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Sunday, 19 December 2010


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Of all the Wikileaks revelations thus far, I think the Cameroonian "leaks" were the weakest mainly because these were stories that had been covered extensively by the local and international media. See for examples:


We need more relevant information from Wikileaks about Cameroon not what is already in the public domain.


Do something about your country. Make a contribution.
Here is a webpage to bring house owner and tenants together.This for the people of Cameroon.
Spread the news.!!!


Dear Oudine, You are right. It seems as if Wikileaks is trying to shift blames of any misconduct to the US or US diplomatic missions abroad. I don't understand why they are still wasting time to extradite this guy to the US either.


There are 250,000 cables. They release about 1000 at a time. In time something you find interesting will come out. The one about Nigeria is really interesting, because they could be testing unproven medicines in Cameroon and no one would know because everything is so loose.


Do Cameroonians need wikileaks to know that their country is governed by a bunch of moral destitutes, thieves, zombies and political gangsters? Truly, people deserve the leaders they get! Biya and ilk are running Cameroon like a casino! No question about that. The question that begs being asked is why we take delight in burying our heads in the sand! We have been doing so for too long.
Dr. Vakunta

Lienghotue Gideon

It is good to inform the world and cmeroonian people of such reckless attitude. However, nothing will change if we continue to standby and watch things get worst.Our attitude toward such information has only help other to justify their position. Why do we blame a police officer who stand under the sun all day for collecting 500frs?Militant action is the only answer. Something is gone too wrong so much so that cameroonian tend to accept the status quo and instead fight Pa Fru Ndi. Look at Burma the opposition leader, Oliva Tambo was leader of ANC untill the system changed in S.AFRICA,Freedom fighters don't just change leadership.Historian should look at their history book.It is not easy to get a great leader like Fru Ndi. Wake up Cameroon.


People isn't this serious. Every body blogging on this issue is like "so what the president used government funds to live large". Are you guys serious? Which other presidents have you seen or heard of doing this. That's our tax money. Their are no schools, no roads and so many others are lacking yet every body is like "so what".Very disappointing. A revolution will come sooner than later.


I will only do my self a favor by seeking another nationality. Am really ashame of being a Cameroonian, not because of the evils of biya, but the responds of the Cameroonian people toward it, is what makes it really aching to me.
Is this a punishment from God??????


If SDF want to win the support from other Cameroonians like my self. Fru Ndi should step down as the chairman or nominate another person for the presidential candidate. Because being there too is only proven to be another biya. We are tired of this kind of politicians.

The Ngwa Man

Lienghotue Gideon, I have to say I agree with you. As much as we may criticize Fru Ndi in my opinion he is fighting the correct battle. The common denominator amongst us who comment on the political situation in pays is that we all know and say that the elections are rigged. With that knowledge in mind does it make sense to form or break away from a political party to be a candidate for the presidency when we all know the manipulations that take place prior to and on election day? Thats why Mr. Fru Ndi and SDF insistance that there should be a more fair, transparent and independent elections process to me makes a lot of sense. The funny thing is that just asking nicely is not going get us a more fair process.
We need:
1)marches in Yaounde and all regional capitals. 2)sit ins at gov't buildings.
3)boycots of gov't services one week every month.
We need peaceful civil disobedience that will pinch the gov't purse and attract international attention.

I would not discourage anyone from registering to vote but that vote should count.

I like Ms Kah Walla. I had the opportunity to hear her ideas and meet her. She comes across as someone who truly understands the meaning of democracy and has the right ideas that will make notre pays a power house and guiding light in Africa. Listening to most of her ideas was like listening to my brain speak.

One of my biggest problems is how do you get such a person to win the presidential election and actually be declared the winner given the tricks that are played before and after elections?

Will ELECAM realease the electoral list before election day so that people will know where they can vote instead of going to the voting station to only find out that they are not on the list thus wasting one's time?

We have to fight the right battles. Chairman Fru Ndi may need to step down as a presidential candidate but he is fighting the correct battle in this war for political progress and peaceful power change. We all know that the carriage does not come before the horse. So why don't we act accordingly?


Mr. Ngwa, Sorry to say bro! Fru Ndi can still continues on the course but does not necessary means that he should be the presidential candidate.
If he fru ndi want change and love to see sdf succeed then he should manage the party from behind. Simple idea.

Va Boy

La republique IS NOT my country, Kimbeng, but good article. Southern Cameroonians should not make it their life's work to reform la republique.

Mallam Shehu

When the hell are we ever going to grasp that this element called Fru Ndi, is in no way different from POPOL? They are all sides of the same coin, all that counts for them is their personal ego first, then comes the ego of their click; the ego of the masses is always to be found at the tail of the scale.
Know this, no matter who comes in as president, he'll still govern by these same principles. The only way we can put a halt to such cycles, is simply through a constant and brutal revolution against our leaders. Any president that comes in and doesn't put the ego of the masses at the first position, should be immediately/brutally toppled by the masses.
This is the only way we can force our leaders to put the nation above everything, but, unfortunately, this type of a revolution can never happen. Namely because we're all directly or indirectly accomplices to a mechanism we try as much as we can to dissociate ourselves from.
The Frus and the Bi Mvondos know this weakness of ours very well, hence, they can handle the SDF, CPDM, and/or Cameroonians as their personal property; they know very well, we as accomplices, can do nothing to tell them 'NO SIR'.


In as much as we are not ready to push out these supposed criminals out of power,I am suggesting that all genuine opposition leaders should put pressure on the ruling party to ensure that proper foundation is established before deciding whether to take part in such elections or not.Elecam and the constitutional court are tools of the ruling party and opposition parties eager to participate in the upcoming elections without such a proper foundation are to my view,birds of the same feathers.Can we rely on our opposition leaders?No.Which way forward then.


Which opposition? there is no such thing in Cameroon. I totally agree with Mallam Shehu that the only way this cycle of malgovernance and corruption can end is for there to be a constant and brutal revolution by us,the masses. The whole system is messed up; the old has to give way to the new for there to be any change. It will not suffice for popol to just lose this election....In fact,i am kind of hoping he wins again then we'll see just what we,the masses can do.Are we truely up to the task of seizing back our nation or are we just lip servants spewing endless rhetoric here?


@Kenneth Ngu, Stop indulging on discrediting President Paul Biya. You invest all your energy in tarnishing his image. Show us the proofs of your allegations and stop quoting unreliable sources which are just gossips and speculations. President Biya has travelled in his life more than you can ever imagine and is not a novice, he has passed the age of being excited by journeys to undertake such expenditures.


the question is when do we southern cameroonians, get french cameroun outta our country.?


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