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Sunday, 30 January 2011


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Va Boy

The Egyptian Army has vowed not to fire on protesters. Does Cameroun Army fire on people? During the riots of 2008 did the army go out and kill people or was it special police units that did that?


It is harder for it to happen here or anywhere else in West Africa because somebody will figure out how to make it an ethnic thing. Fork you all tribalistic people.


The wind of change is going through Africa and will hit Cameroon - it is just a matter of time. No army has ever succeeded in defeating the will of the people. If the people of Cameroon come out en masse, there is nothing the Cameroon army can do to stop them. I hope that with the recent events in Tunisia and Egypt, the Cameroonian people are more aware of the power that they (the people) have to bring about change. I hope that Biya is paying close attention because his time is up. The world of dictatorships has changed; Biya should follow Mubarak's footsteps and not participate in the next presidential elections in Cameroon. He should also know that Cameroonians need a change from 28 years of incompetence and corruption from the Biya regime - and that Frank Biya will never be the president of Cameroon.


Earnest Mollua and/or/AKA Allain Dipoko,do you understand?

Mallam Shehu

Njimaforboy, North Africans are making history on-the-spot. These are real people, they don't believe in hiding their heads in the Carlifornian sand and wait for a miracle to happen. You better fly back home and immolate yourself in front of the PM's office. Nyamfuka!


Mallam Shehu, Berlin Germany
Njimaforboy, Los Angeles USA

What can you both do where you are which is useful? It is quite possible. The revolutions in all of these Northern African countries have happened with the help of people outside.

Mallam Shehu Why are you CPDM? Is it because of your tribe or because your family are big shots eating the fat of the land? Are you being paid to be a jerk? Develop a pair and quit the criminal gang of RDPC.

J. S. Dinga

We may be premature in drawing conclusions about the Egyptian spectacle. Going by the latest news, Mubarak supporters seem to have emerged from their hiding (or conclave?) and started the ripose. African leaders have since learned and mastered the nice formula of divide-and-rule in governance.And President Mubarak is said to be toughening up, hopefully to wear out the dissidents. Of course the beneficiaries of the regime's largesse cannot let an opportunity pass without showing their appreciation for the goods from above.

The Egyptian situation is of course complicated by so many external tentacles - overt and covert supporters of the regime from places like Israel, worried about losing an important ally in the region. The US too is in a fix. Turning its back to Mubarak and supporting those out there in Tahrir Square (the local Tiananmen) may play into the hands of radical Islamists. It is bad enough that Jimmy Carter went down in history as losing Iran, a strategic US ally to radical Islamic Republic. Barack Obama will read history notes and tread very carefully as he navigates the waters around Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan,Turkey, Israel and Yemen.

As for Cameroon, well that is for another day.
Every nation has its day. Cameroon's main handicap remains the painful propensity of opposition forces to redirect fire at each other stead of at the main problem which is the entrenched dictatorship. It trivializes the struggle when sane citizens leave the object to pursue the shadow. Fru Ndi is assaulted by some as if he has supplanted Biya in the national order of priorities.

Mallam Shehu

Njimaforboy, why not move to the centre of action, and make maximum use of your knowledge in organising a revolution(amphibious attacks) and concocting Molotov cocktails to flush the butcher out of Etoudi? Wata-wata mop!

NB: we shall succeed in flushing the butcher of Mvomeka out, with or without your tail-docking. Once liberated, we shall make sure cowards like you don't sneak themselves in our victory jubilations.

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