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Tuesday, 07 September 2010


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Vote or no vote their will not be any changes. I will vote for the freedom of Ambazonia.

Man no run

Soldier ant Njimafor, the butcher has flown to Europe to recycle his blood cells. The coast is now clear for a take-over, hope I see your soldier ant army marching to occupy the marble palace in Etoudi soon.

A P Geofrey

If the lion man doesn't want to leave power and we all know very well that he doesn't is not registering massively that will stop him. It will maybe only help to make things a little more difficult for him that I agree but to think that it will actually stop him is to under-estimate the king and his bad intensions for his kingdom Cameroon.


Aloys,i thought you could be at a better position and far intelligent in analysing the political atmosphere in Cameroon. Infact your piece confirms the big fact that we are not ready for any change in Cameroon. Who is fooling who? CPDM or SDF?

In 2008 Paul single handedly ammended article 6 sub 2 of the constitution and went free with it. Secondly he invited the french prime Minister in Yaounde to renew a military pact, Cameroonians folded thier arms. Take it or you leave it,that was the beginning of the rigging, Registration or voter aparthy nothing will change.

Hey,Cameroonians if we go back to analyse the 11 points advanced by SDF as conditions for a free fair election in Cameroon we will certainly see some facts why we should not bother to register.

You cannot be a team player and suddenly resign and declare your neutrality just to come back a match delegate in that same team who will not favour your team?

Aloys, the body composition of Elecam is a CPDM polit-Bureau party issue, how can you persuade Cameroonians to have faith and confidence in these traitors?

Voter Registered was supposed to be opened in january it never happened reasons being that, there was no sufficient funding for the Independent Elecam,this is all bulshit, a board that is supposed to be independent Politically, Finanacially.

Voters materials are still being supplied through the governors office which is an indication that Minate is still highly involved in the organisation of elections in Cameroon.

Section 3 Sub 1 and 2 of the general provision of Elecam states that members shall not be prosecuted, arrested, investigated in performing their duties, Aloys its all a sham.

I have personally participated in almost all the fake election orgainised by paul Biya and will state with a fair degree of certainty that only the barrel of a gun will move paul biya at his present position.

Cameroonians if we love Cameroon then we must rise up as one man go on to the streets and never come back home until change is register. The language Paul understands is violence and nothing else. when it shall happened Southern Cameroons will break away with greater effussiveness. aloys A. who is fooling who?

A P Geofrey

Agreed totaly. But I thin the king is already getting to his grave and it might be useless to sacrifice innocent lives now. We will take over our country when his father the devil must have called him to rest in hell and burn eternaly and from his burning flame he shall watch us gear our beloved nation to prosperity.

English taobao

I just get all worked up , and I stew around!



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