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Tuesday, 22 February 2011


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Nkeze. A. Felix

You've just watch the video that I posted here on one of Biya's property in Switzerland. He owns many like that all over the world bought with our stolen money. He also carries bags of money with him whenever he travels abroad.

I've just spoken to guys on the ground and the situation in Douala and Yaounde is tense. Biya Must Go. We have to strategise. I am calling on you to design strategies for us to capture small towns. Towns like Mutengene, Muyuka, Kumba, Mamfe, Edea, Mbanga, Nkongsamba, Bafia, Tiko, Wum, Kumbo, Nkambe, etc have to be captured in the next few days and controlled by local militias.

In such vein, I am calling on you to start contacting members of your region to ask if they can organise small groups to take over the town. I've just spoken to some guys in some small cities. I can confirm that they are ready to strike but they are not organised like the guys in Douala. We need to organise them. Ask them to plan a date, distribute tracts and inform their numbers. All this is going to help.

Nkeze. A. Felix


that is just a reminder of the beginning of time when permittivity was at the peak,i think if what call design strategies is authentic then as a citizen with his full right should face the situation in a constitutional way. Iam a legal citizen in Cameroon and i love my country so much. if you think that is going to make a better cameroon , then we are strongly behind you if and only if you do it openly by start putting you compliants infront not behind. i think you have a personal problem with the government which is suppose to be handle personally and not nationally. If i call you a COWARD then is because of your poor action. rethink.But if iam asked to give you a better solution to your problem, i will advise you to Format you memory so that you will never conceive such satanic idea. because you saw Egypt reaction and you want to compared it with Cameroon. note that black is black and white is white so never you compare.

tita from madrid

my brother i thank u for this video we are in cameroon suffering while biya has a good villa in swiss.we have started this revolution today is non stop till biya live.i have question to ask fru ndi, why is it that today 23 of febuary he does not call for demonstration.he is actually a disgrace he started this fight and biya has call him and give his own money now he is quite.if this fight continue he does not join people should stay away from sdf actually he is a confuse goat.

Don Nkeng

Mr Raj, you have the nerve to cal others cowards and yet you have no spine yourself... If it is ideas you want about the way forward after Biya is gone, i have them in plenty.
1st-A comprehensive Constitutional review. Vesting the authority of the land in the People of cameroon and in the Constitution is the 1st step. This will allow for the setting up of Institutions which will be guided by the Constitution and the rule of law. We are where we are today because of disregard for the rule of law. Period!! The fact that a clown can change the terms of the Constitution at will is ridiculous. the new Constitution MUST be safeguarded at all cost.
I will give you more input later, but for now Raj, get one thing clear, people with your thought process NEVER bring positive change but rather stagnation....

Don Nkeng

Mr Nkeze Felix. Thank you very much for the updates. I sincerely pray that this will be the final uprising against 'the butcher of Etoudi'. Please keep us updated on events as often as possible.I hope the protesters keep it peaceful, and the demands clear "BIYA MUST GO!!". As expected the stooges of CRTv have not even mentioned these events, however they will fall victim to the power of the Internet.
Long live the power of peaceful protest...Long live Biya(in exile watching Cameroon attain it's true potential, or in jail paying for his crimes) and Long live Cameroon!!!!

Mbamba for Mbenge

That is why Tchiroma the son of Kontcheu and grandson of Goebbels is so afraid of the diaspora. They are unable to make things disappear anymore, thanks to the diaspora. Darkness is the ally of Cameroun government. They cannot control TV anymore, because every person owns a TV camera and the means to broadcast, and this is all facilitated by the diaspora.

The activists need to regroup and take lessons from the episodes of today and continue to apply pressure on the criminal government. The diaspora needs to start demonstrations at the various embassies and sustain them. It is the middle of Winter in the Northern Hemisphere, so we understand the limits.

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