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Sunday, 12 September 2010


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Ma Mary

Why did you give up on the Southern Cameroons struggle, Mr Ebini? You yourself know that the remedies you are talking about are just going to be cosmetic.

Mallam Shehu

Soldier man Njimafor, when are you planing your own triumphant return to storm Etoudi? Stop contenting yourself with the role of a cook in the total liberation fight, put on your khaki pants and give us the opportunity to see you live on Inside-Africa surrounded by some huge bodyguards with their multi-coloured ribbons of freedom tied quite tight on their foreheads while their glocks salute the heavens. Bolo-Bolo!


Mr. Christmas Ebini, shut the f..k up for once. You make too much noise all over the place. Keep your confusion to yourself. As a matter of fact,many of us find the garbage you constantly spill on many websites very annoying.

Mallam Shehu, rest assured, we have an appointment with Paul Biya, the butcher of etoudi. It will be at are own timming and under our own terms. No life like you will change the course of history.

The tree of Liberty and freedom has to be fed with the blood of killers like Paul Biya, and those of Patriots, heros and freedom fighters.


"No low life like you will change the ourse of history"


I this and I that. This is not about you. It is about Southern Cameroon as a people.
The sooner u recorgnise this simple fact the better for your ego.

Che Sunday

Frustrations such as those you are enumerating are recipes to unwelcome situations like Hotel Ruwanda, the endless war in Sudan, the Biafra war, the Luo/Kikuyu frozen relations that boiled over into the streets following their last elections. At the heart of these differences is always an image of invincibility from the oppressor.Little do they know that in a dynamic world, nothing holds sway eternally. Even under our common canopy of anglophoric dream, there is the spectre of a graffi/sawa mistrust that could go sour anytime.
Where legal institutions have been co-opted and rendered useless as is the case with Cameroon, it should not come as a surprise if any eventuality crops up to distabilize the seemingly terra firma on which it rests. In the history of human existence, equality is but a figment of ones imagination. Equity has always been forced fed, and its application is safe-guarded by a powerful legal apparatus. Cameroon is devoid of it.

Mallam Shehu

Njimafor, Ebini had at least the courage to return home to participate in nation-building. What are you still doing in the US? Go back home and fight the butcher face to face. Stop throwing stones from afar, get closer and throw. Prove you're a Manpickin.

A P Geofrey

Nice piece I must confessed I like it. And that school taken as a case study is one well known to me. Now I don't understand what the point is that Njimafor is trying to make. Can you come again please and a little clearer this time please void of insults and....... thanks. Please let's joint hands in constructive and productive talks. Rather than ranting and insults.

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