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Saturday, 12 March 2011


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J. S. Dinga

Dear Dr.Vakunta, I admire your unrelenting patience and commitment to these new languages and alternative means of communication. Surely they serve a sub-population in carrying their wares to the market place.

But my worry is how far they will go before disappearing into thin air. I am acutely aware of the loss of a large part of African culture due mainly to the so-called "oral tradition" by which our ancestors depended on word of mouth to pass on their culture. It is this awareness that makes me wonder how far down the road these new hybrids will go. Esperanto rose like a meteorite in the 1960s, and then passed away. Today we have all sorts of Creoles - combition of mother-tongues with various former colonial languages such as patoi and French in Haiti, patoi plus portugues in Cape Verde, bantu plus arabic in East Africa, patoi plus English in Sierra Leone, Frananglais in Cameroon and the famous Ebonics you alluded to. If these means of communication are not codified and documented, what is their fate in a competitive market place of ideas?

I believe that the authors of such languages stand a better chance documenting them and if possible, associating words with some concrete invention or discovery that can enable them reach across to those in the other spheres of communication; otherwise they crumble like the oral traditons of the past. Will you contest this?
And by the way, may I have your coordinates (e-mail, telephone etc) please? Merci.


Hi Mr.Dinga!
Thanks for your insightful comments on the interview. My email is [email protected]


Of what importance is this Peter? Some of you really have the time....


Everything is worthy of study, notice, documentation, Mr and Mrs None.

Bob Bristol

At a time when the flames in Tunisia are till to die out, at a time when the gongs of celebration reveberates all over Egypt, at a time when the subjugated masses of the world yerns for a moral boost to ignite their push towards regime change, this is what our Doctors and Professors have to offer us: Ashutantang on the love or hatred of pets and Vakunta on the emergence of a new hybrid language.
We shall overcome.

Va Boy

Bob, Phd does not political courage or social justice purchase. Let us not be deceived by our seminal Phd, Bernard N Fonlon, who took on society's big issues with his pen. Getting over that dependency on any kind of authority figure and beginning to think and do for ourselves like free women, men and children is one of the vital steps towards being a free people.

What are you expecting from Vakunta, Ashuntangtang or Konde? Leadership? That is a tall order. A musician coming out with a compelling rhythm and power lyrics is more valuable right now than any of these. So please, be kind to the Phds as long as they are not creating propaganda for the man. I know some courageous and politically active Phds but for some reason they are not blogging here. Even during a struggle, people have to eat, drink, have sex and be entertained and informed and educated. These things are even more necessary for sanity than at normal times.

Bob Bristol

Va Boy, I feel compelled to tender an apology for Phds in my write up above. But note that they are literary figures in the field of Cameroon Literaure. This is not a time to have art for art's sake.This is not a time to use Ak 47 nor is it the time to use "town criers". It is a time to use the pens and the keyboards. It is a time to starve the body from the luxury of pleasure and heighten the anger that can push us to do the unexpected.

Va Boy

I hope Vakunta, Ashuntangtang and others are reading what you are saying here. They all shed tears when Bate Besong died. They need to do more than that. A lot of diaspora literati want to go back and forth from home without being picked out by the thugs of the regime. There are other professors who are wary of returning home, especially the bunch that openly support the Southern Cameroons cause. I am hoping that they make their work seen here as well.

Va Boy

Bob, you know somebody like Dibussi. I do not think he is a professor, but he has been very instrumental in keeping us informed and keeping the discussion at a higher and more level than what you described as the town criers. He is a treasure that these Phds and DSc people can emulate. I know I am not Dibussi, because it is not beneath me to get into the gutter with the worst of them, but he rubs off.

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