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Monday, 01 November 2010


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Moh Feungoh

If even official documents cannot be written in English then where is our Identity? If even University Professors cannot be respected but rather treated in this manner,then imagine what hell these poor students of Buea University are going through? They treated us and are continuously treating our children as second class people the University Yaounde. In the University of Buea initially intended to be run purely on the Anglo-saxon model,the Anglo-saxon education model is gradually been obliterated and replaced with French. Our children are being treated as underdogs. Helas the hidden assimilation agenda of the obnoxious Biya regime has stepped into the Buea University to destroy everything anglophone. The evil intentions of this regime only pays credence to our call for only one solution. "The RESTORATION OF THE AMBAZONIAN STATE(BRITISH SOUTHERN CAMEROON INDEPENDENCE AND STATE)" Read below why this option is the only solution to this obnoxious assimilation process of LRC.

From: Feungoh
To: Ambas Bay group ________________________________________
At the end of AAC II, a resolution in good faith was adopted calling on LRC within a specified time frame to initiate dialogue with British Southern Cameroon leaders for re- negotiation and return to the Two States Federation initially opted for by our founding fathers and subsequently flawed by the expansionist Ahidjo and the Biya regimes. What happened? LRC's leadership in their characteristic arrogance, non-respect of legality and snobbery treated this honest effort by our leaders as inconsequential and have since then maintained an offensive muteness implying rejection of the offer. After all, how could the Master listen to let alone accept an offer from the slave? Knowing well our history and considering the issues at stake, did a single voice in LRC, be it from a Political Party, Civil Society, Military, Religious, Journalist or Traditional leader make an honest effort to intervene and urge their leadership to open up dialogue with our leaders? No. Has any of them ever come up to the media to honestly admit that our complaint against discrimination, cheating, marginalization etc is genuine and worth addressing? No! Anglophones after all, constitute a tribe like any other in the concept called Cameroon. That is their ignorant and strongly held belief. It’s only recently we are learning of a certain Charles Atangana on refuge in UK for openly expressing solidarity with the SCNC. What national unity are we continuously singing about with all the discrimination, electoral fraud, cheating marginalization, assimilation, witch-hunting and secret killing and imprisonment of Southern Cameroonians seemingly planned and implemented at a higher state level? In 1992 when Ni J.F. Ndi's victory at the Presidential elections, the lone chance for a PAAWCE (borrowing from PA Fru Ndeh) to rule Cameroon, was blatantly stolen, did any of the leaders cited above cry foul at this national dishonor perpetuated by the francophone leadership? When a senior government official like the one time lord Mayor of Yaoundé city Emma Basile scornfully labeled Anglophones "Biafrans, enemies dans la maison, ordering them to Allez chez vous", did any of the above cited personalities utter a counter voice to this? What of those Southern Cameroonians shot and killed in cold blood for simply airing their grievances? Or those Anglophone elites (respectful retired Justice Nyoh Wakai, Barristers Francis Sama, Simon Abongwa et al accused innocently of involvement in the alleged secessionist activities in the NW Province in 1993, and carted in abject humiliation like sheep from Bamenda to Kondengui Prison in Yaoundé for detention?

Did any one of the above cited leaders stand up to denounce such maltreatment of other fellow Cameroonians after the accusation was dismissed as unfounded? What type of Cameroonism are we talking about? Doesn't this regime and its people consider and treat Southern Cameroonians like any other tribe in Cameroon? Of course like a joke, the time frame elapsed and we adopted the ZERO OPTION. For those of our younger folks that may not know, Zero option means REVERTING to and RESTORING the SOUTHERN CAMEROON STATE. A friend asked me this question two days ago when we discussed the struggle. Suppose LRC on resumption of the ACHPR trial at Banjul, LRC admits its errors and offers for a return to the two States Federation on better terms that would guarantee our rights as a people in a strong Constitutional arrangement. Can we accept it and give it another trial? My answer is a resounding big NO for the viz reasons. Once bitten twice shy. 1. The eternal cultural, linguistic etc differences between Britain and France, unfortunate breeder of the historical animosity between these peoples, and transferred to us through colonialism can never be resolved even by assimilation, time or force. The Canadian example speaks for itself. No political or military might can resolve this equation. Oil and water can never produce any homogeneous solution as proven by Chemistry.

2. LRC's independence was nominal. Evidently their leader is always chosen in advance by France and imposed on them through a mockery called elections. Any further negotiation with them will never work because they cannot decide anything for themselves. Beside they are very whimsical, carefree and dishonest. TRUTH, HONESTY AND INTEGRITY are meaningless values to them.

3. Their numeric advantage over us is an equation that can never be balanced. For this reason they can always use this advantage even in a clean democratic arrangement and process to overturn any constitutional arrangements made with them in our favour.

4.What prevents another arrogant, irrational, dishonest and lawless future President from LRC that takes power either neatly in a fair and democratic process, or fraudulently or even by Coup d’état, to

abrogate any constitutional arrangements with SC through decrees

and take our kindred back to where we are today? What will our children or grand children do? Start the struggle all over again? Shall our bones lie in peace again in our graves? No! No! No! I repeat. ONCE BITTEN TWICE SHY. Let our leaders be careful what negotiations they will engage in, short of total RESTORATION OF OUR STOLEN STATE. We might have forgiven the errors of our founding fathers but our children may not forget ours. We are waiting. Thanks for your attention.
Moh F.

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