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Monday, 23 August 2010


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Why Frank? What happened to entrepreneur, Mallam Shehu,
Allain Dipoko and Limbekid?.


What does this Frank Biya look like? Anyone remembers how Paul Biya was described as a mild and meek fellow, no match for the pompous Ayissi Mvodo, who reportedly once slapped him for being devious? Be careful, he could be a snake like daddy.

Hilary A. F aka HAF

"But by playing the role of a devil’s advocate in this article"...Mr Ndifor please permit me play too the devil's advocate for Paul Biya and "his son", both Cameroonian like you and I. Before i do that, i want to bring some few points to your attention:
1. That in a 'FAIRLY' transparent and working c'try like USA, China, UK just about any citizen who has interest and is patriotic enough can be Head of state, regardless of his ancestry lineage, race, level of literacy, social status/class etc etc. Proof Barrack Hussein Obama is 44th president of the mighty USA(his father from 'poor' kenya-AFRICA!), The modest HU JIN TAO as compare to Deng Xiao Ping'dupped father of Modern China' and the likes of Mao Tse Tung;who's is regarded as almost a god in China n well beyond), have been head of the emerging and power CHina for years now. Gordon Brown who just past power recently in the UK to some what i personally consider a more seasoned politician;Cameron, succeeded Tony Blair; who is considered by far successful than him(public opinion!)...

Hilary A. F aka HAF

2. That what is germane here is the INSTITUTION or better say how INDISPENSABLE FIGURES BECOME IN A STATE; 'a legal entity' and develop personality cult which they subsequently find not easy to give up or pass onto someone out of His/Her closest relationships, in most of the cases direct family and ur article Father-son. C'tries i just cited above work differently, they may accord a great deal of power to their head of state but remember they NEVER make them INDISPENSABLE AS FAR AS THE RUNNX N PERPETUITY of the state is concerned. That's the more reason why the either established POWER INSTITUTIONS and PRINCIPLES( the US constitution, senate, lted presidential terms etc) which saves as a WATCH DOG to potential tyranic n despotic leaders who will want to stay longer just because they can take they SILLY excuse that they are doing just GREAT or haven't found a better successor or even like the case of our beloved C'try; the people still send "motions of support and pledges He stays longer!"

Hilary A. F aka HAF

3. The ONLY logical thing I somewhat agree with you is the fact that you don't want to just be neutral hearing about these things being said without your reaction, as in the very words of Arch Bishop Desmond TUTU; "If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality."
So with this i would like to say in a nutshell that in Cameroon like other c'tries u cited in ur article the TROUBLE OR WORRY should not be who is to be next President but what are the INSTITUTION that can check, eliminate or qualify genuine PRESIDENT(s). Warmest regards from the heart of Europe-Brussels!
God Bless us all!

The Entrepreneur Newsonline Inc.

Stupid senseless write up!

With all these bogus claims which you make him sound like a crown prince, yet you do not have his photo to accompany your write-up so that non-Cameroonians and Cameroonians should know whom you are alluding to...!

Cameroonian kids born since the 1980s do not even know how Frank's face look like! Yet you spew garbage as if he is everywhere omnipresent waiting to inherit. Post his recent press photo with your write-up!

Saddam, Ghadafi, Bongo, Eyadema, Wade, Kabila had & have their sons every where in the limelight waited/waiting to slip into leadership. Can the same be said of Cameroon's first son, whose modesty dwarfs your ignorant exuberance?


I remained concerned about the fact that Cameroonians are utterlly confused on how to go about offrooting Biya from power. We now have more than enough prof.Dr,teachers as previousely commented by Bob Bristo,

We need students, those who are willing to go in for action. Brothers with Nails, Fertilizer,cell Phones, mines, sugar,i assure you we will move a step ahead. I am surprise we still write and talk about Institutions in this forum, Cameroon is a failed state take it or you leave it,some of us are too far from realities.

I have the impression little is known about what goes on in Cameroon today. All these literature will not help Cameroon. (A Time Bomb). Action is needed bros. Cameroonians in the diaspora we should be determined to orchastrate change in Cameroon my advise is that all our Airports at home be occupied by diasporas,No movements and let the revolution begins. We are tired of this literature.

sangoh angoh

Entrepreneur Newsonline always empty: Where is his modesty that you so ignorantly expose in your comments? Someone like him who is an environmental(with regard to his timber deals) disaster is modest? And what have photos got to do with this? Is the name Frank Biya not enough for Cameroonians to know who that is?
You've spilled this nonsense for quite a while in this forum; who really cares about your ugly face? The name, "the entrepreneur Newsonline Inc." suffices for Cameroonians now to know that all what will came out of your pen would be rubbish. So a photo isn't the point. DEEDS, my friend, tell us what you are up to.
Besides the main focus here is about competence.It is not whether he cannot run Cameroon: The question is about competence, not family connections.


I searched for Frank Biya's visage on google images and came up with one or two faded specimens, and I am not sure they are of him. I searched for Paul Biya's face. The last formal pictures he took are about 20 years old. He does not want the public to see his age. This is a man who imprisoned the late Pius Njawe for commenting on his health. Clearly, this is a family that tries to control such things as image. Joseph Ndifor is supposed to find Frank Biya and ask him to pose for a critical article? Entrepreneuronline, I am sure you can do that.

Bob Bristol

I thought this article could lead us into answering the question "WHO IS READY FOR THE JOB?. If there is one feeling that somehow prevails among Cameroonian blogosphere, it is the feeling that all those dominating the political scenario in Cameroon are not fit for the job.

I have been very keen on this issue and I am impressed when others have the courage to present their ideal candidates (out of that bunch of crooks). Sometime ago, someone suggested Dr Chris Fomunyor. Recently, I got another name from Rexon called Tene Sop. Let the proposals keep coming. Let their resumes be exposed as well.


The Biyas' days are numbered!! An important topic like Biya's succession cannot be minimized by the mere absence of a photo of Biya's spoiled son accompanying a write-up, as if a 'first son' needs to assert his unwarranted popularity. Poor thought!

Only a simpleton like The Entrepreneur Newsonline Inc can be that myopic.
Soon he will start asking for 'photos' of Biya's first son,Frank, exploiting Cameroonian timber, or Biya himself stealing billions.
The fellow is always short of ideas! He will surely crumble with his snow castle!


Diaspora Cameroonians, you may exchange verbiage, all the sublime mysticism and nonsense you imagine. I assure you with confidence of the REALITY that, were Frank Biya designated, he will succeed his Dad. No wishful thinking changes reality. You surely have enough time fantasying in your rooms. Keep your fantasies to yourselves or leave your comfort zones, go to Cameroon and challenge Frank Biya when the time comes.


Mallam Shehu

Lion hunter Njimafor, move to the centre of action and leave entrepreneur alone; he has got nothing to do with your butcher's deeds. You're a vile coward, veiling yourself under mass-effect will bring us nowhere. A real rebel talks through the stutter of the Tchavem's rapid totter. You're mean, half-blind and cowardly. Wake up! Haggard town crier.

Sangoh Angoh

The buffon, Alain Dipoko!
Even Frank Biya would be grateful to Ndifor for the advice that his dad ought to have given and guided him as he was growing up.

Che Sunday

Mr. Ndifor,
There is no rational thought process that can define Paul Biya's behavior. Therefore, stop equating him with other Leaders. Since your entire existence, can you recall seeing Paul Biya going out for political campaign? Have you ever heard him define his political platform and goes on to justify them in the process of defending his leadership role for the country? Yet, he always wins. Why do you expect him now to come out showing his hand who he expects make his successor?
If you have forgotten, he is the same person who declared that he is the state. He answers to nobody. Finally, Cameroonians are more adept at looking down on each other than uniting to fight a common enemy. Brace yourself for life in Cameroon with Frank at the helm.


Son of hell, your taste buds will surely take you to hell to meet your maker, Satan.

For us, we will never develop taste buds like yours. Our love of Southern Cameroon supersedes whatever fine things life offers for oral gratification.

Our brains are also more developed than yours, that is why we have overcome those primitive instincts which are very much alive and well in Paul Biya, the butcher of etoudi and other frogs like u.

Your mother should have spared u the agony of living, which is clear from the shit that comes out of your buccal cavity, by aborting u into some pit toilet in decaying Cameroon.

Rest assured buddy, Southern Cameroon will gain her independence and change her name.

We want no part of ass holes and sons of bitches like Paul Biya, Dipoko, Earnest Mollua,
Mallam Shehu, Limbekid and this orang otang called son of the soil.

Mallam Shehu

Njimafor, unto this day, there has never been a liberator who has set his people free while hiding behind a keyboard. After the butcher leaves, people like you shall be jailed in Southern Kamerun for high treason, instigation to murder innocent citizens, cowardly-exile while S-Kamerun needed you and abuse of our legitimate claim.

We shall beat the shit out of your entrails for deserting. Deserter!


Listen to this psychopath.
Paul Biya and folks like u are pathetic.

Mallam Shehu

Njimafor, say all you have in your brain, it will not last long. You've been warned; your agenda is not ours. You're nurturing the mass murder of innocent lads.You can't go unpunished, when the time is ripe, we'll know where to apprehend you and bring you to book.

Chief Ayuk Arrey

Mallam Shuhu must be a Dictator just like their Idol Butcher Paul Biya. Instead of coming up with plans on how to apprehend Biya, and sued him on gross Human Rights Violations committed against S.Cameroonians, The 1992 Election Genocide, The Lake Nyos Atomic Bomb Genocide, The Persistent Genocide against SCNC Activist, just to name a few.
There you are threatening a Freedom Fighter like Njimaforboy.

Those of you traitors hiding behind Biya will have no place to turn to when the time comes.

Mallam Shehu

Honourable, what plan? It is the mass murder of 'Frogs', as Njimafor continuously advocates here with reverence? I can't sit and watch this chap advocate the annihilation of fellow country men, never.

Njimafor must change his tone, either voluntarily or by the cane of words.
I've told him many a time, take on the butcher and his party as you do wish, but spare innocent people out of it.

You know exactly where my beef with Njimafor lies, you may tell him to sieve his rhetoric and stick to his S-Kamerun agenda without considering all French-speaking Cameroonians as his potential opponents.

Should he chose to go ahead with his hatemongering, I am sure he'll, he is going to have no break from me. While he hunts the lion, I'll hunt him.

Asafor Ivo Ndikum

Cameroonians are good in talking than taking actions. We have been talking for tooooo long and doing nothing. We are just toothless bulldogds that bark but do not bite. All of us will grumble and Frank Biya will take over from his father and we will still be grumbling. So better sit quiet and of how you can make yourselves entrepreneurs.


Bootlickers like Mallam Shehu and Entrepreneur Newsonline ,Dipoko, limbekid, are always thirsty to defend a failing regime that has inflicted waton pain to its countrymen.
You guys represent an ignorant junk of low witted countrymen representing Cameroon quislings. Even in the warfront, there are cooks,tailors, typists, soldiers. It is stupid to think that because a cook is not carrying a rifle, he is not contributing to the success of the war. Those who think cyber contribution to unmask a stealing regime is not necessary, should also not use that same forum to expose their greed and stupidity. Some fools even think that those who use the internet to expose the ills of yaounde or condemn it are the desperate in the diaspora...To you guys, only the diasporans can use the internet. Cowards! Unmask yourselves and we will unmask! You represent Biya unrecognized jesters! You will not have a home to go to when the real time come. Continue your garbage! Little cockroaches! As confused as you regime!


Guys, please stop fighting!!! Calm down your anger and talk sense. If someone says something stupid or wrong, or just something you disagree with, just give your own opinion and if they still don't get it, maintain your opinion, perhaps rephrase, use examples, or just move on. This is not how political debates should be carried out. Swallow your anger while making a good point. Those who support your message will still stand by it. These comments are not directed at anyone! I'm just saying, if we all do it this way, there will be better understanding and progress. Thanks for understanding!

Julio my view: I think Cameroon is not ripe for comparison with the US, the UK, and other democracies because Cameroon IS NOT a democracy. So, when we look at Cameroon, let's forget about institutions and how they function, as tutored in school. When we think of Cameroon, let's think of a dictatorship. Thus, Frank Biya could be the next president. Sacrificing a handful of innocent Cameroonians, like his father has been doing, Frank can illegally ascend to power. However, that would be a hard thing to do, considering the amount of opposition with the CPDM itself. There are surely high ranking CPDM officials who are also vying for the presidency. That is only part of it. The Anglophones may get tough this time and oppose such a power transition with whatever it takes. Frank therefore doesn't stand a good chance. His only hope would be a strong military backing and I doubt military officials would rather let him take it instead. Let's all hope for a peaceful transition (not with Frank involved)and a better Cameroon. Personally, I don't think Frank is qualified to run that country. He may have a softer heart than his dad, but again, that's not all or what we want for our country.

I would prefer a Cameroon that consists of Francophones and Anglophones living in harmony. Unfortunately, the Francophones have shown that this would not be possible, at least not for the next 100 years. Not only does the President marginalize the Anglophones, but Francophones treat Anglophones as though they are second class citizens, even in the Anglophone zones. When a police commissioner read his speach in Mamfe (South West Region) in French (with less than 20% of the audience understanding him), the Divisional Officer (DO) shamefully expressed dissatisfaction. That DO was an Anglophone and could not bear it. He very well understand understood the speach, but felt for the audience that didn't. His criticism of that commissioner is an example of how Anglophone officials in government could at some point say ''enough is enough''! With all this, I sadly think Cameroonians would be better off dwelling apart, that is, exist in two seperate states; an Anglophone and a Francophone state. Anglophones try very hard to integrate in the Francophone zones by learning French, meanwhile the Francophones don't find it worthwhile to learn English even while living in the South West or the North West. So, let Cameroon disintegrate into two federal states, if not two separate countries. In that way, each group would be happier and there would be less oppression and discrimination.

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I read with great interest.Your article looks great! I love it.


The case of Cameroon is different from that of Togo and Gabon where the sons of former deceased leaders took over power. Frank Biya has never been interested in politics and has always kept himself away from the political field. Don’t expect him to reinvent himself all of a sudden into a politician and immediately lead the destiny of a whole nation.

Bleach Yellow

I would tend to agree, but when times are desperate, the kingmakers can be very persuasive. Did anyone know Did the current Present Assad, and eye doctor quietly pursuing his trade in the UK really expect to be recruited as president?


For all the years that President Paul Biya has been in power, his son Frank Biya has always been far away from the political scene and has not being involved in any political events. On the contrary, the sons of other Presidents like Bongo and Eyadema embarked on and grew in politics far back when their fathers were still alive. Frank Biya has never been interested in politics and that will not change today.

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