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Monday, 09 August 2010


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That is what Paul Biya, the butcher of etoudi and La Republique are all about, corruption.

Paul Biya is responsible for this culture of corruption, and until he dies of natural causes or is slaughtered by a brave Cameroonian Hero, nothing will change here.

Professor Dr.  Alain Dipoko.

Bernard Njonga, is a self destructive promoter of the saga of corruption in Cameroon. He was sacked from that department of agriculture because of corruption and has since picked up pieces with the authorities. His macabre of behavior of slandering us has been identified as the work of a frustrated idiot.

That nonentity who posted this bunch of lies should be bold enough to append his or her name or e-mail to this article for us to see. We are cleaning the house of people who spread lies around like this goon.

I have made it my duty to clamp down on people like this. I shall contact the authorities here in the US to uncover the sender of this malicious article. God should bless his soul that the sender is not from within the US. Enough is enough. He or she shall be the sacrifical lamb.

With enemies of the state like Mola Njoh Lithumbe, in town, it is not difficult to start connecting the dots. But we shall not sleep. We are up in arms to make sure our elections are conducted and won in our traditional landslide fashion. Jealous baboons.

Mallam Shehu

Here we go again from square one with Field Marshal Njimafor. Business as usual, always pretty ready to sting like a killer bee, albeit the butcher is innocent from this plight that’s befalling our beloved country cos of our corrupt mentality. Why won’t you for an ounce of a second also blame our own people for some of these vices? Why wouldn’t you dare Njimafor? Everything that comes out of your toilet is just the butcher; can’t you think logically/impartially Field Marshal?

All these coxcombs (including your butcher) are people who go to mass every Sunday to sing dirges and to beg for salvation from the Almighty, yet they’re infested by canker worms in their brains. Simplicity and care for the next of kin has been buried in our country, we’re all egoistic as we give a damn about the commoner. That’s the bitter reality; we’re all accomplices to this macabre mechanism, no exception.


There is nothing logical about dialogue with baboons like Dipoko and supporters of Paul Biya, the buthcher of etoudi and la Republique.

U seem to be repenting for your sins as you edge closer to your grave. Accomplices like u have to worry, not the rest of us Southern Cameroonians.

Dipoko, u should contact the devil to save your soul than worrry about soldiers of conscience. Ass holes like u have no place on the Planet earth. You are cancerous, i blame your mother for allowing u to survive childhood.

When a leader like Paul Biya is out of sync with what is good for Cameroon due to ignorance and greed, his actions have cascaded downward throughout the hierarchy of Cameroon, sending thousand of Cameroonians ( La Republique )
off course.

What Biya permits, he promotes, period.


Scam or no scam the paucity of information on Cameroonian institutions is frankly appalling. For example, the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Mines is so outdated it is still advertising events to hold in 2004; the National Assembly website is still under construction (by contrast the National Assembly website of Nigeria is regularly updated; has an archive and even a bill tracking facility to assess the progression of bills), and so on and so forth. How does one take a country seriously, if the consular chamber cannot be bothered to update or advertise (upcoming trade shows; ongoing business opportunities, the current economic climate...) while hordes of "communication consultants" are raping the country of millions.


njimaforboy, Limbekid. prof. Dr. Alain Dipoko. I remain concerned that all potential options to eliminate Paul Biya should be put on the table,and should be persuaded with utmost speed untill then we will never sing a new song to our children.


Your name may be listed on any annual publication, u still remain an asshole or bone head for lack of a better word.

You are a shallow minded individual with very stong primitive instincts. A blind follower of a killer President called Paul Biya. A dictator butcher who violates every human right u can think of.

The article is well written, bozo, and no sane investor will put their money in a decaying Country like Cameroon. Men Like Paul Biya and Allain Dipoko are brain dead and know nothing about return on investment and productivity.

There is nothing to be jealoused of about Paul Biya, and Dipoko. Both of you are criminals raping Cameroon. It is only a matter of time before we drag men like Paul Biya, Allain Dipoko and Mallam Shehu before a millitary tribunal and try them for treason and crimes against humanity.

Mallam Shehu

Njimafor is surely one of those Cameroonians out there in California exhaling in thievery. I have no doubts about that, he's a fallen angel.
@Alain, thanks for the hint. These are the same loafers who most strike the gong like deranged monks and blame Popol for their follies.
How I wish some of these bad grains be put on the electric chair, their numbers will dwindle. They’re too many for a beautiful country like Cameroon.
Njimafor, when the time comes, you’ll be on your way to Den Haag, for igniting the cleansing of innocent lads. Taylor, Bemba and Radovan Karadžić will deal with your behind, ewaké like you.


You are such a pathlogical liar and truth twister. Your poor n misguided facts and conclusion have nothing to do with English speaking Cameroonians. You mention three names and then draw a conclusion. What a bone head.
Do u know what is statistics?

Frogs like The butcher of etoudi, Biya Paul are knwon to have created a culture of thievery amongst frogs. Biyaism is a cultureof robbing men , women children and the disabled. There is no such culture in Southern Cameroon.
As for u, keep believing that we are in some foreign land, until we strike with utmost vengeance.

Just because a few of our Children have gone astray does not change the fact that we are more educated and honest than frogs. That is a fact.

We will pimp your mom to Taylor, Bemba and Radovan in one of the cells at Den Haag,
Paul Biya, your Popol will wipe the mess.

Mallam Shehu

Njimafor, hold your belt very tight, the net's getting closer. You shall be fished out soon. keep it on with your hate-monger, you can run but you can never hide. When the time for apprehending génocidaires like you comes, you shall be smoked out of your roosting cave.

Rest assured Field Marshal, this is no longer freedom fighting, it's something of a higher and suicidal magnitude. A terrorist like Njimafor, must be brought to book soon, there is no doubt about that.



Dummy, u think this is an orgy forum for clowns like Paul Biya and you. Have you ever heard of the hunter became the hunted.

Who is apprehending who? Why don't u go f..k Paul Biya, ass hole. Both of you are he goats anyway.

You can call us terrrorist all u want until Until we dip Paul Biya and folks like u in red boiling oil to see if the blood that runs through your arteries are human or sash squad.

Keep the threats comming and lets see who will be eliminated first. Shumbo.

Mallam Shehu

Njimafor, I catalogued you before as a freedom fighter, but I've of late been able to decipher your real intents. This is no longer a fight against the butcher. Your fight is geared towards the extermination of innocent folks, who have got nothing to do with your Southern Cameroon lunacy.

You're veiling your quest for the obliteration of many innocent French-speaking Cameroonians by misusing the legitimate claim of Anglophones for an egalitarian society. You are nothing short of a warmonger, that is how JP Bemba and Laurent Kunda all started, like a joke. You're being monitored, 24/7.

Keep on fooling yourself; sticking your cone head in the mud and living in perpetual darkness doesn't make you invisible Field Marshall. When the time is ripe, you shall be smoked out of your hole with the help of burnt chilli. Grongbeef like you.

Whey Protein

Cameroon's dependence on food imports has skyrocketed over the last three decades. I think their govt. should take necessary step against corruption. otherwise they have to suffer.

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