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Sunday, 14 November 2010


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It is not funny, Mr Spammer. This spammer who goes by all kinds of names is blocking discussionon this blog with his inane comments.

Ngon Bassa, Ph.D( Internal Medicine)

Emmanuel Konde, although for the first time in this forum you have written an article which is not boring, I would reassure you and other Cameroonians that, Comrade Felix Moumie was not poisoned. He died of cardiovascular collapse.Today in Cameroon most people call that heart attack. Although this explanation would be viewed with suspicion, that is the truth of the matter.

Felix Moumie's autopsy revealed, he had no foreign matters in his bowels. He was quite conscious of the danger lurking him and he never ate nor drank anything he did not prepare himself. Felix Moumie went to that invitation for a conversation and not for dinner or lunch. Unlike other potentially hazardous poisons today which are difficult to trace in the bowels like arsenic acid, Thallium is traceable. The trademark of Thallium to its victim is that it renders the victims organs bluish.

John Dinga

So if this story is to be believed, what have Cameroonians learned from it? Does it make sense multiplying the number of Cameroonian parties and their branches in France and elsewhere, given this type of risk?

Ngok Lituba

Ngon Bassa, while you might have a PhD in internal medicine, your information is incorrect. Thallium was found in Felix Moumie body at least 10 days BEFORE he died and the Swiss papers were full of reports about his ever worsening situation. And the autopsy reports which were also made public by the UPC confirm the Thallium poisoning version.

And regarding the improbability that Moumie could allow himself to be poisoned, recall the account of the other UPC member, Jean Martin Tchaptchet who was present at the dinner. In Frank Garbely's 2008 documentary "Mort à Genève - l'empoisonnement de Félix Moumié", Tchaptchet says that Brechtel distracted him with pictures when Moumie walked away from the table: "Je ne sais pas à quel moment cela est arrivé. On regardait les photos qu'il présentait. C'était des photos de lui avec le président Moumié à Accra. Il y avait une atmosphère de confiance. "

Yes, the UPC folks, Moumie included, were careless and too trusting of Brechtel. These are well documented facts and no amount of revisionism will change that today.

femme la

Blue is the color of Thallium's antidote, a dye called Prussian Blue. Thus, if someone receives the antidote and still dies of Thallium poisoning, the organs would have assumed the color of the dye.

Ngok Lituba, your sound very confident, and I would like to know your sources. Garbely, the Swiss movie maker, who thoroughly researched Moumie's death to make the movie, subscribes to the Thallium theory.

I can understand your need to protect Dr Moumie's reputation, but he was something of a womanizer. He even had some girlfriends in the Southern Cameroons where he spent some time to escape the French. They shall remain unnamed. The French conducted some assassinations even in the Southern Cameroons. Those who are are old enough would remember some of those. In his defense, the external representative of a liberation organization has to meet with people, and cannot be totally shielded.


Dr Moumie at 34 died through assasination(check link) prompted by the differences in his ideological and political reasoning to that of the colonial master (France).

During this time the culture of political assasination was a widely used strategy against black and african liberation movement worldwide (check Lumuba, Malcom X, Dr King etc..).

Ole boy

Docta, I no know plenty book, but wetin be difference between "explain" and "explicate"?

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