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Tuesday, 08 February 2011


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Gan Charles

I would like to know when Mr. Fru Ndi worked outside the system. The writer sounds like he has been operating outside of the country on exile. It is also very foolish that the two men did not meet until recently. I am sure there are as many reasons as there are rumours. Again maybe, as the writer has suggested, they are just two tired old men who have come to terms with the realisation that their time is up. What ever the case - now that they finally met face to face we need to know what they discussed that benefits Cameroonians. Surely something must have come out of this anticipated meeting.


All outdate politicians of Biya's Age should be driven out of the political stage of Cameroon. They are bird of the same feathers, atlast NJF has decided to remove his camouflage so he can look really Biya like.All political parties should be disband, the national assembly disolved and all army Generals above 65 send to retirement. The poor and depressed if you don't fight together for your rights you will remain dying everyday...........

J. S. Dinga

Nice insight. What I am dying to know is where the SDF's NEC fits into this volteface. Does anyone know?

The Observer

Not sure why Fru Ndi meeting Biya is considered a "volte face". The SDF has always expressed its desire to have its chairman meet one-on-one with President Biya but had always been rebuffed. Folks here seem to have forgotten the 1996 SDF-CPDM talks (at a time when the SDF was still a "radical" party) which went on for months and which eventually collapsed because CPDM representatives tried to pull a fast one on the SDF team led by Prof. Kofele-Kale. Those talks were supposed to culminate in a meeting between Fru and Biya.

Also in 1991, at the height of the Ghost Town, the SDF insisted on Biya meeting opposition leaders one-on-one but the regime said Biya would only receive them as a group.

So the Biya-Fru Ndi meetings of 2009/2010 are very consistent with SDF policy going back to 1991.

Analysts should do their homework before talking about a "volte face" or turnaround in SDF policy

BTW, Mr, Gan, Henry Monono has never lived in exile is one of the most prominent Anglophone lawyers in Cameroon. Not every Up Mountain Contributor is an economic refugee like yourself...

J. S. Dinga

Mr Observer,
If you were real and deserve to be heard, you would not be using a pseudonym. That approach already casts doubts on whatever your intervention is.

All the same, I value critiques that can help Cameroon move ahead. If you bothered to weight the entirety of my main point, it was the NEC and its views on this meeting. Obviously the meeting is being tooted around as if Fru Ndi and Biya could meet without the involvement of their leutenants. Secondly, Cameroonians like meetings of this type but better than the meeting itself is the substance that necessitated it as well as the outcome. Obviously it is not asking too much if I or any Cameroonian seeks to know.That's what accountability of a people's representative is all about. Unless and until you can supply this information, it is simple commonsense to let them speak who have the answer.
Thanks for your understanding.


Similarities between Paul and John well outlined. No matter what. The meeting is good but 20 year too late.
I guess John was waiting to become "much similar to Paul" before they meet. For a 30year old person like me, I hardly fell any difference between 28yrs in power in the government and 20 yrs in power inside opposition circles.
Has anyone ever asked his or her self the question; "If someone fight to remain the leader of the opposition for 20yrs, Presidential candidate since about 20yrs, how long would he want be be president?(remember the constitution has no term limit)"
Okay imagine this scenario, the most god fearing: Paul and John are now talking, they are now even friends, accept as friends never to harm each other no matter who is president, accept on a peacefull, and fair election to allow Cameroonians decide amongst them friends. John wins in a few months. It would be but normal that he anticipates atleast a two term rule i.e. 14yrs meaning till atleast 2025. I just get stomach ache when I imagine just this name "Ni John" in my mind and life till 2025, remembering he has been in my mind for past 20yrs. Ni John for 34yrs, 20yrs as my opposition leader and then atleast 14yrs as president?

Gan Charles

The Observer - I do not know the Henry Monono you speak of unless you have some quilt of your own - did I say Mr. Fru Ndi?. It is also disingenuous of you to label me as an economic refugee. Please stick to explaining your write up.


We own John Fru Ndi.

mbt sale

That was my thought,too.

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