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Tuesday, 12 April 2011


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Tita Morfor

How can anybody in his/her right mind compare Patrice Lumumba and Laurent Gbagbo? Great comments above by the way. I am really surprised that Africans are buying this crap by their dictators that they are in power to protect the African wealth from European colonialist. Give me a break. Why do they think that only they (and their children-family) are wise enough or patriotic to fight the so called colonialist?

India, South Korea, Thailand, China and so on were colonised by Europeans and these countries have developed today to the point where their economies are doing just as good (or even better) than the economy of many European countries. I don't hear any of these countries whining everyday about colonialism. They have leaders with vision and they are slowly building democratic institutions. In Africa we have a different story. Each person wants to be president for life and the sad thing is that many Africans don't see it as a problem. They think that if France (Europe) supports something that thing automatically cannot be good for Africa.

I have read a few posts by Aloysius and my advice is, don't let your anti-European sentiments cloud your objectivity. Aloysius in another piece is strongly against the intervention of NATO in Libya. Another African strong man who has been in power for more than 40 years and who shots at peaceful protesters? Even if he is Nelson Mandela I'll not support him

Camair Pikin

There is no way someone would compare Gbagbo and Lumumba. Only a supporter or member of the
Cameroon Peoples Destructive Machinery (CPDM) would there compare Gbagbo to Lumumba, because they know Gbagbo tried to copy Biya's system of clinching to power by dividing the country, and not accepting the elections results.
Else, how could Gbagbo claim to have won in the northern Ouattara stronghold areas, when he hates them and discriminated upon them. He called them Foreigners, and expected them to vote for him?
If I may ask, would Paul Biya one day claim that elections in the Southern Cameroon areas were rigged, if he happens to lost in these areas? Ofcourse NO! because he knows how much he has abandoned and angered the Anglophones. So the southern cameroonians are just like the northerners who didn't vote for Gbagbo, and Gbagbo decided to cancel the results , that they were flawed. How did he expect them to vote for him? It serves him right! They paid him back with their votes.
The new shortcut for Africa dictators when they are sedated in elections is to claim to be Nationalist fighting Neocolonialism, just like Gbagbo tried to play, but .....

Kamer Chat

I think what is happening in Ivory Coast is simply the failure of African to make the right decisions in their own countries and hence the intervention of the West and their child organisations that we all know to once again use us as modern slaves to serve their sole interest.

dango  tumma

have any one ver seen the copy of the colonial pact, that allows 87% of africans moneys to be stollen each time you buy something using the franc CFA?


India was really independent from 1947 and no body's puppet. Those African leaders who stood up were quickly eliminated with the complicity of colonial powers. Now even Asian dictatorships have gone on to do well economically. We have got to continue to analyze the cause and not lose hope because the arc of a nation is much longer than that of an individual. Those Asian countries are often ancient entities with the colonial era just a short part of their historical timeline and have seen awful times. We need to keep going back to the drawing board until we get out right.

Derek Jeter Jersey

I am not a big Bieber fan but I appreciate what he has done.

fall protection

If only honest elections could be held, people will have better chances. In the construction business, proper rigging makes fall protection certain, but in elections, rigging should have no place.

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