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Wednesday, 16 March 2011


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I do not believe James Tataw or Pierre Semengue are less than 80 years old. Your thoughts about this, fellow readers. I know somebody younger than these guys who is 82 years old right now.

A country of lies.

Oliver Chefor

I keep wondering what will happen in the next up coming presidential elections. We all know how currupt and unpredictable our government is.The Biya's regime is still in play. I still feel bad about what happened with the february 2008 incident. The Biya's regime made use of military force on an unarmed population of unequal force. I wonder who was held responsible for the number of people who lost their lives, those who's rights were violated. Well one thing is certain he shall not forever keep intimidating people with violence. Lets look at what is happening to Ghadaffi of Lybia. "He has lost the legitimacy to rule, hence must step down" said President OBAMA. President Biya has lost that same regime time and again as is responsible to many crimes against humanity.


Paul Biya does not deserve to be mentioned with Gaddafi in the same breath, because although Westerners are deliberately confused, Africans know who has been working for his country and who is always on vacation in Europe. Poor Africans. Nothing has changed for us.

Oliver Chefor

Well Like they say, "Not all the same soup from a common pot and a common cook will taste the same". What I said was Paul Biya lost that Ligitimacy to rule eversince and has to step down. Why is it so difficult for him to leave power to someone who has better ambitions and inovative ideas. Is he scared of being judge for crime against humanity. Thats for sure true. Paul Biya needs to be revived like Gaddafi has been this while.


I think and feel that Mr Paul Biya regime is over this time.He has nothing to say or to tell us all the Cameroonian people this time ,until he is still asking for fellow Cameroonian to stand behind him for the next coming up election on 9,oct,2011, to WHERE and for WHAT ?.

Kounchou Jorel

Only individuals with fish or bird brains have such thoughts. If there are more generals, it is not to war against Cameroonians.

Guy Jean Pinda

This is s very stupid report that should be kept very far from normal people.

Kouokap Martin

I don’t what is wrong with this decision. Even if there were a hundred generals, why does it disturb some individuals? Our army is simply undergoing changes and the appointment of these new generals is part of it.

Kouékam Fabrice

This is a nonevent and does not need that much attention, there are better issues on the table.

Nicole Temwa

Like any other staff, the military staff needs to be renewed. Viewing the appointment of new generals like a war being launched against Cameroonians is very stupid.

Luc Donfang

Away with such stupid comments. It makes no sense and appears to be a means of seeking for notice.

Célestin Kaptchouang

So no new general should be appointed? Such reports have no place on the mass media, they are the result of amateur work.

Célestin Kaptchouang

When there is no change people complain, when change occurs they still complain. People complain generals stay in office for too long and now that some are retired and new ones appointed, it poses a problem. it really shows the bad faith of some individuals, where have they seen the war against Cameroonians because of the appointment of new generals? Such a comment makes no sense at all.

Célestin Kaptchouang

Only individuals with coconut heads will think the appointment of new generals while some retire is a war declaration against citizens.

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