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Thursday, 06 January 2011


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Andrew Nforne Tanjong

I think this is the most well thought out and intelligent must read I have read coming out from Cameroon giving readers a cursory overview of the way government should give accounts - economic, political, social and otherwise to its citizenry. Cameroonians over the years have been taken for granted and foolishness has been a way of life and cameroonians thought uneducated to comprehend basic economic, political and social phenomena.

andy, Economist.

Andrew Nforne Tanjong

This goes a long way to show the nakedness of how the "other side" sees the world in which we live in. Cameroonians are lead by Locos who have never heard of "economics", because their overlords refused to learn that subject because it entails a lot of effort and hence had nothing to hand to their vasals at the time of handing them 'hollow" independence if that's what they had.

Can someone teach these economic neophyte Frogs Economics 99 here?

Help, someone.

A.N. Tanjong, Econometrician


Now we have statistics.Isn't this a public announcement that his regime has been a failure for over 30 years.

John Dinga

It is so refreshing that out of Cameroon someone can stand up and be counted. The beauty of this write-up lies not so much in its nice, well thought out perspective, it is simply that for once someone can focus on issues rather than personalities. It saddens me so much when I read commentaries that dwell almost exclusively on people rather than the ideas. And criticims do not have to be destructive! Constructive criticisms can help us move ahead.
Congratulations, Hon.Aya, for a brilliant attempt. Weak soldiers always use human shields to fight their wars, so also do weak politicians use peripheral issues to bamboozle the people. Cameroon is too big to be treated like a basket case over and over and over. It is high time we put aside voodoo economics and actually use those parameters that enable us to guage our own growth and competitiveness, just as the rest of the world does. I doff my hat to the honorable.

Dr A A Agbormbai

Very powerful!


*Let the Almighty continue to grant you the strength and courage to do what you are doing Hon. Ayah! Once you choose to say things the way the are(TRUTH°) or atleast how the ought to be, be sure you will face the fiercest of all critics, threats and condemnation but stay forever FIRM, for i see the enemies and ambassadors of darkness falling off already like worthless flies.
* Continue to open up to the people of Cameroon; home and abroad, rally them in a constructive manner towards the polls in 2011, that's where Biya and his team of bigots will find their WATERLOO.
* The force of UNITY is one of the greatest weapon we can use to neutralise and ofcourse trash out Biyaism(divide and rule demonic spirit deeply instituted in Cameroon by Biya). All TRUE aspiring candidate(s) for the 2011 presidency should put their head together for the benefit of LIBERATING Cameroon and ESTABLISHING a better and prosperous NATION.
God bless Cameroon!
Warmest regards from oriental Beijing...Hilary A. F.

National Strategic Team

Dear Commentators,

The National Strategic Team, Paul AYAH For president takes very seriously your suggestions above.

We wish to thank especially, Dr. Abgormbai, Andrew Tanjong, John Dinga, Hilary A.F. in Beijing. We urge you to keep the suggestions coming.

We hope that we can both help each other to make Cameroon progress. We count on every bit of support to make this campaign move forward.

NB: From now on, we will be making announcements on this website -- at least 2 announcements or articles every week. So do well to make regular stops and get yourself acquainted by what Paul AYAH is up to. Coming soon, is his asset declaration and his official resignation from the CPDM. You could go to his Facebook page and website, for more information.

The National Strategic Team,
Paul AYAH For Cameroon President,
HQ Buea, South West Region,

SLOGAN: One For All, All For One ... God With Us.

Tel: (00237) 78 35 80 29 / 94 99 87 43

Official Website:


"I profoundly believe all Cameroonians will some day speak the same language, sing the same songs, dance to the same rhythm, dine and wine at the same table. When the rich shall cater for the poor and the strong shall help the weak, the law shall be supreme, justice and peace shall forever reign, if we are honest and believe we can get there. God bless Cameroon" Hon. Paul AYAH Abine, Cameroon 2011 Presidential aspirant


Spending time pointing out negative aspects in the deeds of leaders is so common and it will not be different with President Paul Biya. Hardly are good works being appreciated no matter all the efforts made. Don’t think you have said something new and in fact you have added no contribution with your comments on the promises made by President Biya.

Timberland UK

thanks for your article,like your blog very much,well done

Mohamadou Ismael

I would have expected this kind of report from the common street man and not from Ayah. There is no difference between him and even a nursery school child if we consider this report. As political leader, a man who has the ambition to rule Cameroon, you should have said better things than what you said. There is no proposition he has made for a better Cameroon. It does not suffice for a man of his level to criticize.

Hassan Bouba

Mr Ayah in this report is faithful to his style, just criticising without proposing any concrete solution as a politician which he says he is. Today your report has no place because you went to fast. All the points you discussed have all been clarified and no doubts left.

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