more about your interaction with the late Njawe. If you really don't have nothing to say, shut up and lets mourn.


This is no tribute to Pius Njawe. Please either change the caption or tell us this story is going to continue with the real tribute in the 2nd part.
Thank you.

Cletus Enyeji

The article above is the reason why Ofege can never be a good journalist. Where in this article is there any tribute to Pius Njawe; instead we are reading some 'humour in bad taste' about cars, drinking etc? What a shame for this thrash to be given space.


lol!!!!!!!!!!!!! U guys are going to kill me with laughter. Dont worry about Mr Ofege. These are the kind of guys that make the Biya's regime to understand that they are dealing with amateurs


I now understand why people like Ofege were chased out of CRTV. This is not only an insult to Anglophone journalism, but also a shame to some who purports to be a CRTV pioneer.

Ofege, why are you doing a disservice to us Anglophones? The Postnewsline should be ashamed to let Mr Ofege post this trash in the name of a tribute. What a disgrace.

Divine A.

If this is not poetry or another form of coded language, then Mr. Ofege will need to explain how this writeup can be understood as a tribute. I will till then categorise this article as another form of garbage journalism.


RIP. My sincere condoleances to the family.


Mr Ofege or what ever your name is. You look exactly like the car you described in your piece.Things realy are falling apart from you!How can you try to rub off something from the tragedy that has befallen us?You are really Pathetic indeed.Keep your dellusions to your self.

A P Geofrey

May the Lord Almighty grant you enternal peace.

The Observer

Ntemfac come here and answer this query! This is what your "partner in crime" Charly Ndi Chia writes today in The Post Newspaper in a very beautiful tribute to Pius Njawe:

"One thing led to the other and when Pius dreamed of starting off the English edition of "Le Messager", he very cordially invited Julius Wamey, Nyoh Moses and I to a planning session at the Yaounde Mansel Hotel. We were all serving staff of CRTV. Eventually, I invited Ntemfac Ofege and Larry Eyong Echaw to be part of the first ever editorial conference of Le Messager in English. Julius Wamey was part and parcel of our team that had as Editor, the veteran Adolf Mongo Dipoko. Moses Nyoh's participation in the birth of that newspaper ended at Mansel Hotel."

Can explain again how Larry Eyong was the brain behind the English edition of Le Messager?


It is amazing how different people remember the same thing differently especially over time. Try it yourself sometime, especially if you have lived long enough. Let it go, guys. They were all invested in establishing the English version of Le Messager, in some fashion. The details, unless they were recorded by an impartial observer are blowing in the wind.


Ofege, come and answer The Observer's question. Don't run away..... Since you've decided to use Njawe's death to tell lies and celebrate the life of Larry Eyong Echaw, you must now answer questions as to why you lied to the public.

Are u Larry's partner? You sound so gay in the above tribute

Puma Outlet

It's so funny that you bought this marigold stamp. After you told me you went to Julie's AMuse class, I went on their website and saw a very cute card made with the marigold stamp (actually, one was large and the other was smaller). Anyhow, I just loved it!! How happy is that card of yours, Miss Wanda?? I love it!! It puts a BIG smile on my face!! Thanks for your inspiration!!

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