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Monday, 21 February 2011


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tita from madrid

dear cameroonian the time have come the struggle have started to succeed we should be determine we should know that biya will send police to brutalised people but we should not be afriad biya must go, and the bad regime we should keep on demonstrating till he live it happen in tunisia and eygept and they succeed our case will not be different.

tita from madrid

i will still like to know how the organisation of the uprising for tomorrow is going on.

Paul Biya

this is nonsense.....Im ashamed to see this...Cameroonians are passive and afraid...NO Courage or bravery and thats why we get shitted on all the time by those who are supposed to protect us. Why didnt 2 MEN step up and beat the shit out of those police officers? They have a raggedy car, no apparent guns...just batons and even if they had guns, these sans gallons are pussies...2 MEN should have stepped up and broken a few jaws and few knee caps and whoopped the shit out of these bastards....We need more courage and more guts otherwise, we will continue to watch as other countries and other people gain their RIGHTS while we summit rubbish comments on the internet and pray to God.....Bullshit....Cameroon must erupt.....its ALL OR NOTHING....FUCK BIYA


Subject: Enough is Enough!

Dear Cameroonians in the Diaspora,

It is time for action. Please let us all focus our energy on making an
impact in Cameroon on Feb 23rd. On the ground here things are tense. There is already a heavy deployment of armed forces in major towns and we have evidence that even the private media is feeling threatened enough not to relay our messages. Press conferences held by both Mboua Massock and myself in the last few days, telling the population what to do on the 23rd, have not been broadcast. It is therefore important that we put into gear alternative means of communication.

We are asking Cameroonians to
wear red in protest on Wednesday February 23rd. For the majority of the people this is all we are asking them to do. It is a very safe way of making a very loud protest as the visual impact will be impressive if the vast majority of Cameroonians are in red. No one can question or arrest you for wearing a color of your choice.

For those who are ready, there will be street demonstrations by various groups. People who wish to demonstrate with Cameroon ÔBosso should get in touch with us by email or phone. We intend to carry out organized, structured demonstrations that keep Cameroonians as safe as possible.

The following key actions are things you in the diaspora should do:

1) Forward this email to your entire mailing list making sure it gets to as many people informed as possible and ask them to forward it as well. Make sure as many e-groups as possible receive it.
2) Send sms and make phone calls to your family and friends in Cameroon to ask them to wear red on Wednesday Feb. 23rd.
3) Provide financial support. All the groups on the ground here are in dire need of financial support. At Cameroon Ô'Bosso we are trying to produce at least 1,000 red t-shirts and more if possible. We also need transportation and water for those who will be on the streets. Finally we want to print an additional 100,000 tracts (We had already done 40,000) due to the media black out. Please provide financial support to any serious group on the ground that is actively working. If you wish to give to Cameroon Ô'Bosso we need to receive funds by Monday night if at all possible. Please send us an email so we can arrange this due to the short notice. We still need about 3.000.000 FCFA ($6,000).
4) Influence the armed forces. If you have contacts and family in the armed forces, please get in touch with them and convince them to act responsibly. We are all aware that the attitude the armed forces will show, will determine significantly what happens.

Thanks for your support and the energy you have put into this. Let us please stop all debate and move to action. We are 48 hours from deadline and there is still very much to be done. The impact we are able to make on Wednesday will be of significant importance for the future of our country.
Kah Walla

Lienghotue Gideon

I just want to congratulate folks who are concern about our dear country. Biya has been power for close to 30 years and yet to deliver. He cannot deliver again. Let not be deceive buy this hypocracy again. People will die but no freedom is given. It most be fight for and the process people die. These demostration shld be peaceful and none violent even if they push you to the wall. I am in the western world and will help to coordinate some help from this part of the world.It is not gonna be easy and all of us knows it has never been easy. Thank God


Do you people know why protest in Egypt and Tunisia worked, it worked because every body came out and said enough is enough.Cameroonians are too weak. You people haven't noticed the everyman for himself God for us all attitude that is killing us. How many people are there in Cameroon and how many police, military are there? By common sense the people will always out number the government Hippocrates called the police. We are still very weak.

Va Boy



The Way Forwards Network to restore Southern Cameroons to its independence from the United
Nations Trust Territories, by this notice, urges citizens of the Southern Cameroons NOT to participate to any degree in the strikes or other demonstrations planned for Wednesday February 23, 2011 against the Republic of Cameroun (LRC). These are internal affiars of that country; they are not our priorities. The priorities of Cameroun (LRC) are entirely different at this time from the priorities of our country Southern Cameroons. Theirs is freedom from a dictatorship; ours is independence and withdrawal of Cameroun’s armed forces from Southern Cameroons.

The time to dialogue with our neighbours will come only later, either with the present government or with the future government that replaces it.

The intent in this urgent security alert is to protect our citizens at home and in Cameroun from predictable killings, in light of ongoing assaults in Libya on demonstrators seeking to oust their ruling regime.

The Way Forwards Network for the Emancipation of our territory urges our citizens at home to NOT give the notorious Biya regime any excuse to brutalise Southern Cameroonians at home or in Cameroun (LRC).


In 2009 LRC armed forces scapegoated Southern Cameroons nationals resident in Cameroun (LRC) instead of admitting its internal problems. Given those events of 2009, history is extremely likely to repeat itself on Wednesday February 23 if
Southern Cameroonians demonstrate against the government of their host country LRC.

By this alert, we urges Southern Cameroons nationals living in Cameroun NOT to demonstrate with Camerounese this Wednesday. Further, those who can leave their residential areas in border cities like Douala should do so and seek temporary refuge back home for the duration of the strikes and demonstrate by Camerounese against their government.

Communications Committee
For The Way Forwards Network

Gan Charles

This is what was found in on of Ben Ali's palaces. The video is in Arabic but as they say, a picture is worth 1000 words:

We may see similar in Cameroon after the dust settles.


That video is excellent:

Gan Charles

The real test is whether Cameroonians will set aside their differences and unite for a common cause - getting rid of a corrupt regime. There is so much distrust amongst the various groups. This has been the main reason that there has never a spontaneous uprising where every one participates because they feel the same pain and reject the status quo. Without this seemingly simple bond, of which each Cameroonian feels that his well being and the betterment of his future is intertwined with other Cameroonians, there is not going to be an uprising massive enough to collectively overcome the fear of repression by state security forces. It is a game of numbers. So far the government has been able to contain pockets of protests but never several groups of mass protests. It is a game of numbers and trust. Trust that because we are fighting for a common cause, I know that if I get killed you will continue the fight so that in the end my death was not in vain. When we are this determined, the security forces will be up against the entire population and they will at some critical point be overwhelmed.
No one knows when this critical point will be reached. In the case of Tunisia and Egypt, it was when soldiers, who are their bothers and sisters, refused to shoot at their kin. Police was withdrawn.
Critical mass is what we need to thwart the divide and conquer strategy which has work for the government so far.

Che Sunday

You have well figured Gan. The trouble in Cameroon is that certain groups are in the take and are not ready to bite the bullet. Others have never seen sunlight under the system and are ready to give both arm and leg to get change. You have another faction, the SCNC preaching a non engagement agenda. Were that to be the case, two provinces will just sit and watch. I wonder if such an approach will also be translated to mean a rejection of Biya's largese if they were to be offered? Just a thought. Traditional leaders have made the man Fon of Fons. Will his subjects turn him down now when he needs them the most? So far, its been a scanty bunch taking the punch from police in Douala. Where is Yaounde, Garoua, Kribi, Nkongsamba, Bamenda and so forth? I am waiting!

Ernie Perry

to my good friend from Madrid Mr Tita, instead of you wasting time asking too many question,you should join the van wagon and even be at the driver seat for this revolution tomorrow Feb 23. I will call on every single Cameroonian to call friends,family members,neighbours to turn out "en masse" for this REVOLUTION on Feb 23.Remember folks that Mr Biya and his cronice will do everything to disrupt and dismantle this revolution by deploying the forces of lawlesness and disorder.Tunisia,Egypt,Libya and the rest has taught us the power of mass revolution.

Va Boy

Largesse? More like smallesse, when you check out only his Swiss chateau. The man moves around with suitcases of cash. Nothing as good as cash. Maybe gold. You never know when these western governments would suddenly catch religion and clamp down on your dirty bank accounts. That is why he must be busily transferring money to asian pacific accounts.

Those of you Southern Cameroonians who want to do protests, consider this: the Cameroun Army is more like Libya than Egypt. Historically, they have fired on the people, and their fortunes are linked with Biya. Have your Cameroun revolutionaries made any promises about settling our issue? No. They will come up with that national unity nonsense once they are in power.


Dear Brothers and sisters, the bottom line is that all Reasonable cameroonian know about what thay are going through. Present at the feb 2008 movement, i know what the police and army are waiting for, so many of them are ready to get on the train just do your bit. Please the best means of communications will be via our mobile phones, make use of the cameras on your phones post immages on youtube and i bet you that by day three western medias will come for those pictures and by then the world will see and hear our cry. BIYA MUST GO

Anang Joe

Wake up Cameroonians we must keep the demo alive otherwise the situation would become worst. Police can not be beating up peaceful demonstrators while we stand and watch. Shame to those who are going about their business as if nothing is happening. That's selfishness. we will continue to eat shit if we continue that way. Wake up the time is now!!This is our country, this is our time n this is our REVOLUTION, no opposition leaders to tell us shit. They are all failures we've got to take the STRUGGLE in our own hands n the time is now. Long live Cameroon n long live the people's revolution. It has began n not turning back. Stopping would be a betrayal to our brethren who have been beaten up n arrested by those cheao policemen who don't know whot they are doing.


VA BOY,you are the only rightful thinking dude, all else are nyamafucku dem, southern
cameroons is a seperate country thats ilegally occupied by cameroun, all the world knows that, even the ACHPR in banjul just confirm, the facts are there
for any one to read, those southern cameroonians ,who wish that southern cameroonians, still continue to fulfit its independence , and be came confused, like drunkards in camerouns internal affairs, should do soo, at their own personal risk, but this agenda doesnt support what every one including paul biya himself knows.
recently at the cam embassy in washing dc, i saw a map showing southern cameroons, seperate from camerouns. soo, those who dont want to live a life free and independent, in their country(southern cameroons) should. call scnc a faction of cameroun, noo it isnt, .

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There's a theory about a type of memory called flashbulb moments. Essentially, it's that certain moments, in a cultural spectrum, create such a shock that people will continue to remember where they were and what they were doing when that particular moment happened.

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