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Saturday, 30 October 2010


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Professor Dr. Alain Dipoko.

Ha ha ha, CPDM kleptomania knows no boundaries!


Somebody needs to write a book about the "Fall of the Biya Republic". Granted the executive powers invested in the presidency, a weak president, however well intending, cannot rule Cameroon with good results.


All i can say to Forjindam is that..ashia
At least,you got your own share of the loot before being incarcerated at New Bell.Most of the loot is now idling in Swiss bank accounts for the benefit of the recipient which in this case is the bank and the country in question.Rot in Jail Mr man!

Mallam Shehu

Lol Mohair! Njimaforboy is this man coming from the west or south side of the Mongo? I like your objectivity on such topics. You have a lot to learn from Mallam Field Marshall Njimafor.

J. S. Dinga

For a very long time Cameroon's Head of State apealed to whoever cared to listen: Donnez-moi les preuves. And the nation went to work to look for the proof of embezzlement.
Time at last to sing "Eureka"?

Va Boy

Mallam Shehu: has your idol, Biya given you your own chance to tiff? Feel free. He no go live very long.

Leroy Brown

How about we start by arresting the greatest embezzler of all time? I'm talking about the dude situated some place in Yaounde and using citizen's hard earned tax money to luxury trips to France. This arrest to me is nothing more than the pot calling the kettle black. Let's stop kidding ourselves because if there's going to be any meaningful reform in Cameroon, then its gotta start from the top. Period. It's either going to be that or we all will watch Cameroon continue to live in the 19th century while the rest of its peers ride high into the 21st.

Bob Bristol

Every high ranking Anglophone official in Cameroon thinks he has to prove that he is not at the opposing camp. In so doing, he goes beyond the demands of his office and eventually transforms into a praise singer. Can this be classified as an Anglophone problem? Is this just a matter of inferiority complex? Look at Atanga Nji Paul, look at Ngolle Ngolle etc.

Personally, I think it is an Anglophone. We have always been considered as "the other", always been viewed with suspicion and distrust. When we work diligently, they ask us " tu vais nous montre quoi?. At the end, we are framed up. The truth is that the union is not working out.

However, Forjindam even needs to be hanged for conceiving the idea of a life presidency for Biya. How on earth could he even think of such when misery is visible everywhere in Cameroon.

Che Sunday

If he is a thief, he is a thief and deserves what is coming his way. Sadly though, anytime and anglo joins the ranks of the thieves, he thinks he has arrived. He is now one of the boys. No my friends, you are still not at par with them. If you work deligently and honest, you are out to make them look bad. That marks the beginning of your downfall. May the future Njindams be carefull take note. The more you betray your people in exchange for handouts, the sooner you find yourself wanting.

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freedom writer

Ladies and Gentlemen, you dont have to be a brain surgeon to figure out that the former General Manager of CNIC was framed. Its obvious that ficticious evidence was used to undermine his manegerial skills. Isn't it a tad bit ironic that the basis of Mr. Forjindams arrest was a fraudulent audit conducted by Mr. Charles Kooh II- an auditor by day and con artist by night?? You see back in 2006,Mr Kooh was arrested and sent to Kondengui central prison for malpractice, embezzling public funds, producing false reports and distorting accounting facts at another state corporation that hired him. So the question we all have to ask ourselves is, why would anyone in their right mind believe an audit report from an auditor who was fired from his own company (Price Waterhouse & Coopers) for dishonesty and professional misconduct? Mr Forjindam was denied justice once before.lets all pray that this time around as he appeals his case, the judges do the right thing and allow justice to prevail.

~ Freedom Writer


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Tamedjou Simon

No one is above the law, no matter his position in the society. In a country of laws and rights, that’s the rule. If you embezzle state money, it is not because you are a staunch supporter of the regime in plce that you should not go to jail, no matter your achievements

Appolinnaire Enaka

The rule of law prevails in Cameroon and thus no matter one’s position in the society, punishment for indelicate acts condemned by the law is effective without delay.

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