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Wednesday, 25 August 2010


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Son of the soil.

Until the playing field is leveled, you cannot accuse anglophones of hypocrisy when it comes to free speech and censorship. You cannot put a yoke on a peoples shoulder,tie their hands behind their backs then engage them in a duel without expecting them to fight back. Until such a time were the playing field is leveled, then we can talk of all the values you want discussed.


Did Mr. Atagana say he was arrested for helping to organise a press conference for the Southern Cameroon's National Council? Naaaaaaaaaaaa!! That must be a very fat lie; he wants economic asylum like others and trying to make up stories to gain it. There are lots of francophones Cameroonians seeking asylums in the UK claiming to be supporters of SCNC when they don’t even know what SCNC is all about. These guys are the first to condemn SCNC and are now seeking asylum under the cover of SCNC. Jeeeezzzzzz What a shame



Cameroonians never base any argument on facts. Reason is very crucial in any democracy, and this is what we lack. Because other claims of assylum may be bogos doesn't make Mr. Atangana's claim bogos. He is a bona fide journalists; known around Cameroon. I will therefore assume his claim is right until he can be disproved. This is what people in civilized socities do. The burden is on you Ben to justify that his claim is illegetimate, otherwise please let us not put emotion infron of reason. You may be an anglophone, but the government in Cameroon does not threaten only anglophone. Lots of Cameroonians have died, and continue to die under this regime. This is a fact, and not fiction. Mr Atangana could have tried to organize journalists to cover SCNC activities in the country and the government may have been angry about it.

Ma Mary

The British government is embarrassed by how it handled the Southern Cameroons issue and likes to pretend that every thing is honky dory. Good luck to Mr Atangana, and may his journalist colleagues prevail on his behalf.

Kelvin Ross

Ben, at least Mr Atagana is a popular journalist whose claim can easily be traced. True that lots of other bogus francophones are claiming asylum in the UK on behalf of SCNC, but mr Atagana is not one of them. This man is genuinely one of those few francophones with a conscience and a sense of justice who vehemently condemns the brutal annexation & colonization of the Southern Cameroons by LRC. He will go to equity with clean hands without the blood of Southern Cameroonians on his head like the rest of his frog brethens.

Bob Bristol

Ma Mary,

I'm always delighted to read your postings. Where have you been? It's been a quite a while.


I know many Francophones who deeply believe that, only the Anglophones with their uprightness will save Cameroon from its corruption and injustice. For example Mr Fru Ndi an Anglophone has more Francophone supporters than Anglophones.All what Mr Atangana is saying are just the bare facts which has not undergone any western media census-direct information-.We can confirm all what he is saying as true (fellow victims).The British Gov't will be doing a lot of Good to the Cameroonians if mr Atangana is granted Asylum and supported in his research on Corruption in Cameroon. Thanks.

Ma Mary

Thank you, Bob. I have been doing more and saying much less lately. Talking consumes psychic energy, which could be focused like a laser beam towards desirable ends.

To Jusfonk, only Republique du Cameroun can save itself. Southern Cameroonians can no longer bear that thankless burden.


Son of the Soil, if wishes were horses.

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