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Friday, 10 December 2010


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Account Deleted

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Lienghotue Gideon

It shouldn't look fantastic or strange to any democrat. Cmeron and the liberal democrat formed a unity gov't to take Great Britain out of a very terrible crisis, The democrat and the Republican exchange idea for the interest of the American people. Oppositions parties the ruling party should talk to each other if it will improve the life of the cameroonian people.

Lienghotue Gideon

The ANC negotiated with the white supremacist. Suu gyu in Burma is talking to the junta to find a better situation for the Burmis people.The picture in question did speak for itself. It show two angree people. If Biya is a good person, let him step down and someone else try a new solution. Sickening to see thesame old people destroying the future of young talented people. shame to greedy wicket people

Lienghotue Gideon

The creation of a new college in Bamenda sound too nice. It's an ilusion.He talked about a ring road again. This is not the first time we have listen to these crabs.The tiko and victoria deep seaports received the same promises since biya became president. these are ports that can creat jobs and tax for the cameroonian people. It will develope that part of southern cameroon.the already existing universities are ill equiped, lack of teachers, bribe and corruption is the order of the day. Degrees from cameroon colleges are not recognise around the world.Thesame gov't created secondary schools without classrooms not to talk of teachers, no roads in the whole of that country.Is 30yrs not enough for someone to try something else?He created administrative head quarters without in structures. Some of these things are meant to creat confusion among the commoners. jokes.Cameroon need a change of leadership,attitude and embrace true democracy.


Those dudes looked dogg tired. Just let it Go Dudes.

Nkeze Asonglefac Felix

It is shocking that in his maidens meeting with Biya, NJFN could not discuss the economic situation of Cameroon. All what NJFN and his 15 man entourage was concerned about was ELECAM. Even the more pressing issue (Corruption) seems not to have been of interest to NJFN and his commitee of wisemen. The implications are that the common problems of ordinary Cameroonians are of no interest to NJFN and his guys. Their man concern is and has always been Power.

Economic dependence is very important for anyone's personal survival and it is difficult to convince ordinary voters like myself that you are working for their interest if you can't argue for tough measures that promotes their economic dependence but you are mainly but rightly concerned about power and issues pertaining to electoral integrity.

People, let's not be fooled. All politics should be geared on solving a nations socio economic and other problems. As part of this solutioning, there are many areas we need to look into in a bid to request for policy changes. I am going to summarise some below:

On general matters economic, I am certain that we need a rescue operation. If we can't pull our resources together and stabilise the situation, we are going to inherit a country in perile. If we are truly interested in the welfare of that country, let's promote personal and institutional investments. There are huge fiscal holes that are not visible to the common man and in my view, the pressure is building everyday and while interestingly the common man is the one bearing the effect, the government and political elites are less concerned because they are well off.

Banking, Financial inclusion and corruption: Financial development precedes economic development and in a system of corruption, no meaningful financial development can take place. As the country engages in a battle to fight corruption, the importance of promoting financial inclusion and literacy in this domain need to be fully encouraged. Ordinary Cameroonians lack access to banking services making it harder for the economy to function properly due to the lack of payments and funds transfer systems. My suggestion is that any future government need to establish a financial inclusion taskforce whose objective should be to promote access to banking and other bespoke financial services product more affordable. In addition, this taskforce can engage in money advice (e.g. Encouraging savings, improving the micro finance sector, mortgage market, etc). In the process, the government should do all it can to to rebuild and trust and confidence in the sector which
seems to be lacking.

The civil society also need to be educated on how to scrutinise and influence regulation of the banking sector to promote a level playing field. Banking services need to be structured to promote sectors that can make an immediate impact on the economy. In Cameroon, we have an agricultural sector that lacks access to mainstream banking facilities and there also seems to be an urgent need for a community bank scheme that would be tasked with funding charities and social projects. As part of their social responsibilities, part of their profits need to be channelled towards social and community oriented projects together with funds in frozen bank accounts or forgotten savings.

Families and other Social problems: why has it been very difficult for our politicians to discuss family? We have serious social problems that are often overlooked like high profile paedophiles exploiting vulnerable young girls. We also know of many parents who are very abusive towards their own children and family. While these issues are often picked up by the media, there has been often very few thoughtful, honest and practical solutions to the problems. I believe we need a heavy handed intervention with significant policy implications. The laisser faire attitude where we've left women and children get on with their own lives is what has caused the promiscuity and visible madness around major streets in Cameroon. We also need to organise a system where people are going to be constantly told what to do. When a society is morally corrupt, children are more likely to be exploited with many ending up in poverty, unable to gain education, in prison,

I am going to come back to more on this later. But let this politicians stop discussing only about themselves. After collecting money from Biya for many years, it is quite shocking that all these guys are concerned about is ELECTIONS. What about the common man on the streets whose problems are current and who quickly needs food, education and shelter? You guys should get serious. It should not always be about you and your power.

Nkeze Asonglefac Felix

There can never be any valuable change, even economic empowerment without good laws. Change begins with a genuine electoral body and laws. Then follows the structure and change. Fru said just what is needed for now. If you question Biya about a bad economy, he will direct you to the present economic choas, if you talk about corruption, he will refer you to Yves Michael Fotso or Atanaga Mebara.


Better late than never. Finally these two political rivals can meet and talk. Our hope is that such dialogue be SINCERE on both sides, and be extended to include all issues that matter to the average Cameroonian. Sincere dialogue should be the key. I don’t think any Cameroonian would want to see us go the way of Cote d’Ivoire, Sierra Leone, or the DRC.
My only disappointment is to see two Cameroonian leaders meet and discuss with an interpreter!! What a shame!!!! In a country that prides itself with being bilingual, is it not a clear indication that its much trumpeted bilingualism has failed? The political and linguistic divisions between us can no better be demonstrated in this meeting.


John Fru looks at him and says, "how are you, president" but thinks, soft and pampered snake. What underhanded tricks is he up to this time.

Paul Biya says bonjour and thinks. I am going to ride this foolish anglol again.

Bamenda dont buy that shite


Nkeze Asonglefac Felix

You write with a lot of negative energy and personal animosity towards NJFN. I can envisage you shaking with the will to punish him by whatever means necessary. To my greatest surprise you provide the answer to your lengthy write up by suggesting that a free and fair electoral process is the bedrock of an organise society. Yes my friend you got the correct answer so do not use too many words to chase a basic idea whose answer can be provided by common sense. Elecam is fundamental for a free and fair election which is only around corner. it is the only means by which average and ordinanry cameroonians which you rightly suggest could express their desire and compel the arms of the state; judiciary, Executive and Parliament to function indepently and not be 'one man's' thing. Biya is making electoral promises to stuff his ballot boxes come october 2011 and thereby assuming victory. NJFN is trying to make sure the votes in those boxes will rightly belong to the responsible party thereby reflecting the reality of the Election. He is working from the answer to the question. This there-do requires the courage of a patriot as it is the best way to prevent another Ivory Coast-Kenya-Zimbabwe crisis in our motherland. This is why Elecam is a priority above all those empty promises my friend. This is a question that has remain unanswered since the initiation of the multi party system in Cameroon. By voting a government that the people desire, we will organise our society and take care of all corruption which includes embezzlement, paedophilia and harrassment. we will implement good governance in every department and be served justice when we go to court. We will have a good credit rating and can qualify for numerous source of finance we require both domestically and internationally. Only then we will have a place to be proud of, a home. I'd suggest you give him the credit he deserve in daring to courageously challenge yours truly's ideas in that gendarme fortified fortress. Its a pity writing lenghty and empty fairy tales to justify your assertion of NJFN receiving money from Biya at a time when we need all hands on deck.

Of what we are
Becomes a tendency
For our fallacy.

Erick Nnoko Ngajieh

Nkeze Asonglefac Felix,there is poverty in the material sense as well as poverty manifested in lack of power, opportunity and security.
Political accountability is an essential aspect for poverty alleviation.Therefore I see no reasons to critize NJFN and Co for focusing on power and issues pertaining to electoral integrity. You and others can focus on the materical aspects of poverty instead of critizing NJFN. NJFN is human and you do not expect him to do all for us.


Biya said in his speech at Bamenda that he has decided to create the University of Bamenda without knowing that the one at Buea is stil lacking basics facilities and qualities classroom teachers.Infact the decision to create a university any Region should come from the Department of Education ,and not from the President.


Cameroonian culture is rich, and particularly that of the North-West is rich in historical facts. Once more, Bamenda stands high in the history of this rich authentic tradition as the first place where Paul Biya and Fr Ndi met. It is fully in honor of the region…


The meeting in Bamenda between President Paul Biya and chairman Ni John Fru Ndi, is an occasion to iron out disagreements on Elecam, I am convinced about this.


Total skepticism is what Biya deserves. He has a long history of not delivering or handing over projects to thieving lieutenants who put the finances for the projects into their personal accounts. I am amused by those who have any expectations. His record speaks for itself.

On a slightly different note, did you know that Paul Biya's Cameroon has absorbed $35 billion in foreign aid with no progress to show for it? See

mathias asongwe Ndefru

Ha ha, Finally Mr,President Paul, we have meet, how are you, I am glad u finally have come to Bamenda again after a pretty long time.there are many pressing issues ,and I wish to let you know that all of us in Bamenda have a place in our heart for you, because we are a loving people who believe in "FRATERNITY AND BROTHERHOOD IN POLITICS",from these platform we can deliver the goods for this nation using all the POTENTIALS the two of us have as political leaders.Our Country is so rich and we are blessed with many natural resources which the two of us can sit down and map out for concrete implementation and development.I was glad you told the people you want an emerging nation. This has been my dream ever since I got into politics. How ever you still owe me an invitation for lunch,when you come to Ntarikon we will discuss more.One thing to remind you of ,The Koreans completed their studies to build a real master peace 'RAILWAY' NET WORK LINKING ALL THE TEN REGIONS 0f our country,let us not allow that project to die, it will do us much good as we look forward to becoming an emerging nation.Also remember to visit the Southwest region and see if the Limbe dip sea port and Tiko are going on.Have a safe journey back, and see you shortly AT THE AGRO PASTORAL SHOW and when we meet for more Brotherly sharing and consultation to polish up Elecam.


The meeting has not got very much significance as people are made to believe. Those folks are political leaders and not enemies! Thirty minutes is so short for them to have exchanged so much ideas on the advancement of Cameroon.
I think NJFN was interested on what is at hand which is ELECAM of which his party is still dependent on modifications of the body by the regime before they "S" can decide on what their finally take is - come presidential elections 2011.
Let's wait and see!

canada goose

i am very lucky to find your artical, so much help for me. thanks for you sharings.

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