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Thursday, 05 August 2010


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Charles is a criminal period. We know what transpired in Liberia. Rebels maiiming children and raping girls and women. I do not understand why African never seem to get it. Who in the Americas, or europe, asked mobutu, paul biya, eyadema, nguesso, obiang ngema, and many other african thieves to still from their people. Who in these developed countries asked african not to understand and respect the laws in their countries. Who asked africans not to be able to clean their streets, respect the law, or put common sense regulations to help development. Blame america as much as you can, but the fact remains that, we africans must pick ourseleves up, dust ourselevs donw and begin the hard process of remaking the continent the way others are. Stop the blame game, and lets start holding ourselevs accountable.

Mallam Shehu

Frankly, I hate this monkey theater, but other African leaders need to see what's befalling on such clowns who feed fat on the flesh of their fellow brothers with the complicity of those ridiculing them. You can't fall from paradise and challenge your so-called master, you must pay the price, no matter how bitter it is. Let's learn, it is just the African that can solve his problem while having just Africa in his intentions.


I watched the entire thing on bbc and it is quite disgusting to see how both sides are obviously using Naomi Campbell as a ploy to advance their agendas. Where was the Carol White woman in the first place? I mean, the international court in Hague is now at the mercy of an aide's account of something which happened 13 years ago? why wasn't she properly questioned before putting together a proper set of questions? the entire thing was a mess. If anything, they are swaying things in favor of Charles Taylor. At one point, they couldn't even figure out if Naomi was the court's witness or the prosecutor's witness. How embarrassing to see the international court go back and forth, trying to figure out Naomi's function in that court.We now live in an era of media-run justice. Quite sad. All the western leaders are sitting and crossing their legs when they fully know that western businessmen were the chief traders in Taylor's diamond ring. For some reason, Naomi Campbell is instead the key prosecutor everyone is trying to use to build their case. Pathetic.

Charles Taylor has emerged the winner today because Carol White and Mia Farrow now appear inconsistent. Taylor has been in custody for years now so why did Farrow only decide to publicly speak about the matter? why didn't she speak earlier? coincidentally, she only spoke after Carol and her brother filed that bogus report against Naomi. What a coincidence. *rolls eyes* As Taylor's lawyer said White is "damaged goods". This is what happens when you try to bring justice by using celebrities instead of sticking to investigating hard core facts.


An Observer

Charles Taylor did this,Charles Taylor did that.And if so..what about those who who syphoned billions of State Money into private Swiss bank accounts.Are these folks anyway better than Charles Taylor?It is estimated that...since 1950, about close to 300 billion dollars of Nigerian oil evaporated from the state coffers into private bank accounts in Europe and elsewhere.This is a financial crime by itself too and Swiss Bank should also be testifying like Noami Campbell. Will they also testify one day?The reason why the leaders of African Union are unable to reach a perfect deal over the fate of the now wanted strongman of Khartoum because what goes around comes around.They might also be caught up in the same game.With all the double standards...this is a movie and not a trial.

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