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Sunday, 19 September 2010


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I recommend this link for further information on the former British Southern Cameroons:

Ewane Innocent

I read in Agendia's blog that the article is boring.I do not think there is anything boring or lame about the article. The author has been very clear. The SCNC guys either unite or forget about it. Anlophones cannot be seeking independence in such dispersed ranks.
Kudos to this great article and great site. Cameroonians are fond of insulting people when they have different opinions from theirs.

How many of you have used the SCNC to get asylum? How much do you contribute to the cause. Please Mr. Agendia, i do know you but your works are great. You are a heck of an intelligent guy. Cameroon needs many people like you. Keep up please.

Va Boy

Tagro, thanks for the link. It is very useful. Get a hold of the recent presentations by Mola Njoh and load them there as well.

Just as a matter of historical fact, many recent "seccessions" have occured peacefully in the history of the world. There have been many "seccessions" in the last 20 years, and most of them did not result in war. Some did

The Southern Cameroons is one of those that could happen without armed struggle. I differ with the erudite Dr Susungi on that one.

The steps that the SCNC and SCAPO are taking of establishing the legal basis is an important first step in the process.

Agendia is a smart young man, but has clearly not studied the history of liberation movements. There is always quarreling, argument and debate within liberation movements, and they almost always end up achieving their goals. It does not mean they are disunited. They differ about the details. They are unanimous about liberation and independence and they keep dialoguing with each other.

I hanged out with members of liberation movements from Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Angola and South Africa in the 70s and 80s. I tell you there was never unanimity about the details.

Va Boy

One more thing. Agendia, always say "The Southern Cameroons" and not "Southern Cameroon". it is not the same thing.


Why write about some thing you know nothing about.Do you really think that Southern Cameroons and the various freedom movements there are Secessionist?Go do some ore research before you come out here and write rubbish.I didn't have time to read your article through cos' of the opening sentence that says secessionist.It must be a boring article and nothing to learn from it,total trash.Shame on you,and you say you are from Southern Cameroons.What a disgrace.

Nike Air Max 95

Hi. I am agree with you what you said in you blog. I feel it touched me inside. In our day life such thing hapen often, So we must learn something when we used. And thank you very much.

Kelvin Ross

Who ever has written this trash is simply a Susungi protagonist who have either eaten "soya" or are positioning themselves to eat "soya" in the event of the ACHPR proposed dialogue between the Southern Cameroons & La republique du cameroun. For ur information Secession is when an integral entity of a nation (ethnic group) is threatening to leave the whole and not when a former UN trust territory struggles to restore itself after a false union they got into with a dishonest, brutal and whimsical neighbour collapses. Do ur assignment well and re-write this rubbish if u really want to be noticed as u are seeking for one.

Ma Mary

This is called drive by education about the movement. You swoop into one of many debates and come to a conclusion. Stick around and learn. Dr Susungi is a controversial figure within the movement, noted for not having conviction and always changing positions, a professional devils advocate, as it were. If that is your model, I am sorry, because it means you are easily swayed by people with a honey tongue or a sweet pen. You cannot learn anything by witnessing one debate. Do you have any stake in this? Why do you look at it as an outsider would?

Moh Feungoh

Mr. Agendia claims that SCians blame him when he writes anything that is contrary to their viewpoint. Yes! what does he expect when he fails to be objective but rather continues to play the role of a detractor by misinforming the public as he does in this article above? Is he honest in calling SCNC a secessionist movement? Who honestly is the secessionist? LRC that opted out of the union in 1984 or Southern Cameroonians who are only struggling to assert their divine right to self-determination expressively recognized by international Law? How does he expect to be free from blame when he takes such a prejudicial stand against SCNC and deliberately misinforms the public on such a delicate issue like this one? Agenda, you need to grow up and be objective if you hope to earn the respect reserved for true journalists.
Moh F.


I just hope the author has not been speaking and dealing with low lifes and paid traitors like Earnest Mollua, Allain Dipoko and Mallam Shehu. Paul Biya and these traitors have a pact with the devil and rendez vous in hell.

It is easy to fall prey to corruption and Belly politics like Pa Fru Ndeh, Allain Dipoko and Earnest Mollua have done.

We will take this fight against Paul Biya the Butcher of etoudi till the end. This butcher will find no rest in his tomb or in hell.

Va Boy

Bringing up the hyped up Northwest/Southwest divide is like somebody who refuses to take treatment for cancer because he has a little headache.


There is no Northwest/Southwest divide. Paid spies like Dipoko and Mollua are using this sibbling rivalry that happens in any succesfull family to divert attention from the truth.
Paul Biya with his very corrupt and ineffecient Mafia style political party called CPDM will do anything to divide and seperate us.
Show me the statistical survey that Mollua, Dipoko or Biya conducted, including your n and we will go from there. This is directed at bone head Mallam Shehu. If we cure the Cancer, the headache will go away.
The kind of cancerous cells that have grown thus far can not be cured by radiation or chemo.,only surgical excision.

Mallam Shehu

Toothless bulldog-Njimafor, rest assured, you can bang and bash Popol/CPDM as you do so wish. I can even help you in that, but for advocating the mass murder of innocent Cameroonians, my cancerous bone head shall keeping beating sense into your cone head.
Cowardice can never be cured, and on that regard, you're doomed for perpetuity.
By the way, since when did gluttons orchestrate an amphibious attack in the name of freedom fighting? Stop fooling yourself, a day of guerilla warfare in the jungle, shall make you love the United Republic of Cameroon. Langa throat!
NB: Hope you attended the party Popol organised in New York, with so much food cooked, I can bet you were there.

Mallam Shehu

Njimaforgirl, did you catch a food poisoning in NY? It is very easy to make gluttons swap sides and jersey, one just needs to cook some good Achu or Ero, and cloned freedom fighters like Njimafor will swear by Jehovah that they have always been of the CPDM party. Chop die!


Like Paul Biya and La Republique, u are overly infatuated with greed and gluttons, biting more than u can chew. That has become the prism through which you see the well. Everyone is out to stuff their stomach like frogs.

Mollua Dipoko, trust me there are more caring and sympathetic people on earth than Biya and thiefs of La Republique. There are many people who will go hungry so others can eat.

Like i said before, because of your childhood abandonment deprivation and abuse, you have nothing to offer Cameroon. You are disgrace to humanity.

Legion (for we are many)

Some ignorant Ambazonians can say whatever they like but rest assured independence will come with violence or with peace.Ambazonia forever.

Chief Ayuk Arrey

The Southern Cameroon case is an International affair. so, no matter how, many will try to spread lies and misinformation, they won't succeed.

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