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Monday, 08 November 2010


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Va Boy

Thanks to Mola for keeping the consciousness alive.

Legion(for we are many)

Courage to all those who speak the truth.The time to act is now.Live free or die under slavery.Ambazonia will cease its destiney.


We will fight to death for our freedom, than live as slaves under the butcher of etoudi and La Republique

Mallam Shehu

Hihihi Njimaforboy,do we then get rid of the murderous butcher by hiding in California? Action in the centre of action boy.


I think the interviewer missed another opportunity to ask some more probing questions, such as: How does Mola avoid accusations of conflict of interest while jugling so many hats (leader of a political party; spokes person for the Southern Cameroons cause; and stalwart for the Bakweri Land Claims Committee)? Is it correct to say Anglophones have not enjoyed executive power, solely because an Anglophone has not occupied Unity Palace? How do you guarantee competence with a rotating presidency? Any other extra-political strategies for the improvement of the Southern Cameroon youth?

Va Boy

Limbekid Molua, like many brilliant people, Mola Njoh can walk and chew gum at the same time. He is capable of handling all those tasks with aplomb. If you ever talked to him, you would find that all of those roles are synchronized and mutually beneficial to each other.

You are Limbekid and I am Va Boy. Funny


Funny as you say Va Boy. I prefer my identity closer to home. I`m not a proud subject of her majesty. hi hi.

Jokes aside, we shouldn`t let the old guard hijack our destiny.

Va Boy

Hijack, Kid? Perhaps you should be making that speech to Biya.

Mola Njoh has the balls to pursue what a lot of young people have no courage to do. You should be grateful.

By the way, Limbe is not a local name. It is the bastardized name of a German colonial trader. When Ahidjo decided to change the name of Victoria to Limbe, why did he not rename the French colonial streets and edifices in his own country. If he had done that and proper research had been done on "Limbe" it would have been more tolerable. Now, choose between a colonial queen and a colonial trader.


Limbekid is a bastard himself.
As u can read, he always likes to be identified as such under different screen names.

So long as Paul Biya , the butcher of etoudi is enjoying the moist tongue of Limbekid on his rectum, and others Like Earnest Mollua and Allain dipoko standing by to take over, La Republique will continue to deteriorate and ferment.


@ Va Boy,

Limbe may have been a corruption of Linburg, but the natives legitimised it (just as you have English vocabulary in the Pidgin language).

Now on to Mola and his struggles. It`s not about courage but RELEVANCE. You don`t take on a challenge just because you are courageous, you do so because it is relevant. If the 60s were about political independence and identity the current battle is for technological independence. Take a walk down to Molyko and find out from the youth if they`re more interested in Ambazonia or high speed broadband.

A Francophone from the University of Douala won the last Commonwealth Youth Literary prize, yet we claim hegemony over the inherited Anglo-Saxon culture. Anglophone existence has now been reduced to natural resources (SONARA, CDC ...)Maybe it`s time we put our house in order before we project too far into the future.

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