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Tuesday, 21 September 2010


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A good analysis by Mr Ndifor. I would want to add that, a good number Camerounese are really beginning to take another look at the Southern Cameroons struggle with an open mind.

Our 'noise' has not been in vain. We should continue the project of educating our people, the Camerounese and the rest of the world.

The founding of the USA began with these words:

"When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation ... "

Therefore, permit me once more to plug these series of discussions by Fon Gorji Dinka.

I encourage our people to pay particular attention to Dinka's articulation of his case against the British government that apparently give natives of the former British Southern Cameroons the right of abode in Britain.

Ma Mary

To add to what Tagro is saying, La Republique du Cameroun will never be able to deal with its own demons and advance, as long as the Southern Cameroons is there to act a foil that distracts them from thorough self-examination. La Republique used to be the most forward looking territory in the French empire.

Separation is good medicine for us both. We could even be friendly neighbours if we do it correctly with a minimum of acrimony. Do not listen to the false doctrine of unite nationale without freedom and definitely without unity. Sex by force is not sex. It is rape. Unity by force is not unity. It is colonialism, annexation, imperialism. Pick your word. None of them is positive. Seriously, does anyone think Southern Cameroonians chose unity in order to be annexed and plundered?


It all sounds very quaint, but there are a few home truths worth mentioning:

- Pakistan was itself part of British India, until independence (NW/SW anyone?)

- Bangladeshi separation was mostly based on ethno-linguistic grounds (98% of the country is composed of Bengals), which run deeper than any colonial arrangement

- You forget to mention the Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971, which preceeded separation from the rest of Pakistan (it wasn`t as peaceful as we are made to think)

- The country reverted to single-party socialist rule, after separation

- The country has been through a series of bloody coups and revolts, up till 1991

- Bangladesh is separated from Pakistan by a corridor of Indian territory (similar to the situation between Cabinda and the rest of Angola)

- The population of Bangladesh is more or less equal to that of Pakistan (unlike Anglophone/Francophone Cameroon)

Doesn`t look so neat now, does it?

Va Boy

I don't think Mr Ndifor was trying to be simplistic. No two things on earth are ever exactly the same. Not even twins from the same womb are exactly the same. Wecan learn from people and situations that are not exactly like us. There are as many different ways of separation as there are countries that separated. Ethiopia-Eritrea, very bloody and prolonged. Soviet Union-Baltic states very dramatic but not bloody. Czechoslovakia just a handshake. Singapore-Malaysia very similar to Czechoslovakia.
There is no holy document or even a mere treaty that binds Southern Cameroons to la republique.


... and a Camerounese politician addresses the inhabitants of the former British Southern Cameroons. Read it here:

Kelvin Ross

Good analysis Mr. Ndifor. Southern Cameroons has a compelling which has been perfectly acknowledged by the UN. I agree with Ma Mary that seperation is the best thing for both the occupier (LRC) and the Southern Cameroons given that it is by virtue of the occupation of the Southern Cameroons that justice and rule of law has been stiffled in the entire cameroons for fear of critical questioning which the brutal y'de oligochy will not want to confront and be accountable.


One question. where is the ruling authority in Kamerun today. is it in or outside Kamerun?


No one is going to going to change Kamerun but Kamerunians. The plebiscite succeeded in part because our parents wanted the Ibos out, we wanted the great Kamerun of 1916. When we regard ourselves as a people who love and own the piece of the world called Kamerun, the franco-anglo question, the oil companies, plantaions, the mines and all their corrupting inflluences will change. Oh, the passion our parents and grandparents had for Kamerun.
What is your stake in Kamerun?
Ndifor thanks for tickling us.


I usually salute Mr. Ndifor's analyses. This one is one is not one of them. The notion and constant need to create another post-colonial entity based on the former colonial master language and institutions is simply a very sorry state of mind for African people. Other parts of the world are seeing themselves in biggerand better entities with economies of scale and larger markets as well as institutions that transcend ethnic, tribal and micro circles...

Kamerun as all know it is the Kamerun of 1916 or closer to it. Yes some of the lands never came back after 1960-1961, but what ever came back to that original 1916 Kamerun must remain so by all means necessary. The memory and historical treaties signed by Foncha and Ahidjo will not be violated without accountability regardless of who chooses to ignore them or disregard them in order to rewrite history and facts to suit him or herself. History is there. We can all read it. We do not have to listen to the new kids on the block who want to be kings even if it brings war and suffering to the land of our ancestors just as long as they become presidents and prime ministers for themselves and their corrupt circle of friends and relatives.

Constant calls for 43 years of British rule as a basis for the regions of Northwest and Southwest to become independent from Kamerun is just a bad dream of some megalomaniacs willing to make themselves kings and queens at any cost... Let no one be fooled or they may regret it tomorrow. The plight of Cameroon today is the plight of all regions. The cameroonian people suffer under the mismanagment of a brutal and corrupt elite. Those who are excluded from it are trying to create their own "mangeoire" in the regions of Southwest and Northwest. It is a simple as that. However these hungry and greedy noise makers need to be taken seriously and stopped because belly, greed, misinformation and stupidity when combined can be explosive and disastrous.

Va Boy

What gave you the impression that the case is about British rule? The story is about annexation. British rule is just an interesting detail, a fact. If a man in a red dress kidnapped a child, the red dress is part of the story although the critical part of the story is the kidnapping. Southern Cameroons is a crime scene, sir. All attempts to downplay and belittle what happened, using Ahidjo's invention of Northwest and Southwest province or any other dodge will fail as have other similar attempts in the past.

Is that "Alain Dipoko" again?

Give it a rest, man.

Afoakom and Nyampke Club.

The circumstances that encouraged Bangladesh to split from pakistan do not exist in our Cameroon. Apart from the physical apartness of the territories, there were many abnormalities that did not sit well with Dakha.

Our physical presence in the regions west of the Mungo is strong. Do not be fooled. This article lacks credibility and substance. Some unqualified angels of doom in run down streets in the west are fanning flames of division inorder to flare up trouble in the country. In a situation where there is chaos, it is difficult to judge a man's advancement.

The war would be the excuse of underachieving. That is what most of these feymen like Ndifor, Chia, Vakunta, Agendia et al are doing. Listen to Ma mary, who calls herself engineer yet still does buyam sellam in America. Simpletons indeed. These jealous baboons go around creating trouble. We hate you people with a passion.

We shall penalize the family members of disporans back in Cameroon if our elections are disturbed by false information. If you want war we shall give it to you people. Just ask your cousins, the Biafras, the lessons of war.

Bob Bristol

Afoakom and whatever, you are an idiot. A big one for that matter.

Va Boy

Afoakom is the same Flaky Dipork-o. Ignore him, Brother Bob.


Study after study have concluded that most homosexual mails like Allain Dipoko and Earnest Moulla were deprived of parental love in their chilhood, and so they grow up looking for love in another male figure.

Men like Dipoko and Mollua often become angry at anything that reminds them of their parents, in this case Soutnern Cameroons. Note how he threatens to retaliate against his own people, calling them Biafras, and declaring war on his family members.

Mallam Shehu

Njimafor, is your food poisoning over? Politics is too hard work for you. In life, there are those born to rule and those born to be ruled, likewise there are those born to be freedom fighters and those born to be belly-fighters. Eat your 4bundles of fou-fou corn per meal at ease, and allow real freedom fighters to fight for our rights in SC.

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