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Thursday, 12 August 2010


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cameroon .a country with no vision .we only thing on a dayly basis .how long shall it take us to understant in other to become a big football nation we most invest in our own coaches? i cant belive we are making the same mistakes for more than ten years and still cant realise .why cant we give BELL OMAM MBOMA THE CHANCE ?

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If you’re a regular reader or have attended any of my webcasts or live seminars you probably know of my passion for the technology now known as “scan and populate” --- I term I coined back in 2006 when the concept was first being developed.

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Hi! Welcome to Nourish and Flourish! My name is Sara, and I’m a 25-year-old graduate student who is passionate about food, fitness, compassionate living, and maintaining a healthy (fun!) lifestyle. Follow my adventures as I run, study, explore and play in the nation's capital! Questions or comments? Don't be shy! Shoot me an e-

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The council also passed a motion opposing a pending city ordinance that would make property owners liable for accidents on broken sidewalks and responsible for sidewalk maintenance. Los Angeles has a projected $320 million budget deficit and the sidewalk ordinance is one of several attempts to close the massive budget gap.

According to an April memo from William Robertson, director of the city's Bureau of Street Services, more than 40 percent of city sidewalks are in disrepair (about 4,600 miles out of 10,750 miles of sidewalks) and fixing them would cost $1.2 billion. The city has spent $95 million from its general fund from 2000 to 2009 to reconstruct about 550 miles of broken sidewalks, yet sidewalk damage during that period surpassed the amount that was fixed, the memo said.

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If authorities confirm this appointment, the 61 year old Spaniard will have the task of completing the renovation of the Cameroon squad initiated by his predecessor and qualifying the country to the Africa Cup of Nations in 2012.

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No, problem. Sorry I didn't respond earlier. I was wondering what your views were, because I don't know anyone who practices this model or has any interest/knowledge in it, so I can't really ask what they think; and I appreciate you answering my questions. Like you said it would benefit me to have my own projector but it would be very costly and a hassle.

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I travel out of Texas frequently and I must say the roads here are very, very nice for the most part. Sounds like some of you are spoiled...take a trip to some of the other states and you and your car will be glad to be back on Texas highways. With that said I do agree politics is killing our transportation department.

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Debate has been rife in Cameroon on whether to appoint a national or an expatriate at the helm of the team. The local media have urged the authorities to hand the job to a former national team great - suggesting the likes of Omam Biyick Patrick Mboma, Eugene Ekeke, Kunde Emmanuel and Joseph Antione Bell.

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I truly appreciate all your work furthermore providing plenty of worthwhile info for the audience.
I truly appreciate all your work furthermore providing plenty of worthwhile info for the audience.
I truly appreciate all your work furthermore providing plenty of worthwhile info for the audience.

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Thank you for posting the great content.I was looking for something like this.I found it quiet interesting, hopefully you will keep posting such blogs..Keep sharing

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Javier Clemente will be the head coach of Cameroon's national football team for the next two years,

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Nice one! Never thought of it. I used to add on delicious, but your idea is more better.

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