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Saturday, 19 February 2011


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Up Station is the gathering place of treasonous plots and subversion against our great leader and father, His Excellency Paul Biya. We are watching you, especially you Biafrans with your Bami collaborators.


To Maxim, you are very wrong in calling them Biafrans, is this because they write in english?? so the english speakers of cameroon have become Biafrans.
you are also very wrong in calling Biya a father and great leader. For he has never been a father. No "real father and great leader" as you say he is will love some of this children and hate the others so bitterly. He and his group of thieves have made us homeless.
The wind of change is blowing very strongly now. It is not the question of if it will reach Cameroon but when. It will not be too long !!


They are Biafrans because their Southern Cameroons used to be with Nigeria, and they still love Nigeria more than our beautiful fatherland. Biafrans is not an insult to them. It is a fact. You cannot trust any of them. If you scratch them beneath the skin they are all SCNC Biafrans.

How come you hate Biya? He brought democracy and multipartisme and development.


Fine and good. The Biafrans also see their nation as you look at yours. A beautiful fatherland. If you want to look at thinks this way by saying they are all SCNC why is La Republic against their indipendent??? If today Southern Cameroon was to be a nation (Ambazonia) its citizens will also see their nation as a beauiful fatherland. Then the bread basket and milking cow of La Republic will be gone. ( SONARA & CDC. La Republic cannot do without Southern Cameroon but Southern Cameroon will be one of the richest African countries without La Rep.
I do not hate biya but his Government and the CPDM. He brought no democracy for he is a dictator. What has multipartism brought to Cameroon??? Biya is a dictator with the knife and the yam. He can cut where and when he wants. He and his thieves have made us to be beggers and bankrupt.
What development has he brought for 29years in power? My quetions to you.
-Is it the presidents role to descide which region should have a UNI?
-Why is the CPDM against a state system?
-Why has the new Seaport not in Limbe Victoria with a natural deep sea coast. It would also be nearer to the to be exported products. Crud oil, CDC products etc.
-What is the difference between a region and a province??
-What has happen to th ring road you promised 29 years ago? you said you were going to supervise it youself. Did you do it??.
- How can you creat 25.000 jobs in one year. I hope you do not want to creat another BIR battalion.
Cameroon is a reach country but has been mismanaged by the CPDM.
We want a change! let others try it too.

Lienghotue Gideon

It is not by name calling that Biya will treat this country well. You know so well that this man has been in power for too long. cAMEROON IS ABOUT 20MILLION PEOPLE ANS DESERVE A GOOD LEADER OF THE 21ST CENTURY.Who told you he brought democracy in cameroon? Multipartism existed before he became president. There is no press freedom in cameroon. Graduates are dieing by day without job, future. He kill people daily and cannot be the only person that will run a couintry. Shame to people like you.

Gan Charles

Maxine - The majority of Cameroonians do not share your love for your father. You are in denial. The first step in ridding yourself of this delusion is to admit there is a problem with the Biya regime. You have been so brainwashed by your association with the regime that I am glad you have found this blog. You will be cleansed and you will see the light. Your first instinct is denial and name calling. Soon the facts and argument made here will start to make sense to you. Lastly you will join the fold. When the time comes, and I know it will be soon. We will welcome you with opened arms, just like the prodigal son, or is it daughter. Does not matter because we seek inclusion not exclusion.


I am anglophone and it is sad to confess that some of us and thank fully the half-educated minority have lame ideas and analysis of the country and government.

Enslaved by pre-colonial traditions with Chiefs and slavish subjugation and chronic mental slavery.

I challenge them to nominate just 1 candidate to replace Biya.

Another old fart?

Listen to this article:
'10 commandments of protesters'
stinks like illiteracy itself

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