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Wednesday, 27 April 2011


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Now, this is something original!


hmm given too much to the Devil Paul Biya who needs to answer a lot when he step down even in his grave......
Well it is a good carrot Idea provided the stick to use on Biya is Big enough to take away all the offers including those he had stollen for more than 30yrs.
I belief Biya knows the evils he had been doing for a long time and he will not be fooled by such a pact. In Cameroon as with most dictators lessons can only be learn by politicians if they are prosecuted.


I think it is a small price to pay to move on. A deal should be made and the country should stick by the deal.

Ismael Shakur

Before any good solution, there must be revolution. This is a good idea, but with the greedy politicians we have in Cameroon...I just hope both Fru Ndi and Popo gonna be able to go with your proposal. Good luck because u need. Truth be told; democracy is not for Africa...we should try to device a new system, democracy is a failure in this continent.


Ivory Coast: The colonial roots of disorderThis has no similarity in Cameroon where the two main Candidates are form the South.Colonial tensions in Cameroon are "Anglofool-Francofool" and "Come no go"(practice with the North/southwest Regions).

Gan Charles

Dr. Nfor N Susungi's proposal warrants consideration, but I am at a loss at the following key statement:
"The reason why the Newcam Prosperity Pact is politically neutral is because it is my intention to formally propose it to the CPDM and the SDF for consideration so that these two important parties can jointly back my candidature for the October 2011 elections."

Is Newcam Prosperity Pact a political party or a mediator? You can not be politically neutral while declaring your cadidacy. It is unclear to me how he intends for the CPDM and SDF to back his candidacy. Is he saying that by presenting this proposal to both the SDF and CPDM, these parties will see the wisdom and approve his candidacy? How credible will the endorsement be?
Why would the the CPDM back a candidacy that may remove them from power?

I hope the Dr. mispoke and can clarify this statement.

My advice to the Dr. is to take his idea directly to the Cameroonian people. Make this proposal on the campaign trail and maybe it will gain traction. In the course of doing this he may just convince the ruling cabal that there will be no retributions if he were to be elected president.

Making a deal with leadership of the SDF and CPDM will not convince the majority of Cameroonians that he is a serious candidate.


Dr. Nfor Susungi,
You have great ideas and hope they translate into a great Cameroon> But tribal linings may sole your greeat ideas. Why did you not write to the CPDM Secretary General? you prefer a memeber of the Politburo fo that same party(who is from your region of origin)What criteria did you use to choose Tamfu? be open to Cameroonians before we can think of electing you into office.Do your tribal linings play a greater role than your national linings?
Take Heart!!!


The writer must have worked under Paul Biya
Carry ur dum ass document packs and rot in Ivory Coast. What is the name of ur party?Why beg CPDM and SDF before running for the presidency?


This is one of the greatest insane piece that Iahve ever read. Surprise to hear some one saying he has great ideas. Saying he wants SDF and CPDM to supoort his presidential overtures. I tire this reality. Cameroonians refusing to vote bc there is no leader to inspirre them? Wao !! Not to go through this hwole junk bc it damnned ridiculous Please your wirtes up show how super confuse y0ou can be!!!

Nformi Tamfu

Good theory Dr.
However, you lack the wisdom to rule Cameroon. This lack of wisdom is manifested in the fact that in your mind you cannot divorce Cameroon from its current political dwarfs. This is the reason why you think you must seek their consent or strike a deal with them. You must be original in your thoughts and actions. You never lay bare your political motives, strategy, weaknesses nor strengths to your opponents.


Susungi is not really about politics, but about the program that he has, which he believes will bring prosperity, jobs and development. He thinks the SDF and CPDM should take a pause from throwing verbal stones at each other to collaborate to effect the program.

Before cursing him, people should first look at the program. Susungi, when does the prosperity program go public. I want to see it.

John Dinga

It it not good to toss blames at someone who comes forward with a proposition. This is a departure from the usual blame game, criticism ad infinitum. Frankly if there is someone willing to stand up and be counted, we should not dismiss him outright. It is possible to take his proposal, examine it and strengthen its weakness and come up with something good. As my friend used to remind me, "Bafoussam n'a pas ete construit en un jour."

If Cameroonians blame Paul Biya, Fru Ndi, Bouba Belo, Frederic Kodock , Ndam Njoya and the rest for sitting tight, they must complete the blame game by focusing also on those who have not taken up the challenge to propose something new. Here, I believe, is someone different with something new, even if there are holes in it.

What I would task Dr. Susungi with is 1)the kind of team he has to work with 2)the criteria for choosing the SDF, parts of the CPDM, 3)nothing of the UPC, UNDP, MP and the other actors who must also give him their blessings, since that is what he wants for now. I would also seek to know whether he has perused the conditions for forming a political party or whether he is running as a member of an existing political party. Imperfect as the applicable text may be, I believe there is something like residence requirement, endorsement by 500 heavyweights, asset declaration and other conditionalities for entering the race. These to me are matters worth assessing so that useful energy is not wasted and then the project allowed to evaporate into thin air like others before it. I hope I was not too critical myself or too hurtful on anyone?


John Dinga makes some pertinent and constructive points, which I hope Dr Susungi ends up addressing. We are in desperate straits and we need new thinking. At the bottom of this article is a link to Susungi's facebook, where there is discussion ongoing addressing some of these points. I suggest people click through to "friend" and "like" and engage him on facebook. The anonymity here just makes some people post things without thinking.

Mallam Shehu

Well said Dinga. What the Doc wrote must be sieved, and all that is unwanted thrown away. No need to rumble over nothing, any person having a better write-up or ambition, should also give us the courtesy to read and debate over it too.


I think what is best for Cameroon is for everyone to make an impact in their own little corner. I will not disuade presidential aspirants, but my belief in the office of the presidencyas a panacea for national problems, has wained.


I know what you are saying, Limbekid, but the president and government are very important, because they are either creating an enabling environment or creating blocks. Lots of hardworking, creative people have left the territory out of frustration. Forward-looking and innovative governments caused people to return to a lot of countries with large diasporas such as Ghana. Do not minimize the importance of a progressive president. Personally, I will keep my skills, my person and my money abroad until things look right.


Things are not going to look right anytime soon. Cameroon will follow the same fate as Zaire and Ivory Coast.

France is a cursed society. Nothing good will ever happen to Countries colonized by the French, except u purge the society of anything French like was done in Viet Nam.

A progressive President creates a progressive environment. A Brain dead dictator like Biya is doing nothing but making preparations for chaos and anarchy. With his penile implant and hooker wife, this buffoon called Biya is going nowhere anytime soon.

Both of them are suffering from HIV and that is why the ..itch can not have any more kids and they are always away for blood transfusion and more HIV drugs. Pathetic.


njimaforboy Funny lol
@ 78 Paul Biya should keep producing Kids.Some comments here aren't worth the laugh.


Zimbabwe's indigenization law.The Road Map to Real Independence.

Mallam Shehu

Hihihihihi Njimaforgirl aka Ma Marry, so you're still around. Thought you went to fight the French in Abidjan with your Molotovs and soldier ant army. Hihihihi, life must be pretty hard is America. Suffer Boy!

Emmanuel Elangwe

It's sometimes so difficult to take you seriously (I mean that in a nice way). I'm not sure where this crazy love of conspiracy theories comes from. Why would you call another man's wife a hooker when you really can't prove it? I understand your dislike for Paul Biya, but my golly...what has his wife got to do with his policies!? HIV, blood transfusions...etc That's CRAZY!!!! What do you care if him and his wife bore any more offsprings!? seriously....!

Can't we just have a civil disagreement over policy and politics without zooming off to a mental asylum? Is that too much to ask? eh?!

Elizabeth Moore

"Nfor' or whatever he calls himself, must be a MAD MAN. He is planning to give a criminal like Paul Biya, a golden exit.AHHHHH! After the old crook has deprived Cameroonians of all opportunities, killed many others, imprisoned some?
Instead of thinking of what he can do for Cameroonians, he is thinking of how to pacify criminals like Paul Biya and power-loving minds like John Fru Ndi? Nfor is not fit to be the quarter head in his village, not to talk of a president!

He who proposes himself to be King,be careful.He's Nothing less of a stingy and greedy one.
That's all I got to say.Doctor,Professor or whatever,It all boils down to the fact that he wants power too.Absolute power corrupts absolutely.
Dr ose what you got to help Cameroon,do not use it to be KING

THAT'S BAD...Become a genuine evangelist,Chair Charity orgarnisations,or what ever...Start from there,THEN THE PEOPLE CAN TRUST AND LOVE YOU..Start from there,not just wake up one morning and propose to be KING...

You Are Crazy

Ni John will Roast Your balls
Biya will be having that for Lunch


At the age of 63 you should also retire. Idiot!


He is 63 and thinks we are stupid. He is not young. Let all the old folks go to sleep!!


Dr. Nfor N Susungi you claim at 63 you belong to the younger generation? So where do I belong at 36? Please, if your really want Ni and Biya to protect the enterest our interest as you state please, Joing any person as old as Kah Walla and advise them on how to implement such good proposals of yours.

39 year old youth.

To all of you brothers and sisters that have commented,what plans have you to join Dr. in the fight for change in Cameroon?.Dr.Susungi is the ideal person to be elected and i promise you that after electing him he is going to hand power to a young man.I support all what he proposes because i think a great nation like Cameroon will be free of chaotic platforms only when some one voluntarily comes up with a proposal to unite Cameroonian.
We should give much courage, support him up and give him a try.
We can only compare him to any other persons proposals but now that there is none i think his is best.

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