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Friday, 18 March 2011


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Besides culture, I think gerontocracy has prevailed in Cameroon for the following reasons:

- Certain sectors of the economy have yet to be developed and as such politics and administration have remained the main roots to power and influence.
- Career advancement has for the most part been determined by traditional trajectories (ENAM, ENS, IRIC...)

However, the youth are progressively drifting away from the traditional structure and seeking independent routes towards personal advancement. This change could be attributed to: a more sophisticated youth; new media; demographic changes (children born out of Cameroon) and even the "bush faller" phenomenon.

The development of certain sectors (sports, entertainment, hi-tech...) were youth endows comparative advantage, will eventually accelerate the drift away from the current power structure.

J. S. Dinga

The truth is that Cameroon has got to choose whether to be part of a modern world and live by its developments or remain perpetually in the past. The country's singular problem results from the paradoxal desire to live in the present and still be in the past. It cannot happen. All of us who left home and went to school did give up some cherished cultures to acquire the new and be part of the mainstream. It is an aberration to saddle classmates with a thing that obviously does not harmonize with current or future orientation.

Each of us is aware of the fast changing pace of our world. In every single domain, new knowledge is being churned and animators must adapt to them. How can we adapt so well with soccer (football), play according to rules, rise to continental and even world level and do so well but when it comes to politics, we begin to speak in terms of contextualization, our euphemism for refusing to adapt to what is ostensibly the new? Look around and see those heavyweights who decried democracy and labelled it "imported models". See what type of vehicles they drive around - ultramodern SUVs! Is anything wrong with imported models, whether in sports, politics or education?

Failure to develop our infrastructure is often blamed on lack of means. Are we that poor? And how do we fund the multiple brief stays abroad, some of which crippled our lone airline? Does "gerontocracy" prescribe the use of decrepit facilities? Why can't the leadership of Cameroon imagine that the good things it enjoys around the world -good health care, good academic and honorary degrees conferred upon it - can equally be available in the good triangle? Why does the head of state go out to have degrees awarded to him when he preaches the consumption of home-made products? Why can't Yaounde, Douala, Buea, Ngaoundere or Dschang universities confer honorariums on the president of Cameroon? Why can't the Central Hospital treat him when he is sick? The truth is that we make our beds and are ashamed to lie on them!

One day, the Almighty willing, Cameroonians will rise up and be counted. The day government ceases to want to be the main employer, releases the pressure on the private sector, allows some degree of healthy competition from nursery school upward, Cameroon society will begin to rejuvenate. No society can survive without competition. Monopoly stymies healthy growth! Watch the way some insiders make the head of the CPDM a providential ruler - without him no one else can be leader. Under such a climate, may be the poor guy wished to take a deserved rest; he is forced to accept more and more mandates to rule. Who is fooling who? Why force people to retire since the example from the top is that of imortality?

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