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Sunday, 10 October 2010


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Va Boy

Entrepreneur and Limbe Kid, please fix your country.

Atih Ngo

Writer,Cameroonians no longer, and for very good reasons, give a damn for whatever is happening around them. So stop being alarmist; it serves no purpose, because our hearts are now as strong as stone. What you are telling Cameroonians now has already, and in fact for a very long time, been a hopeless, pathetic eyesore for the rest of the world to have realized it.How worst can it be? Corrupt officials can all have it; the rest of us have resigned to fate. But calamity, that wrath of God that knows no boundary, will visit those that think they can plunder a country this dry and go free. You find them parading the streets in huge cars, sometimes ensconced behind high wall prisons that they call "their houses" that they illegally acquired through stolen wealth that was meant for the people. We are watching and noting: their days are numbered!


I am amaze with what i read ,some of are patriotic in this country but others are being deceived with what is given to them and they dont care what is happening with Cameroon,some of us like seeing the country progress but the means is not there .
Iin particular like to grow in the filed of agriculture but the necessary resources is not there.



if you can tell me how i can get financial support for me to cultivate yams i willbe very please



Cameroon is hell on earth for many of us, especially for us English speaking Cameroonians.

Thanks to a few foreign governments for listening to our struggle and granting our children Political asylum status.

Despite our pain and suffering, paid CPDM Spies continue to spin the truth, throw insults at us using fake screen names as if they are one of us.

These same spies like Earnest Mollua and Allain Dipoko have sought and received Political Asylum there in the U.S.

The article highlights our struggle as a people, bringing it into focus, however there is really nothing new here. We ( Southern Cameroons ) continue to be terrorized by La Republique. There is no end in sight for this reign of terror on innocent civilians by Paul Biya, the butcher of etoudi.

Rest assured, the reign of terror by La Republique against Southern Cameroons will come to an end. Continue your insults for now.


Cameroon has 2 major problems facing her.

Problem # 1
What to do with Paul Biya, the butcher of etoudi and the culture of Biyaism.

Problem # 2
How does Southern Cameroon become an independent Country.

Nothing good will ever come out of this doomed union with frogs. We are living and experiencing it.

Paul Biya, the butcher of etoudi has no plans for frogs, his own people. He is interested in raping all parties involved.

For now, those who have ears, let them listen. Blood will flow. The only way to atain the two stated objectives, the hope of any Patriotic Cameroonian, is by the barrel of the gun.

All interested parties, here in Cameroon and in the Diaspora, are cordially invited to our first meeting on how to use force to eject Paul Biya. Members of the newly established CAMDIAC are invited. Because of treachery like what they did to Patrice Lumumba, we will be meeting in a neutral Country with no French ties or connection. Stay tuned.

Mallam Shehu

Njimaforboy, hihihihi! You’re a real clown. I sometimes bang my head on the wall because of the sadness I feel for the mistake I did by engaging you in a bout. You’re no different from the Prof. , you all have no dignity for human lives; on that regard, it is a fritter-away of time to keep on wondering on what really propels your brain. I am out.


Well said njimaforboy,keep those comments coming,we are behind you no matter what conne men will say or look at it.
Before that fateful day,people were selling,feasting,getting married,insulting each other,jubilating at the calamities of others,making a mockery of Noah's warning until the flood came and swept everything away while Noah securedly hid in his Arc.It will be the same on that day when the time-bomb shall finally explode.The tree of liberty shall be planted and watered by the blood of the tyrant to usher in the independance of Southern Cameroon.That day is approaching slowly but surely.No amount of rantings can dissipate that hope.


Let's all think positive about our Fatherland - Cameroon:

Cameroonian Students' Association in the Netherlands. Together for a brilliant future!

Nkeze Asonglefac Felix

The Secretary General
United Nations
New York

Through the good offices of the
UN Delegation to Cameroon

Yaoundé, October 14th 2010

Subject: Update of the actual situation of our Electoral Process

Your Excellency,

With regards to the very serious and worrying state of our electoral process and the imminent risk of a major social deflagration this situation might cause if nothing is done, we herewith would like to update you on the current state of issues with respect to our initial letter addressed to you dated August 2010.

Considering the actions undertaken by ELECAM so far, the SDF notes that ELECAM has been going on with business in violation of Art. 42.4 of Law N° 2006/011 of the 29th of December 2006 that clearly stipulates that “ a decree of the President of the Republic shall duly ascertain that Elections Cameroon has been effectively put in place”. In the absence of this decree, which is the case; ELECAM is acting in pure illegality.

We therefore observed that the activities of ELECAM so far are null and void and called on ELECAM to stop entertaining electoral issues until its legality is attained by the signature of the said Presidential decree. We have also introduced a petition to the Administrative Bench of the Supreme Court in that respect.

We have witnessed with satisfaction the general call for a Consensual Electoral Code that will harmonize the actual conflicting, confusing and complicated multiple laws and hope that a code will come into reality during the upcoming November session of the National Assembly. The SDF will table a Private Member bill again during this session and hopes that all concerned, including the members of the Board and Directorate of ELECAM will use their good offices to advocate this call into reality by supporting our Private Member Bill or presenting a bill from government.

In the absence of a credible Electoral Code and an Independent Electoral Commission, which we no longer expect from this government, we believe that acceptable elections can only be organized if the eleven points we have been proposing as minimum conditions are met. We herewith update you with the actual situation with regards to these minimum conditions.

1. A new electoral register is put in place

The SDF notes the call by most if not all of the stakeholders for the drawing-up of a new electoral register in lieu and place of the actual revision of the disparate Ministry of Territorial Administration’s register.

Taking note of the response of the Chairman of ELECAM as to the fact that the revision exercise is in line with the law, and notably the point that drawing-up a new register is ordained by decree, we recall here our position that the law actually calls for a new register to be drawn-up in that:

Art. 42.1 of Law N° 2006/011 of the 29th of December 2006 stipulates that “All previous provisions repugnant hereto are repealed and shall so remain.
Art. 22 of the same law stipulates that “The Director General shall be responsible for all election operations and referendums under the supervision and control of the Electoral Board, such as:
- Drawing-up, managing, updating and keeping the national voter’s register as well as election documents and materials;
- Drawing-up and publishing voters’ lists; etc…

It is therefore evident that once the legality of ELECAM is confirmed through the missing Presidential Decree, the drawing-up of a new electoral register must be an evident conclusion.

2. The full respect of the provisions of Art. 8 & Art.13 of the law on ELECAM governing the independence and neutrality of the members of the Council and Directorate of ELECAM

The SDF notes that the lack of neutrality and credibility of the members of the board and directorate of ELECAM has been unanimously decried and the Chairman of the Board of ELECAM, recognizing this lack of neutrality at the time of their appointment, has asked Cameroonians to judge them on the basis of the work they will deliver.

The SDF reiterates its firm condemnation of this flagrant violation of Art. 8 and Art. 13 of Law N° 2006/011 of the 29th of December 2006 by the Presidential Decrees of the 30th and 31st December 2008 appointing members into the Board and Directorate of ELECAM and also reiterates that in the absence of the resignation of the concerned, the said Presidential Decrees must be annulled.

The SDF further condemns ELECAM’s call for the creation of an anti-constitutional jurisprudence whereby laws can be violated on the basis of purported outcomes that would eventually be in line with the spirit of the violated law.

3. The immediate appointment of a new Board and Directorate members into ELECAM as well as the application of the same provisions to the regional, divisional, sub-divisional and local representations.

The violation of the law is not only at the level of the Board and Directorate but goes down to all of the structures they put in place. Nowhere was there a term of reference or even a public announcement for the recruitment of the members of these structures. It was done in complete opacity and when these structures are not manned by known CPDM agents, they simply share the same offices.

4. The inclusion of biometric data on voter registers and the voter cards

There is no law that provides for the type of information that has to be carried on the voter’s register and voter’s cards. In view of the enormous difficulties and fraud that has been witnessed and constantly evidenced in past elections, we believe that a minimum amount of biometric data must be included in the voter data. We have suggested that ELECAM’s computer system be linked to the National Identification Database which has all information on Cameroonians, including pictures. Since the precondition to be registered is the presentation of the National Identity Card, its number could immediately fetch all the required data from that database and the register can immediately e updated with the available data and a voter’s cards can be printed with the available picture and fingerprint.

5. The exclusion of the Ministry of Territorial Administration from all ELECAM functions

The fundamental reason why we have gone from an elections observatory to Elections Cameroon is because the Ministry of Territorial Administration was unable to deliver a clean election. Bringing them back into the system is a plot in advance to have the upper hand of the administration control the electoral process.

6. The inclusion of participating political parties at all decision-making levels and in all commissions charged with the organization and conduct of elections

We believe that it is important for the stakeholders to be part of the decision making process and also believe that this participation should not be limited to the simple presence of the stakeholders but the stakeholders should have access to such resources as are necessary for the full accomplishment of ELECAM’s mission.

7. The utilization of the single ballot paper

The SDF notes with encouragements that ELECAM and the SDF have the same opinion as to the effectiveness and simplicity of the single ballot paper and therefore we remaini in expectation of its immediate adoption as the unique means of ballot for all future elections and call on ELECAM to introduce this with no further delay.

8. The institution of a two round presidential election

The SDF will introduce this as a Private Member Bill to the National Assembly in its November Session for a modification of the constitution to that effect. We hope that the CPDM regime will ask its parliamentarians to support that bill which is a precondition to emerge out of a Presidential Election with a President truly elected by the majority.

9. The endowment of ELECAM with Effective Financial Autonomy.

The Chairman of ELECAM has made several remarks pertaining to their budget limitations and therefore the SDF reiterates its stand to the point that only an effective financial autonomy can guarantee the required efficiency and neutrality of an electoral body and calls for provisions to be made to correct any shortcomings.

10. Clear protocols should be put in place to ban the participation of public officials and civil servants in campaigning

ELECAM must put in place clear and known protocols and sanctions must be known in advance as well to curb the rampant use of state resources during election in campaigning and the implementation of fraud for the CPDM.

11. The effective participation in elections of the Cameroonian Diaspora

It is estimated that about 20% of Cameroonians live abroad and this Diaspora contributes to a significant amount of the nation’s wellbeing. We insist that this Diaspora must be allowed to participate in the electoral process for any national election.

We sincerely hope that progress will be made and in the absence of any dialogue between the hierarchy of the party in power and the leading party of the opposition, although we have made several official calls for such dialogue to take place, we are bound to refer ourselves to you and draw your esteemed attention to use your good offices to help avert a major social deflagration in Cameroon. Progress towards clean elections in Cameroon today must be a major priority and urgency. Cameroon will not survive any new unacceptable elections.

With all due respect, please accept our renewed availability for this noble cause and our very best regards.

National Chairman


hi it is soo embarrassing that cameroon has been dragged this deep in the mud by a few bounge of people for selfish ambitious reasons. As someone said, the hand of fate awaits them. I know one thing for sure, cameroonians are hard working people and they will continue to do what they can to take care of their families til this nightmare is over, And i believe very strongly that it will be over one day and we will all enjoy the cameroon that we always hope for.

J. S. Dinga

It is unlikely that the Cameroon nation will collapse any time soon. But what is certain is that individuals will collapse and go out of the system.

I just came across "twelve years of imprionment for embezzlement" imposed on Zaccheus Forjindam by a court in Douala. It makes one wonder. Technically one should rejoice that there is a system in place to fish out and punish the bad guys. But on taking a closer look, there are more disturbing questions raised by this singular act.

How could the CPDM party allow this professional-turned-politician be singled out for imprisonment? If it was OK yesterday to go on the campaign trail and be dishing out 10,000 franc notes like confettis, how can a party sleep with its conscience throwing one of its actors in prison? What message is there for other professionals drafted into the political game and especially on CPDM campaigns with envelopes to distribute? And why this particular individual out of the lot that do the same thing?

It is a shame that a country short on professionals can afford to use one and dump away like toilet paper. Or will Forjindam be helped to find an able and willing physician to get him out of prison on health grounds like it has been done before for one other stalwart of the CPDM?

What lesson is there for the rest of us?

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