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Wednesday, 23 February 2011


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tita from madrid

its horrible to see picture like this we have a long way to.cameroon is not yet ripe for dimocracy.we need to work hard.


Thank you for posting this pictures. Every bit of this pictures should be posted and sent to the international bodies to see as well. Biya, stop killing cameroonians give them the democracy. We do not need dictators.

Cameroonians please we have to continou. we are this is just the start. we have to fight for our right, our freedom, our peace. we are hungry and tired of biya his group. They must go.

Everyone who get this pictures please try to sent it all over to any international press, international bodies and everyone to see.

The biya police and the uniform guys are going to join us soon. enough is enough. keep up with this spirit and God will take control.

Dr A A Agbormbai

That is presidential aspirant Kah Walla in a red blouse being beaten up, like a trapped rodent, by a group of BIR soldiers! They left her practically for dead.

This is shocking and utterly disgraceful. I call for the strongest possible condemnation from the international community.

Dr A A Agbormbai

This video must be sent, along with a narrative, to all international news houses.

It wasn't until I saw the pictures at Chia Report that I realised it was Kah Walla being brutalised like that.


Despite my personal misgivings I applaud Kah Walla for leading from the front and standing by her convictions. Unfortunately, from this video the protesters look so isolated. Every one else looks like a curious bystander. I hope the movement gathers momentum, or else it will end in disappointment


These are very depressing images. However, as useful as they may be in depicting the handling of protesters in Cameroon, it is also fair that activists remain accurate and not fall into the same propaganda we decry from the regime. Don't give them tools to nail you - therefore be accurate.

1. Those forces seen beating up protesters are not from the BIR. These are anti-riot units of the police as seen in their protective helmets,shields and "mbéré" Khaki uniforms. . These would include the infamous GMI(mobile intervention brigade)known to anyone who has ever attempted to go on strike in Cameroon.

The Brigade d'Intervention Rapide or BIR are a specialised military unit of the army. They would appear in Israeli styled military kits and black berets. Or simply in black T-shirts and operate in small units without protective helmets or shields. They are usually armed with the most sophisticated automatic weapons not the old matt 36 seen here with the police. If that were the BIR, those protesters would be dead, from gunshots. The BIR are not trained to disrupt riots; they are trained to kill. They only come to street protests as a very last resort (even by Biya's ugly standards) as was the case in the 2008 riots (when Douala seemed out of control to the govt) and at one instance during the strikes at the University of Buea.

2. Kah Walla was effectively brutalised and her clothes torn and we see her being doused by water cannons and running off at the end of that video. But she is not the one we see being beaten in the opening sequence on the ground. It is a man and a fellow member of her Cameroon Obosso. Kah Walla or not it is a sorry sight. However, there should be accuracy so that this is not scoffed at as propaganda.

Some would say it doesn't make a difference but who knows?

Martin Douala

The local population can and should identify the BIR officers hitting Kah Walla. The Despot himself is destined to have an ending worse than that of Ahidjo.

Dr A A Agbormbai

Thanks Bro for the correction. I didn't know Cameroon had anti-riot police. Everyone seems to point fingers at BIR these days, even when they are not responsible.


Cameroon's security forces are unable or afraid(?) to contain a small group of pirates or mercenaries(whatever)in the Bakassi area but are quick to unleash terror against defenseless peaceful Cameroonians demanding a better life from their leaders. What a shame and pity of a charade of so called security forces!!

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I can’t agree with you more!

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