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Wednesday, 08 December 2010


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The Fons of North West should have re-crowned Biya again.I thought they said they loved him. Aman the visists his second every 20-25 years! Ahhh, Cameroon!


Its all for votes


I just wander why people will be moved by this. Bamende was surpose to have a university longtime ago. The university and the ring road has been a topic since 1982. this have been promises, promises and promises and another pormise because of the coming election. It is sharmful that he is coming to Bamenda by Helicopter. Bamenda was surpose to have a very good airport by now. Promises for 28 years now is enough please.


Biya don see yi EZ pass.Bamenda once beaten twice... Bi Mvondo is back with empty bag hoping to fill it.

Mallam Shehu

Field Marshall Njimaforgirl, the Eagle has landed, where is your soldier-ant army? Bolo-bolo mob!

If Bamenda people started behaving like the Ndian people then there`s no hope for cameroon. For how long today you people still haven`t realise who Mr. Biya is. Hmmm!!It`s a pity.

William Akwe

Well is better to be late than never, if only the President can make his promises come true this time then it will be a great achievement for the hard working people of the North West and for the Cameroonians population in general. Let us give him a chance to correct all the false promises he had made before, after all the people deserve all those facilities.


The Bamenda trio eagerly awaited

- The Hydro Electric Project at the Menchum falls.
- The Reference Hospital
- The University of Bamenda.
Are you aware that Bamenda had no University but a few Colleges which issued un-recognized certificates some years ago, now has three standard Universities at one shot.
- The Catholic University
- The Protestant University at Bali
- Then the long awaited University of Bamenda.
It is always said that he who laughs last laughs best. Mr. Ndumu over to you and your colleagues, I just don,t want to call this a political gimmick.

Mofako Mbanya

Paul Biya the man who have nothing to offer but fake promises. How can he slaughter the people of Nyos in 1985 and then come back to make promises to you. Well you can trust him but not in my name. This man is wicked he has not go the interest of the state at heart. He is Cameroons number one enemy. I feel so sorry for the few who sees him and feels he holds the pancea to their problems. Vote Biya out and out an end to 28 years of misery in Cameroon come next elections


iam very surprised that cameroonians will fail to have faith in their for me i know and beleive that the GOD who has used the president to declare this university will use him to ensure that this dream comes to pass.i have faith in GOD and thus i will not believe in poisoned minds who see only negative things in Bamenda.GOD has done it for BAMENDA.MAN SHOULD LEARN NOT ONLY TO SEE MOUNTAINS AND RIVERS WHERE PLAINS AND VALLEYS WITH SPRINGS ALSO EXIST.MR PRESIDENT GO AHEAD.DO NOT MIND YOUR DETRACTORS.

An Observer

Some people are seeing the creation of the University of Bamenda as a rival or counter force to the University of Buea.Why? What happened to that so called "Anglophone Unity" Can that unity worked as one nation when people feel or think like this?I don,t think so.


It's really very good news. i am really very glad after reading this news, It's great.

the great

An opportunity for biya to launched his 2011 campaign for live presidency.


Quite a lot is happening in Cameroon of late, I hope it is not just election fever. From the outside looking in, Biya seems to be making baby steps towards stamping out corruption. Although I wish this started over 10 years ago, I am happy something is been done. Countries like Ghana are much more advanced than we are due to good governance and lack of corrupt officials.

While I hessitate to believe all the promises made in Abakwa, I timidely assum that given the Presidents actions of late to stop corruption I may want to take him seriously this time around. I remain hopeful and pray that Cameroon has eventually turned a corner and the President has interest of the nation at heart.


Hahahahahaha.Another promise.And yet people still believe it.No wonder we are so backward.Victoria was promised a seaport,where is it?Ambazonians you better wake up before it is too late.

John Dinga

Cry our Beloved Country!

thanks for the last comment,cameroonians have decided to remain fools.


fake promises again, i'm tired of it all, when is this Paul Biya gonna die?

mami ya


Bamda boy

Rose na meand you di wait that day. same Abakwa weh eh launched opposition party,abeg wona wocup for sleep. empty talk na disguiss for mumu man way eh ear de open make e-hearam fine.


I did't know that abakwa pipi dey like ndian pipi how dem go take mafor put am for we own sarah palin e head. Hope say dis time dem joint nkoh and afo-akom so that dem go di play for that woman e sleeping room,so that e man no go forget he promise

Moh Etock

We need a university in Kumba too Mr Biya, what about Santa?


Bamenda is also a leading city in idear development, like it or not thats the fact. and believe Bamenda is on the move.


How can you be asking for a university in kumba or santa when the dust.Have not yet even settle on biya's word,for the one in B'da.It just go to show how confuse we the anglophones are


For the love i have for my country cameroon. I pray that the almighty Lord lead the President in faithfully fullfilling these promises he has made, for the Bamenda people really deserve these following their hard working courage dispite any situation they find themselves in.Amen.
D.paul von Germany

Nkeze Asonglefac Felix

That's why our international supporters think we are amateurs and divided. Tribalism has started to show its ugly face.
Biya who has promised a hiway to the moon while he and his village clowns steal our wealth hoping to equalise the development and educational gap between his lazy witchcraft tribe and the rest, comes to Bamenda and fools us again
with empty grandiose ideas. I am not going to duel in this stupid university buffoonery, here is what I will say though, Southern Cameroons can build its own universities to or even above the best world standards, we have seen the Harvards, MITs and the Princetons, if we can have dreams like Dubai and Abu Dhabi and put them in practice. A real university should have its own police force on campus not military personnel. If we start thinking now and making plans like estimates like we did with the constitution we will be ready when the time comes. Southern Cameroon Universities will become a magnet for foreign students from all over the world, look at the costs of tuition in Britain, US etc, we will become a bargain and moneymaker to equip our universities even more.
On biya in Bamenda, I would like to see proof of our opposition on the ground, so far it seems like none, all this talk of the home front being arrested and imprisoned and earning a batch of honour in the movement should be put to the test here.


I don't know if many of us who claim that we,know to much have seen what we have become.We should have been by now talking,about graduates from that Biya's university not how to get one.If only we can accept are stupidness among us,and say it loudly with forgiveness we should't be talking about the things.That Biya promise, we will have got since.But as the say you sratche my back are sractche ya own chop broke pot me ya brother no seyam

Leslie Nfor ..........

Biya has outlived his usefulness

Patriotic Cameroonian.

Could any one read the Willie Lynch Doctrine once written by Professor Dr. Alain Dipoko? Now that the Bamenda man has his university, the South West man will keep writing petitions to Etoudi not for a university but for his own military hospital.

By so doing anglophone intelligentsia will expend its energy on things which are the birth rights of all Cameroonians while the murderer- in-chief at Etoudi swims like a shark. I weep for my people.

Patriotic Cameroonian.


Mola Njoh Litumbe who has been speaking for the anglophone populace should see for himself what the Bamenda man has done behind his back like Foncha did to his kinsman Endeley. While the stupid South Westerners have been talking for all anglophones, the ever sly, parasitic blood sucking Bamenda man was writing petitions for a university, military hospital behind their back.

If anglophones are united as they claim why is it that, South Westerners who hold positions of influence ( government services) in the north west region do not do so in peace without being poisoned by the jealous Bamenda man?

I want to see Litumbe talk again on anglophone solidarity. How many Bamenda people have supported the Bakweri people for a return of their land? None. Why? Because, they feed on it like parasites.

Tita Mofor

Patriotic Cameroonian, you sound more like a patriotic Bakwere man.I thought that any development that is done any where in Cameroon should be something that any true Cameroonian should be proud of. I'm happy for the idea of another anglo saxon university not simply because Popo has promised to open it in Bamenda but because another anglo saxon university, even if it is in Mamfe, means more Cameroonians (NW, SW and french speaking Cameroonians) who want to attend an anglosaxon university will have more chances. Today there are so many people who would like to study at UB but cannot do so because UB cannot take everybody.

Your derogatory statements about N. Westerners and unfounded claim about SW administrators not being treated fairly is just a big lie. Maybe you meant N. Westerners being treated badly in the SW. Remember the term cam no go? Without going into that dark history I only need to remind you of how the struggle and blood sacrifice of N. Westerners has benefitted the people of the SW. The GCE board, for example, is the product of continoues strike by TAC in Bamenda. Many people in Bamenda die protesting that there should be an anglophone examination board. I remember people from the NW and also from the SW protesting in Bamenda for this common course. I don't remember people in Bamenda complaining that they wanted the GCE board to be in Bemenda. All they wanted was anglophone examination board and when the board was created they celebrated and nobody gave a damn that it was opened in Buea. The Limbe deep sea port almost came true because of who? Fornjidam (A Bamenda man). While he was struggling to realise this dream, I don't remember the then prime minister of Cameroon Inoni who is from Limbe giving him any support. I don't even remember SW people fighting for that sea port. Younde people who were jealouse that Limbe was going to get a sea port connived and got Fornjidam sacked and Jailed.All along it was Fons from the NW and other NW elite who have tried to help Fornjidam. The guy was fighting to bring a major development to the SW but where were the SW poeple?

So you see mr. so called Patriotic Cameroonian, maybe you should direct that hatred to yourself and fellow S. westerners.


forget abt that stupid bakwere man, they are a disgrace to the SW and Anglo as a whole.

William Akwe

Patriotic Cameroonian or what ever group you represent; you sound so unpatriotic for the interest of the Anglo Saxon Cameroonians. Trying to nurse seeds of division and hatred amongst the anglophones is not healthy for our peaceful coexistence, whether development is in the the N.w or S.W PROVINCE, these provinces both benefit from it. They have a lot in common, so negativity will not help in their development. Instead, they should unite so that they can better face the competition with their francophone brothers who are in the majority. That is the way I feel things should be done. Let us forget about the past mistakes, and hope for future unity.

Mbofris Fran

Hi friends, its all election noise. Don't even care about it for a minute. "You can fool some people sometime, but you can't fool all the people all the times" Bob Marley.


I guess we have learned from experience, to treat Biya`s promises with less than a pinch of salt. But even if we were to accord him the benefit of doubt this time, I ask myself if a university is such a priority for Bamenda (Cameroon).

- Cameroonian universities are faring poorly (none of them make the top 100 in Africa). Why continue to build more structures, if content is not guaranteed.
- Tertiary education is and has always been elitist. Even wealthy nations are beginning to question the policy of university education for all.
- With the advent of different forms of independent learning (correspondence, virtual universities, open universities, open source, ...), is it worthwhile investing in more amphis instead of improving telecoms infrastructure and let nature take it`s course?

It`s time to rethink development policy and create infrastructure on thematic and sectoral lines. The North West has potential for agri- business and craft (design). These are the sectors to develop. Let private (mission)institutions handle conventional education (they already have a proven track record in secondary education)

Once again I think our obssession with regional balance will be our undoing.


Which future unity is William Akwe refering to? You are just one of them.

If Kumvicaw knew what FAITH is all about he will never dare to post the JUNK he has posted.Can you and your breath with that old gospel of hypocricy and seek for forginess? When you loose your sense of shame...ahhhhh nooooooo it's pathetic.

Va Boy

I agree with you this time limbekid. More universities churning out potentially unemployable youth is the last thing we need. What we need is the corrupt la republique system off our backs above all (autonomy or full eindependence), infrastructure that fosters development and a legal framework that fosters development, and we shall do it ourselves. Do the same thing in the coastal zone, and we shall take off. Did you see the study by some Stanford scholars which showed that the level of rural development in the former British Southern Cameroons is higher than that of their counterparts on the other side.

mathias asongwe Ndefru



pleas Jesus save cameroon from the brink of disaster.

Moh Etock

Asking Biya for other universities in Kumba and Santa is in a way forcing him to atleast build and put into function that which he has promised in Bamenda. I have never been to Bamenda but I love Bamenda. How many anglophones and francohones are beeing refussed admission into the university of Buea every year. Don´t forget the medical entrance story in Buea a few years backward.
May God bless Africans and Africa.
Long live Africa.

r4 cards

pleas Jesus save cameroon from the brink of disaster.!!!!!!!!!!!! i agree with you!

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