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Saturday, 14 August 2010


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Dr Vankunta,

I have often pondered whether victimhood status is in the mindset or a question of minority in numbers. I am rather peplexed, as this article is reminiscent of Innocent Chia`s "Let My People Go", in which he sites the Jews as the quintescential example of a people who released themselves from the shackles of despair. I find this intriguing, as this community has developed from one of the most despised (they still are) to one of the most influential, especially in the USA. So I ask myself, how does an ethnic group which constitutes less than 1% of the population, hold sway over key sectors (finance and media), in the world`s superpower? By developing sectors which require unique talent. At the turn of the century, five of the big six film studios were founded or led by Jews. Today those studios have transformed into media giants (News Corps, Paramount Pictures, Warner Brothers, CBS Corp, MGM, NBC Universal) which can sway public opinion worldwide. I wonder aloud, if Blaise Pascal Talla, Pius Njawe (late), Severin Tchounkeu (individuals with no formal journalistic training), can conceive media empires, why not Dr Vakunta, Innocent Chia, Julius Wamey, Eric Chinje? Why should our ambitions be limited to Chef de Service in some bloated administration. Sometimes ostracism can be your saving grace: Jews became money lenders because Christendom frowned on the imposition of interest, those lenders eventually transformed into financial behemoths (Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, Goldman Sachs...), with financial clout which some nations can only dream of.

Maybe it`s time we rethink our strategy and strive to develop organically. For too long we have focused on territory (ministerial portfolios, administrative posts...) and ignored content. When was the last time a Cameroonian (let alone Anglophone) won a international literary prize. Instead of grooming kids to look up to ENAM, ENS, IRIC...we should encourage them to be writters, film makers, painters, independent thinkers. Let`s leave Francophones with their "grandes ecoles", it is a dead end.

If we want to copy Anglo-Saxon culture let`s do so wholesomely. Anglo-Saxons have always been free willing capitalists, that is why some of the most important inventions emanate from the Anglo-Saxon sphere.

It`s time we take over our destiny instead of allowing others hijack it by reminiscing over the past. Steven Spielberg would not have regaled us with his amazing movies if he spent the rest of his life weeping over the holocaust. We need to start engaging in REAL issues. We need to be more strategic and systematic. For the time being I`m all for a development fund for budding Anglophone talent, in the fine arts, engineering, music and sports.

Mallam Shehu

Sometimes in my hours of folly, I wonder why we Anglophones seem to underestimate or suppress a greater problem that's even more cancerous than the problem with La République, graffi VS Sawa.

I've sojourned on both sides of the aisle for quite long, and what I've come to experience among these two folks vis-à-vis one another, is horrifying. There is no way these two folks can ever come together to fight in a common front, even Dr. Eugen Zintgraff, centuries ago, had already recognised this hostile atmosphere while travelling from parts of present day Manyu Region moving up North through the Northwest Region. The antagonism and barbarity that exist between these two folks will never pave way for a united voice of the Anglophone. Let's forget the secessionist approach once and for all, even if it were to happen as we do nourish, we'll kill ourselves before ever reaping any fruits.

That's exactly the reason why the previous and current governments have always had peace of mind when it comes to the Anglophone issue. They're quite versed on the animosity that exists between these two folks, and they know quite well that these two folks can never come together in order to orchestrate a rebellion: or cause chaos, or threaten the stability of the nation as a whole.

Personally, as a layman, I would advocate that we freeze the secessionist stance awhile and be more active, with the least means available, in creating a self-consciousness for ourselves. Limbekid talks of arts, engineering, music, sports etc., as possible remedy. This is already a good point from where to start with our self-consciousness development. Once we become self-conscious/reliant, we shall even forget about secession through violence and silly ideas of the sort.

The blank spaces, in terms of socio-economic development, that La République has consciously left unfilled in the Anglophone regions, can be filled in by us, we're capable of that, for that I have no doubts.

We've all seen how the Igbos have developed their regions without lamenting or waiting on Manna to fall from the federal government. Anglophones should wake up and engage in what I'll call 'ACTION PERSONNELLE', let's cut and curb our coats according to our body and let us stop dreaming of ever getting help from a haggard-tailor, who's not even cognizant of our existence.


I think it is extremely important that we never lose sight of our ultimate objective: an improved lifestyle for Anglophones. We should not make the mistake of assuming this could be achieved solely by physical separation for Francophones. They may be the masters today, but in this globalised world there are many other potential masters waiting for the opportunity (IMF, World Bank, multinationals...), that is why developing capacity to survive is in my opinion a more pressing priority than territorial separation.

Jolene Cartwright

Mallam Shehu, you are really a lay person, advance
by reading more and talk to people of experience, who know the anglophone problem very well. There is no problem between grafi and sawa it must be in your head or you have been brainwashed. We have lived together for years without any problems, no wars, no human rights violation, no corruption, fair elections. I have never heard of a NorthWest tribe attacking a SouthWest tribe.Look at Bamilike, nordistes, ewondo, bulu, beti, eton, do you see more problems there? (marquisard, rings a bell.Finaally it is SEPARATION not secession ok.


Gentlemen, the angels of sorrow hovers over the land for more than 50yrs today,some of us seems to assert the fact we are the perpetrators of these evil. Infact am stunned by the fact that even with the rising political consciousness, global consciousness some of our brothers still cannot figure out that Anglophone Cameroon could eventually become a paradise in the course of separation. Brother mallam Shehu all my life i have worked lived with my brothers from South West of Cameroon.

I served in the public service for 9yrs and i can tell you my brothers we are treated as second class citizen. This is one reason i resign from Sonel.

Most of my friends are married from Mamfe, Kumba,Buea.There is absolutely no problem between South West and North West.Only CPDM bootlickers in South West and North West will dare use fake ammunitions to preach dirty politics. The writing is clearly written on the wall the Francophones are pretending just to exploite petrol, diamond,Forest,etc. It will never work.However i strongly believe with a firm constitution we could build a better Southern Cameroons.

Mallam Shehu

Jolene Njimafor, do you know what happened to my Uncle from Abakwa who married a Kumba girl? He was banished. Philosophy for yourself on the why he was banished? Come on! don't play the hypocrite here man, we all know deep down our souls the love we hold for one another, and I am not going to lecture you on that. However, I would simply beg you to remove your sunglasses, so you may see clearly. If possible, also endeavour to retrieve your in the-mud-stuck-cone-head and see the light.

Bob Bristol

Limbekid, I must confess I like your style of putting your arguments. But this doesn't mean I buy one bit of what you've just scripted. You know why? Because French Cameroonians have always thought that the economic progress of Southern Cameroonians poses a threat to the political stability of that "nation". They've done everything to keep the people in penury. If this is not a fact, then argue me out logically.


Your uncle was kicked out of Abakwa because he was a thief and orchestrated many break ins in Abakwa market. It had nothing to do with the fact that he married a Kumba girl.

I do not think you have any morals or values. You are such a psychotic liar, and twister of thruths, you will for sure rot in hell.

Even amoongst siblings from the same womb and same father, there are differences. For you to exploit that sibling rivalry between North West and South West to make your case to support the Status quo is pathetic.

Cameroon is where it is today because of folks like Paul Biya, Mallam Shehu, Allain Dipoko and Limbekid. People with no vision for themselves or Cameroon. These people are enemies to Society and Progress.

The time is coming, we will use razor blades to remove their epidermis.

Mallam Shehu

Njimafor, put a halt to your ceaseless lamentations and open your eyes. You're a purblind tragic figure. I've challenged you many times to wake up from your slumber; we're living in a new dawn, there is no room for nocturnal blind bats like you. Take some respite from your darkness, and enjoy the magnificence of broad day light Field Marshall.

For how long shall you watch your precious life fritter as you deliberately lie dormant in a living coma of ignorance and imbecility? Your yearning and last kick of a dying horse to the butcher proves nothing but your nemesis. Wake up brother and live the true meaning of your Self; throw your outdated creed to where it belongs, the garbage bag.


i have often wonder brothers .are we anglophones francophones or africans ?i keep wondering how long it would take us to understand this divide and rule system is holding us behind .can we realy develope with a foreing languadge?will africa make it with the colonial system in place? .my personal conviction is we need to rethink the system of rule in nearly all african countries maybe bothswana apart.

Mallam Shehu

Field Marshall Njimafor,
The butcher shall hilariously be received in Abakwa soon, place of birth of the CPDM. Looking forward to seeing one of your Molotovs explode on TV soon. Toothless Ngong Dog.

Kango Elemu Mimbo

Mallam Shehu, you are fooling nobody. Southern Cameroons forever.


He is fooling himself. That is the world he lives in, masturbation and self gratification. What an excellent student of Paul Biya, the butcher of etoudi.

The guy is called Mallam Shehu, what do u expect from the bastard.

Justin Bieber Supra

I travel out of Texas frequently and I must say the roads here are very, very nice for the most part. Sounds like some of you are spoiled...take a trip to some of the other states and you and your car will be glad to be back on Texas highways. With that said I do agree politics is killing our transportation department.

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