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Thursday, 23 September 2010


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Bob Bristol

If scamming could be used as a tool to recover the little leftovers of modern day neocolonial exploitation, if it could be used to target the unquenchable greed of most African politicians, then it could have been an unreasonable but a logical means to survive in an area where the odds are high. But then, these idiots would scam even their fellow victims. And worst still, they steal when they run short of cash, which less than 1 in 10 can use to ameliorate their lives and those of their immediate families.


This internet mafia thing that people complain of even the whites and so on, has any of you out there know the type of scamming white people do? we learned these things from them. we are getting alarming in the thing due to our black race. if white man touch you here you no go believe and you no go take e any where. this cameroon thing de so make wonna no di waste wonna time. if the scamming thing has to end then the so called interpols weh i di hear say na another form of scamming
weh government don introducam for cameroon for harrase people in the name of scamming make you buy your head commot for police get to start stop the scamming from the above beginning from wonna Pa for big compound yaounde. na he fit make cameroonian their conscience try
change small for di scamming around. the contry don spoil, people are no where to be found, the government is a disgrace, police authorities are now using their jobs to scam because they know no one can arrest them. i know of one guy arrested in yaounde because is scammed a lady from the US who forwarded a complain at the american embassy. the guy got arrested and jailed for investigation. the police commissioner who was in charge always take the guy out to his home let the guy show him how to scam. the day the police commissioner scammed his first 1000$ he released the guy over night and gave him extra 100$ to take transport back to his home town (i dont want to call it). so this thing is part of the nation and every body does it. scamming is not only selling of pets and so on. even government di scam people too very well. i am also sure wonna president is selling dogs at his compound, if you bet me ask his internet provider or he should give 1 good reason why is he insisting on that chair for 28 years doing nothing, he should be afraid of interpol also to stop his mafia business if he steps down. the people voting at the parliament to impliment interpol to fight against cyber crimes why do they not also vote at the paliament to change the government? they sit there and steel theirs, when poor educated people want to take even not from the country itself they are angry. i pitty the people giving thanks to the cameroon police. when all the scammers are arrested it will be the police that will go on with the scamming and i will see who you will report them to. small football di pass wonna. wonna mami pima them.


Got that Earnest Mollua and Allain Dipoko.


The day of reckoning is around the corner, we will throw Paul Biya, Allain Dipoko and Earnest Mollua behind bars and in shackles for scamming La Republique and Southern Cameroons.


Some of these names are of people i Know and were my school mate, Last year when i went back home, i even saw them OMG i cannot beleive hey r doing his, One of them Approsched me few months ago to help him post up some add somewhere, I said no and he said he cld use my address..... OMG OMG, if this people need to be caught, i know exactly where to find some of them.

Ngum Anthony

Scamming is the consequence of education for unemployment in these Biya years. Young men with farming experience, would not be involved in these activities. They would be planting, weeding and harvesting on Cameroon's fertile lands. Instead they have an education, no farming experience and no jobs. What does society expect? They cannot live in a vacuum.


Their names are as fake as their occupation.

Mallam Shehu

Where in this list is Njimafor to be found? Anyway, I guess the Ayafor name should be Njimafor. Keep fooling yourself, you can run, but you can never hide. Chop lick plate!


There is no reason what so ever why some of our brothers should do what they are doing!
Evil, sin, stealing etc is what it is no matter the excuses that can be given for them.
Biya or who ever you claim to be responsible for this scams has never sent any Cameroonian to be a scammer and scammers will remain Scammers even if Franklin R or B Obama was the president of Cameroon!!
Anti Fraud please get them all. There are still about 500 more out there.


Stop being a preacher.
There are many ways to ask somebody to do something.


Well Maria, I am not a preacher but doing what is wrong has no excuse! Look at the way honest Cameroonians are being looked at or treated abroad because of these scumb bags call scammers. All every Cameroonian is being screen again and again and looked at with skeptism because of what these scammers do!
Good Luck to Anti Fraud!!


i am scammed of som one in camerom of $1700 and more please,help me to return my money from him i will send you my copies about the sent money,i an from palistine
hans derrik (
Sent: Thu 2/04/10 2:07 PM
1 attachment
scarlet m...jpg (63.2 KB)

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Bank. Eco bank .Limbe.Cameroon /
A/c NO .10029-00025-01011665094-11
Add.mile4 .Limbe.SWR.Cameroon.

Waiting your confirmation.
Regards .
Mr Hans derrick

Subject: RE:
Date: Sun, 7 Feb 2010 12:37:11 +0000

Hello Mr friends .It ok that why i earlier cold tell you western onion could be better for that small money which also will be fast .Because it good this macaw live to you immediately because we have lots of supply & can sell them all before time. It just that i really love helping you have this parrot OK,.So i subtest you send the money through western onion which will be OK with that .Send the money to my cashier name .

Cashier details below:

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Zip Code…0237


Question: When


As soon as you send the money send the mtcn and money transfer
details for confirmation and don’t forget to send your full address
this is from alibab you can see
the same he sent from his direct email
Subject: Re:I'm interested in your macaw
Re:I'm interested in your macaw
Re:I'm interested in your macaw
I'm interested in your macaw
From: Mr peter albert
Date: Wed, Feb 03 2010 11:26:24 (GMT-8)

Hi Mr Ms LALIA DAUOD .Thanks for your request.Yes to send you a mail macaw will cost you $1000 for taxes & shipping cost to arrive Palestinian Territory it will take us just 2 days for your delivery to arrive you .With your full delivery address & you shall send the money to our full company account ,Bellow the bank detail you will be making the transfer in to.

Bank. Eco bank .Limbe.Cameroon /
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Manga Williams ave. Limbe.
South west region.
Republic of .Cameroon.
Bp 220.Limbe.
Immediately you make the payment we shall arrange for your delivery immediately .please get back to us directly to our Email address. )
Waiting for your respond.
Best regards

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Sender's Contact Details
Name: Mr peter albert Offline
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this is anew email on my alibaba box
read the date its new

Mr peter albert
Subject: Re:parrots
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Message Origin:Cameroon aims to provide you with accurate Sender Details. However, we are not able to fully guarantee the accuracy of every Sender's IP and registration details. is neither responsible nor liable for any of the above information.

Sender's Contact Details
Name: Mr peter albert Offline
Company: roral pet sons lmt
Address: gardens limbe, limbe, south west
Country/Region: Cameroon
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Subject: RE:
Date: Thu, 4 Feb 2010 11:10:23 +0200

i am very sorry i has no big mony iam loocking for a cheep one what shall i do i can pay for the one 150$ with shipping and taxies we are very poor people in palistine my relative will think that i am craesy if they knew am buying a parrot with this big mony if you can send pictuers for the parrotes you have i will be happy seeing it on photoes


Listen, this is total bull shit. Europeans and the west have been scamming africans and their resources for years now. What this guys/girls are doing is no different from what they did to Africa. Never heard for names/companies being listed in the open. This is a comprensive strategy to tarnish a developing state and even more a group (mainly anglophones). What pises me off is that fact that Cameroonians and Cameroon media are the ones even spreading this information more. Please stop and it will go aware.
I am no scammer - just someone that believes in protecting the image of his country. Chinese, Malaysians, Indonesians and in general people from the Far East are the most scammers in the world.
By the way - a scammer only scams a greedy person. Why this the girl in the story interested in someone she's just met on internet that leaves so far away. She is looking for a black guy to treat as a they all do in US/Europe...etc Idoit....


Hmmm, Fred from your post it seems you are one of them. In my opinion this message should be spread as much as possible. I think the whole world should help law enforcement officers to apprehend all those involve in this scam. That will help us have a pure society. By trying to stop them from being rooted out their evil will continue and the image of our country will continue to be tanished.
If you have the emails, names Identities of any one involve in the scam please send it to Anti Fraud and by so doing they will get all of them. After that Cameroon and Cameroonians can enjoy the trust they once enjoyed.
Good Luck Anti Fraud!!!


whose image are you people protecting your country , ,paul biya ,george bush or the french gov' your eyes and be wise.if you stop scammers ,you've not even started with your ideas of eliminating fraud,bcos scam is not the beginning and will never be the end.


Annemarie, thank you. Let us start with the original scammers: colonizers, their beneficiaries etc etc


Oh gosh,here we go again with Ignorance.Hey people this scamming fraud is a two way thing.How dumb are you to get fooled by those glorious offers.Most of them sound sooo dumb and unimaginable.Only greed can lead anyone to such a doom.

Come to think of it,who isn't s fraud anyway.We re all frauds in our on different ways.Block the target and the offence becomes usless.Develope your minds,brains and stop laying blames .Those guys are merely doing a job like everyone in his/her office.Those little files you play with.Did anyone see you...guess not???so then You are not a fraud"???

I'm in no way supporting criminal act,but what can you do when eveil is evident...self more and be contented with the little you got.

Dont fall prey cos of greed.I wont blame the scammers but laugh at their victims.

Va Boy

The colonizers and slavers stole entire countries and owned whole chiefs and some of you justify these pathetic act as an appropriate response?

Trust is the basis of legitimate business, because legitimate business craves long term relationships. Scam artists undermine legitimate businesses in a country. These boys are wasting their imaginations.


True, but these are the victims of a failed regime and gross ineffectiveness of Paul Biya, the butcher of etoudi.

Rather than rush to throw them in Kondengui, La Republique has done nothing to provide jobs and opportunities to feed themselves and their families.

We do not support any type of scaming, however this is the result of 28 years of failed leadership by Paul Biya, the butcher of etoudi.

It is easy to critize from Europe, Asia and the Americas.
For over 80% of Cameroonians,life here is hell on earth. Please go easy when blaming these victims.


Its good to hear people from who live in cameroon and go through the daily sufferings also speak as well. Those of us resident out of the country and some stupid foriegners can easily critize. I call it plain ignorance. Take sometime off and visit cameroon to see the bigger picture...then u will understand. I hear someone said...start with scammers, then colonisers....etc. Get a life!!

A P Geofrey

Well I am not in the support of any kind of illegal act be it scamming or what ever. But also I hardly look at a situation from a one sided point of view or throw blames randomly. Right now my concern is just about the names listed above. Are you sure these are not just names taken from the girls face book page? Are you sure all these guys and their names were investigated before listed above? That is what worries me right now.
I wrote a blog post on my blog about scamming as well, but it's just a warning for those who are lured by the promise of easy cash and greed. To read the post you can click on my screen name (A P Geofrey) you will be redirected to my blog page.


Why do the moderators of this site leave comments like that by 'no reply' up? if you are worried about the image of your country, your poor English and backward mentality displayed on the internet for all to see, do more to destroy it than any politician! its time to stop pointing the finger at colonial masters, USA was colonised too but is the Number One nation in the world now!stop blaming poverty for dishonesty, NONE of the boys on that list are scamming to pay school fees or set up a company and go legit!A thief is a thief, for whatever the same way that a corrupt person will tell you he steals so as to assure the lives of his children! Congratulations to AntiFraud International, two thumbs up!


It is nice and encouraging to read comments such as those of Frank and Tiki, who have hit the problem on the spot. Poverty doesn't excuse scamming and if these kids really are doing this to pay school fees or feed their families, please explain the numerous pictures that have been found that are quite eloquent as to their lifestyles. Furthermore, who could even think of "feeding his family" on the back of another? Do any of you have an idea as to how many victims have been left penniless after being scammed! 419 is NOT a game, it's a crime.

lone wolf

Again we see some people blame the people of other countries as an excuse for scamming and in particular the "white" man. Tell me scammers, how then do you explain your scamming of your fellow countrymen and women? Tell me how it is payback to the white man when you steal the food out of starving AFRICAN children with your orphan scams. Well done anti-fraud international and it is great to see some scammers on the run.

che bobo-peter

i am sick and tired.....internet should be stopped!!

ewumbua carl

the person that used my should be very care full because when i fined out he or she will pay for it.carl

rocky bb

why cant u all mind ur business.yes scammers are doing a bad job we all kn.why are u fast are judging others wen u are not the least better?u guys spend ur time in ur offices stealing big time then u come judge scammers.what a shame.if u kn in ur life u have not done any evil keep judging them ok.what rubbish

cheap supra shoes

USA was colonised too but is the Number One nation in the world now!stop blaming poverty for dishonesty, NONE of the boys on that list are scamming to pay school fees or set up a company and go legit!

kent wall

RE: Inquiry from Tranquility
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Christian Louboutin Outlet

I am glad you are in the place where you can use your gifts. Your story sounds very similar to mine. I have had a blast these last 18 months. I am tired but very fulfilled and know that i am doing what God created me to do. Thanks for sharing and know that I am praying for you in your time of transition. Always available if you need to talk with another camp guy. Change is great.

Matt @ The Sponsoring System

I heard a great story of a guy who actually got the scammers to send him money. He made up some excuse about needing $20 bucks to take a cab to the bank to transfer the money or something and the scammers actually sent the $20 in the hopes of getting much more than that when the guy got to the bank :)

Justin Bieber Supra

I've seen the opposite, where parents put their kids into private school kindergarten to get them in a year earlier than the school district would have allowed them. This ended up with a six year old in my second grade class. She wasn't ready.

It really is something that should be considered on an individual basis. My sister was eligible for kindergarten based on her birthday when we lived in California, but when we moved, she ended up being more than a year younger than her classmates for the rest of her schooling. My mom wishes that she had kept her out another year.

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