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Tuesday, 31 August 2010


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Ma Mary

Excellent, concise, elegant and totally easy to understand.

No wonder NAN described Mola as "the most dangerous man in Cameroun". Yes, most dangerous to thieves and annexationists, armed only with the truth and legality.

NAN, where are you?

Ma Mary

NAN is a commentator who also called himself Nji Ahmadou Njitam, perhaps the most intelligent frog. You frogs should trace him and make him your president, if you know what is good for you. We do not need him and we do not need you frogs.

Son of the Soil.

Mola Njoh litumbe, should be writing his memoirs instead of poking his nose on matters which do not concern him. His inability to fight for the Bakweri land explains in tandem his unpopularity among his folks.

This man I repeat is dangerous. His passport should be withdrawn. We shall find a way to fix him.Men like Litumbe who are walking corpses who have nothing to loose. He does not mind to ignite a civil war just because he lived an unproductive life. He cares less about the others.

I strongly believe the father of Litumbe was a Biafra. He studied there and is corrupt to the bone. Above all this man hates us his masters.

Ma Mary

Son of the Night soil, you are a bore.

Mola Njoh Litumbe is a great Southern Cameroonian. Touch one hair of his head if you truly want to ignite and accelerate this struggle.

Ma Mary

Another name for USofMinnesota, Fake Professor Ailing Dipocky is Son of the Nightsoil. He sits near Frogtown in St Paul writing rubbish. If anything happens to Mola Njoh, your flat frog ass will be deported back to your rubbish heap, after you spend hard time with Uncle Sam. Nyamfuka. We can find you anytime.

Professor Dr. Alain Dipoko.

Ma mary, you are just a jealous baboon like the rest of your peers who hate us. Go and drink your kwacha and snore and leave the business of governing Cameroon to us.

I campaigned passionately in june 2010 in Bamenda,Bali,Batibo,Kumbo,Wum,Mundemba,Limbe and Kumba. Where were you? I forgot you are illegal in the US and as such you cannot leave the country. Do not go to Arizona though.You shall be bundled and shipped to Ntarikon.

I advised the fons to shun people like Fru Ndi,Anyangwe,Elad,Ayamba, Mola Litumbe et al. We do not need to kill your Mola; he is already a corpse. He is touring the US trying to find a suitable eulogy when he is gone as the man who spoke out loud against his masters when the Fru Ndis dined with us at Etoudi.

We are letting a dead man walking to have his last wish. With his party of four members, he is not a threat as such but his pronouncements carry tons of lies and historical distortions to fools those day dreamers abraod like yourself.

Mallam Shehu

Njimafor of the Devil's Resistance Army, here is an old man touring the world to dish out his political views with panache. Where are you? Hiding and feeding fat on cocobiaco and fermented achu soup. Freedom fighting is not for gluttons and deserters.

Professor Dr. Alain Dipoko.


South westerners should not listen to people like Mola Litumbe who is a play thing in the hands of the Graffi people. When shall the south westerner learn?

Foncha, Muna, Fru Ndi fooled you like lambs going to the slaughter yet you never learn. Mola Litumbe is dying for cheap popularity among the people of Abakwa. This man is dumb and stupid. The Graffi people flooded his native Bakweri land and subjugated the Bakweri people to menial jobs in the CDC whereas no South westerner has ever held let alone gained employment of position in Ndu Tea Estates.

This Litumbe is suffering from dementia. The South West Chiefs Association should reign on this octegenerian to stop the circus. Dumb it. Litumbe is a tool.

Graffi people are lying in wait for a break-away that shall never happen to pounce on the unsuspecting stupid South westerners as they did when Foncha backstabbed Endeley and received massive French money to hand us the anglos. Where have your brains gone to? The parasitic blood sucking Bamenda man is upto no good. Let him go back to his barren land. Trust me this will never happen in my native land.

South westerner do not welcome Litumbe or contribute to his buffoonery. Accountants are people with reasonable foresight but Litumbe has none.

Sangoh Angoh

Lunacy of great proportion!! Professor Dr. Alain Dipoko, I would like to look at your examine PhD Dissertation, whatever you wrote.

Ma Mary

Ungrateful pinhead parading as ailing dipoker, that divide-and-rule tactic no longer works.

Ma Mary

Ailing Poker, I could not hate you. My family is from yonder, but I am now a Southern Cameroonian. It was a choice my parents made a long time ago. I do not waste my energy in hate. I actually love frogs, but I do not want their incompetent, corrupt asses ruling my country. I do not want their troops and police on our streets. Let us meet at the OAU and the UN as distinct entities.

Southern Cameroons shall be free and there is nothing you can do about it.

Fellow Southern Cameroonians, listen to the man of vision, Mola Njoh. Forget this bottom feeder pretending to be an empire builder. We work together, the faster we will achieve.


The man from Saint Michael, please the time for desperation is not yet at hand. Come again with your contrived bigotry when the armed Camerounese thugs begin their march out of the Southern Cameroons.

Give my best to lady S.


I can see the blood flowing. Rwanda will be "supporting". I hate to say it, but our true enemy is us. Who gains with such bad blood in peoples mouth. The living are called dead, even if you disagree with him. What is happening to us is frithening. We lack leaders, our country is corrupt, some are to blame, but nobody wants to accept the responsibility. It is about region, and tribe,brothers and sisters, girls and boys, sasse against lourdes, we need OUR LORD JESUS TO SAVE US FROM OURSELEVS. Why all this hate? Is it a failure of our education system? But even the educated, and high degree Cameroonians know no humility. I fear for Cameroon, yes i do.

Ma Mary

Jupits, with all respect to you, madam. What is your country? Is it the defunct Federal Republic of Cameroon, la Republique du Cameroun or the Southern Cameroons? I hope you are not one of those hiding your head in the sand while they despoil whatever of you is left outside. That is bad living, no matter how many times you say Lord, Lord or Jesus. The truth is what shall set us free and not self-delusion. On our part, we do not want to kill frogs. Frogs are killing us. So when you want to address genocide, talk to them. They have done genocide before. Just ask the Bamis. Just ask the Bassas if they care to remember the truth.

Mallam Shehu

Southern Cameroonians must unite first, that's the only remedy to our calamity. We're our greatest enemy. United we stand, divided we fall. The butcher is aware of this antagonism that's burning the last breath out of our lungs, that's why he'll always urinate on Southern Cameroonians with impunity.
This is the simple portion that can cure us without blood-sprinkling. Njimafor and Co., whether it pleases you or not, that's our reality.


At this time, i am a Cameroonian. I make no apology for answering that. We have lots of problems in the country. We all love the region we where born in, but non of us choose our parents or our country. Many people choose the easy way out to solving problems. I doubt if Southern Cameroon becomes independent, i will have the voice to speak, given that some of your comments and suggestions seem so intolerant as the one comming from Biya government. I have had this ambivalence about how anglophones in Cameroon can assert their rights as a minority in a larger republic. At one point i favored separation, but not with the violence and venom most of you profess, though i might not be completely immune to violence when it comes to defending the rights of my family to live and struggle to succeed in Cameroon. The problems in Cameroon is similar to most developing countries; bad governance, corruption, capital flight, dictatorship, no civil society, and above all a complete lack of private sector initiatives which is the engine of development. We can agree the later problem is not a government one. The anglopone problem is just part of the many problems we face, and it is my firm believe that we can solve our problems together as a country. What we need is commitment from the citizens to understand government, work in private sector and push our economy forward. What i will not accept is for anybody trying to foment trouble in the name of freeing southern cameroon.


The Willie Lynch Syndrome is alive and well!


Southern Cameroon is united. This imaginary antagonism is being created by paid agents of the butcher of etoudi, Paul Biya and La Republique.

Then you have low life ass holes of CPDM like Dipoko, Mollua and Shehu. These shallow minded individuals are Southern Camerronians who have opted to join the rougue regime of Paul Biya.

These people , Molloua, Dipoko and co are going by all sorts of screen names to derail the Southern Cameroon struggle for independencce. These selfish and greedy Southern Cameroonians prefer to dine with the butcher of etoudi, Paul Biya.

We are at the crossroads of history. Frogs must withdraw their army of occupation from Southern Cameroon voluntarily, or they will be ejected with fire.

This war is beeing fought from all angles, both covert and openly. Little minds like Allain Dipoko, Mallam Shehu, Entrepreneur, Limbekid can not stop this Southern Cameroon Armada. This is a crusade to wipe frogs from the face of Southern Cameroon.

Paul Biya, the aging gorilla of etoudi is dying slowly. This butcher will continue to soak blood from us, even on a respirator or through traitors from Southern Cameroon like Mallam Shehu, Mollua and Dipoko.

Finally, ailing Dipoko, watch your tongue, we can strike with precision anywhere on earth.


... and unless Paul Biya, the butcher of etoudi and all other frogs of La Republique withdraw from Suthern Cameroon, the blood flow that awaits Cameroon will make Rwanda look like a joke.

We of Southern Cameroon have been deprived for so long, and we have nothing to loose.
We refuse to pick bread crumps from the floor of frogs,like Dipoko, Mollua and Mallam Shehu. Frogs can never correct the wrong they continue to do us.


Mr. Dipoko,
some of our brethren ran away from u and La Republique to seek feedom. U have have chosen to leave Cameroon and follow them there and continue to throw insults at Southern Cameroonians. This is becoming personal. Consider this a warning with dire consequencies if u do not stop.

Return here to Cameroon and insult us. There in America, home of La Costa Nostra, u are playing with fire.

Mallam Shehu

Deserteur Njimafor, in Hitler's day, deserters and traitors like you were made to acquaint themselves with the tightness of the rope. If you so much love SC, why did you run away to the US, where you keep on telling lies about your insecurity in Cameroon? Like I've promised you before, we shall peel your skin-off. Coward!


Some of you claim anglophone Cameroonians have been deprived of something. Whats really that deprivation? Our problem is not a unique one in Cameroon. The problems anglophone Cameroonians face mirrors the same problem the entire country faces, and even the entire African continent faces. We must be honest when discussing in a public forum the troubles in Cameroon. Yes, our roads are bad, were else in the country are they better. Fair minded anglophones will agree that the Biya government must try to open up government, solve festering problems like road infrastructure, kick out corruption, and hold free and fair elections. A time will come were sufficient numbers of Cameroonians will be truely educated, we will all participate in public services. How many of you anglophone Cameroonians who wish to seceede from the larger Cameroon has ever acknowledge one good thing Biya and his government has done for us? Nobody. But i hear in group discussions in europe, America how Cameroonians are proud of the high literacy rate in Cameroon more than other African countries. The truth is this is one area were i am proud of Biya. He has done all in his power to open up chances for enclaves in Cameroon to have a public school. I am a proud product of that public service offered by people trained in Cameroon. This is not to say i wish Biya to continue in perpetuity in government. This is not to say, he has not helped in many areas. If we are honest with ourselves we must acknowledge that the anglophone problem is not unique. Take the case of Douala a francophone zone, how good are the roads or infrastructre?. The problems anglophones face is similar to the problems francophones face. What we must do in my view, is not to clamour for seccession, but to engage in pubic service, work hard to give back in our own way to help in development. The story of fighting and destruction will in my view set back the hands of development. The world is not interested in conflicts anymore. Remember america said, they have no strategic interest in Rwanda which is why they aloud hutus to murder 800,000 tutsis.


That is the problem with alcohol and mind altering drugs.

Let us drink, get drunk and be satisfied with the status quo. The butcher knows that and he is using it to calm the masses.

Mallam, i have to train and equip this new breed of fighters to face the butcher, Paul Biya. That does involve some travelling.

Like Paul Biya, u are brain dead and living in a false paradise with a false sense of security.

Death to Paul Biya and La Republique. The butchers days are numbered. Our Crusaders will smoke all frogs from every hole in Southern Cameroon. We will use chuku chuku stick to insert in the penis of traitors like Mallam shehu, and give them time to describe their appetite. We will then pill out the stick and leave the thorns in place.

Water and gasoline does not mix.


Nationalism (jingoism) truelly is the bane of the proleteriat struggle: African dictators divert the attention of the masses by identifying the common enemy...Western colonialists; in the industrialised world today, the elite and working class have found a bogeyman in ...the immigrant; and in Cameroon, blue and white colar Anglophones have a common foe... the Francophone.

So establishment stalwarts of yesteryear (Muna, Foncha...) rush to share the plight of the common man, in their twilight years.

Before anyone rants about the status quo, ask yourself: have you influence-peddled? Have you given or received a bribe (big or small)? Have you been helped to "jump a queue"? Have you sexually harassed a famale underling or student? Have benefitted from government largesse (government sponsorship)? If you have then, you are also part of the problem.

Mallam Shehu

Go ahead with your soldier ant hit and run army, wishful thinking! If you had a clue of what a war is all about, you'll surely bite your tongue while expressing such anecdotal rantings.
From where you're right now, it's just abt 7hrs away from home with the new Airbus. You keep on chanting as if you were dwelling on Mars or on Jupiter man. Stop transforming a legitimate claim into a Kindergarten fairy tale Njimafor. Entrepreneur and myself have challenged you to move to the center of action and prove your worth. In the absence of a proof, please stop squeaking like a rusted hinge and accept your desolation.
SC must unite with itself within a united La Republique. That is the only sine qua non way wherein peace and progress can be achieved in the long-run in Cameroon. Anything short of that of that, would come with its own luggage that will be heavier than any of the burdens we have ever experienced. Before you rashly proclaim the downfall of the old regime through your utopic resistance army, you should not forget to think about the pitfalls of the in-coming regime.
If you think breaking away just suits your needs, you are astray Njimafor. Assuming it were to happen the way you do so nourish, SW and NW will no sooner want a break-away from one another, and within NW/SW similar break-away demands will ensue. Just take a second and imagine such a scenario. Also image how wide the river of blood is going to be before dust shall finally settle down.
Open your eyes Njimafor, wake-up from your intellectual coma and see clearly.


There is no need for all this anger. Mola Njoh's message is quite rational and straightforward as well as peaceful and should be taken in that spirit.

A P Geofrey

First of all Alain my ass is a pig and good for nothing fool. He is not even a university graduate talk less of being a proffesor. Well all i want to say is that we should learn how to be tolerant and forgiving that is one of the values that today elevates Mandela as one of the greatest in Africa and history. We should learn from him and from there we shall make a positive break through.

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