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Saturday, 23 April 2011


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The brutal flogging of Kaa Walla and her peaceful followers at protest indicates that Paul Biya and his gang of thieves need this civil war that you seem to be calling for. Just do not expect support from Sarkozy because Biya serves him well.

Sonja Bernard

Cameroonians now are increasingly coming to their senses that sitting back and allowing a ruthless man like Biya to stay on will not advance the country anywhere. His generals in the military have to be a target as many are now saying.

J. S. Dinga

It is sad to think that we have really come to the end of the road and only war remains the last option. I wish this were not the case but events point to that direction.

For a man who claimed he would not be runnig for the 2011 presidential election Paul Biya recently signed an order virtually making the much- clamored-for neutral electoral body a toothless bull dog. By empowering the Constitutional Court as the sole body to declare results of such elections, he is virtually paving the way for an Ivory Coast type scenario where a member of his ruling party can take and tear into pieces the results about to be read on television by the Chairman of the body, and where the president of the Constitutional Court (his appointee) can virtually nullify the results of rival political parties and concoct his own and declare it. The way Cameroon intellectuals, professors, ministers, journalists and all sorts of people are falling head over heels to proclaim Mr Biya the providneital leader of Cameroon defies any logic. An entire publication has be devoted to the numerouos motions of support addressed to the president. What a world!


So will the dear Prof. come fight in the civil war which he so well advocates from the comfort of his American exile? Believe me, countries get to war by accident and never by design. No country can ever wish war upon itself. It's brutal. It's savage and leaves in its wake a generation of broken bodies, minds and souls.


Cameroon is not ready for any Arm rebellion.Cameroonians have too much beer at stake to lose.Beside the tribalism and cowardice is our biggest chain.
We can sit on our desktop and ask for change when we ourselves are not ready for it.The world it seems belongs to only those who act on it not those who speak of it.

Amouta Denis

Well for thirty years too, under Hoiphet Boiny, Ivorians never, in their wildest imagination, thought their country would descend into hell, but it did because of politicians who cared less. As it's been advocated in this forum, start pointing fingers at those who surround Biya and who make feel he is immortal: those Generals in the military and the rest is history. Where is Gbabgo, who at some point thought those generals will fight and die for him? Once those generals realized that the world was descending on them, he was left alone and his regime collapsed like pack of cards under a child's hands.

Mallam Shehu

Forget about all the illusions of a collective armed opposition in Cameroon. The rift among us is too wide apart to allow such a thing as a coalition in any form against Biya to take place. Besides, like somebody just said, we're just a too complete bevy of epicureans, and just that alone, will never ease the formation of such a mov't. Other folks who have undertaken such a trail, are completely different from us, especially mentality wise.
For such a thing to take place in Cameroon, it must only be a personal action; a targeted and effective assassination of Biya would be the only magical option, should we be tired of kicking him out through the ballot.
For the main time, we can all continue to track along Bacchus's trail and soak our time and destinies out.


I stopped drinking. I stopped womanizing. I get 8 hours of sleep.

I feel healthier and my mind is at peace. Anybody else cares to join me? I am not talking about politics right now, but there are many personal, family and societal ills that can be solved just by not indulging the body.


Regarding the drinking thing, as someone said, Ivorians had no idea what was coming. They used to be thought of as the most indolent francophones, who would never rock the boat. They did rock the boat.

Be very wary of predicting history, my friends. You never know what is around the corner. When people take as much alcohol as do Cameroonians, it is no longer for pleasure but to block pain. What is this undiscussed and unresolved national pain that they are pretending is not there? We had an inkling in the 2008 riots. Beneath the surface is volcanic level rage boiling, just tamped down by a fragile capstone.

DO NOT BE FOOLED about the bacchanalia. It is just on the surface.

Why have the rulers of Cameroon always surrounded themselves with a cordon insanitaire of BMMs, Israeli-trained guards, underground prisons and trigger happy cops and gendarmes? Why is there always an undercurrent of fear and intimidation?

Mallam Shehu

If we could all follow your alcohol abstinence example, a lot of things would change overnight in that our country.
Ever since I was in primary school, I've always been hearing about this magma that would force its way out one day stuff, but that blessed day never comes. @Anchor, we're too passive a folk. Such a thing is not meant for us.
During those days of constant strikes in CMR, even in the university of Y'dé 1, I saw how far we could persist with our demands. 1Ninja(police) would make 1000 students runaway like a cow that has just found itself in a residential area, and some will runaway and will never come back to continue the fight. Not to talk of divisions and disorganisation.
Man, certain things aren't meant for Cameroonians. We should think about other strategies to eject that fool out of his seat.
Our president is simply a coward, that's why he's so heavily guarded. Should he decide to even walk on the street without that guard, believe me, nothing will happen to him. We Cameroonians are just like our leader, cowards!

Bob Bristol

Can I fight the Biya's regime?
Do I have the strenght and skills to fight?
Must I fight? What about the others?
Is it morally wrong for me to encourage them to fight?
Is fighting reserved just for the "oppressed"?
Am I "oppressed"?
Will fighting even solve the problem?
But what if they are brutally dealt with or even killed?
How sufficient or effective is my contribution as a blogger or critic?
Should we just rely on the ballot?

Dear Cameroonians, there are so many ways to benefit from globalisation. If we meet these Niger Delta guys and go into concrete agreements with them, they can do for us what we cannot do for ourselves. The "international community is out of the question"


Mallam, I do not buy that. You are making it sound like some sort of genetic defect. People can be whatever it is that they want to be. A lot is about how you talk to yourself and your children. What ever it is that you want in this life, talk to yourself positively for 40 days, and you would be transformed internally into that thing which you want to become. Why do you think in the Islamic faith, they prescribe 5 prostrations and affirmations everyday? If you do that consistently and sincerely, you will become.

History also shows that there have been periods when people, as individuals and groups have performed acts of tremendous self-sacrifice in that very country. The question you should be asking is why people are so blase, not whether they can.

People have no faith in anything and do not know what to believe. That is the problem. Biya's is the worst kind of dictatorship, not harsh enough to make enough people to feel that they have nothing to lose, but harsh enough to make people uncomfortable and fearful. The other thing is that the corruption is so pervasive that it is hard to identify any honorable men or women to lead. Going back to alcohol again, it dulls the mind, so a person can ignore reality, does not feel pain well, does not feel pleasure in its fullness, does not taste food completely with all his senses and does not decide and act rationally with the full inputs of senses, reason and the powers of mind and body.


Some pessimists postulate that democratic revolutions only lead to parliaments and a bourgeois state, and this is true in most cases. Using the examples from the article (ANC, MPLA, Southern Sudan and UPC): in South Africa we are yet to witness massive transformations in the lives of ordinary black South Africans, but there are visible signs of black nouveau rich; in Angola Dos Santos (MPLA) fought under a communist banner and has remained in power since 1979 (his daughter is porpurtedly one of the richest women in the world); in Cameroon the UPC disintegrated with some of its members joining the ruling elite; in the meantime our fingers are crossed on Southern Sudan.

Military intervention is expensive business. Ouatarra has barely made it to the presidency, but the Cote d`Ivoire is already indepted to France and the EU, to the tune of 580 million euros (not to mention the human cost). If the Cameroonian diaspora is wealthy enough to spend so much on arms, why not invest directly on those they are supposedly defending.

Gan Charles

A popular revolution will NEVER succeed in Cameroon due primarily to it's plurality. For all the reasons that anyone born in Cameroon knows, convincing a majority of the population to engange in the kind of civil disobedience or uprisiing that has taken place elsewhere is IMPOSSIBLE.
Some have pointed to South Africa's ANC. The South African liberation movement succeeded for the following reasons. The first is that the majority of South African Blacks speak a common language and have a common culture. The ANC was the ONLY MAJOR black political party and included 'other ethnicities' - indian born South Africans for example. The ANC identified and made Mandela the face and symbol of the movement. South Africa already had an effect administrative, albeit aphathied, structure in place. And the Military wing complimented the organization.
The only time Cameroon came close was a meaningful revolt was during the 1992 election when SDF was very popular, the country was geared up for change and could have tolerated a bloody upraising if the SDF had called for it and, more importantly, if the SDF had had the foresight to establish a military wing. Today, the SDF is severely weakened by its internal problems.
The only choice for Cameroon may be to follow Ghana's model. First a well intentioned midlevel officer wipes everyone at the top. Rules the country for 10-15 years establishing civil societal structures that can lead to democratic beginings.

Mallam Shehu

Anchor man,

all you're prescribing are prescriptions meant for people who're mentally fit and thus can transcend above their bodily needs and sacrifice for their children and future generations. I take you by your words, and I am convinced you can do it, but the bulk majority of us is faraway from such a sacrificial enterprise.
The simple source of our malady is that we're too greedy and ego-full. Nobody ever thinks about tomorrow, or about the type of relay baton that we're going to pass on to future generations. In our country, it's just me, me, and nobody else. This our egocentric way of seeing things will never pave way for any strong opposition against the status quo.
Even, should you dare start such a mov't, your ideas will not be the thing that will matter, but what will matter most is what you are or have. And even when they'll finally discover who/what you're, envy and jealous steps in, and that is it. You can forget about your plans to change things for the betterment of the entire folk.
Why do you think Mrs. Kah Walla was left on the streets to face well-armed forces alone? If you can succeed in deciphering such small things and putting all the puzzles together, you'll at least partly understand my view, which may sound pessimistic to many, but very realistic for all I know.
We've got a lot of issues first to redress in our psychic before even dreaming of uniting and forming a common voice to decry our oppression. Our oppressors know that very too well, that's why, once in office, their bellies can smoothly swell overnight simply because they know just too well that they can rough handle us the way they want, and nobody will ever dare cough in front of them.
Look at what is happening in a country like Pakistan. Ministers are even afraid to accept that position. Why? If you accept such a post and dare not be there for the interest of the people, the people will 'sample' you accordingly. In which country on earth, can a minister like Chiroma, take great pride in mocking at 19million folk, with such impunity?
At times we even look too far, I even believe, in order to bring a ship to a standstill, it would be easier to do so by causing great havoc to its crew, and Mr. Captain will either adjust or give up that ship.


"Talking about beer". I paid a visit to my cousin in Valencinnes, this weekend, he asked to take me to a club where we can enjoy cameroon beer.I turn him down but was quick to asked which Cameroon beer is he talking about? He reply by naming them 'Beaufort, "33" Export , Castel Beer, Mützig,Amstel' etc.
I demand he hold on and asked where on Earth did he knew that those where Cameroon beer?.
He said those are beer from Brasseries du Cameroun and added that I should stop politicizing.
Luckily he has internet at home so I asked him to check facts on wikipedia about Brasseries du Cameroun .
He did and told me he will never again buy any bottle to himself or to anybody from Brasseries du Cameroun.
I know many people do not know the facts, but read from wikipedia and you will see for yourself that it is a french industry with a Cameroonian name.
Some one said we have independence, I don't if such a word has difference meaning

Bamda boy

Bob Britol has a point if it comes to last resort, the Niger guys can train and lead those interested to protect our people from senseless brutally and those out of the country can fund it. Defendless poeple are always the victims in the world. If you know i have a Gun just like yours you will be force to approach me with more novelty.


Come on dear folk, let us all not be too naive. its true Popol's reign is not marked by all that success, and that change is good too. Buts stop accusing just one side. I frankly believe that the opposition needs to work hard to convince cameroonians that they are capable of handling the situation. Just look how they are disorganised.
We sing everyday the CPDM and its reign is corrupt, look for instance at the councils runby the SDF for the example, and the level of corruption of its leaders.
I am not a pessimist but will always harp that for change to be in the country, the opposition must organise itself and convince camroonians they are ready to break for the yokes of the past,
Some site Kah Walla, haha permit me laugh, change cannot come from the likes of this woman and the host of opportunists like Anicet Ekane, the Albert Nzogangs and co,jst not atall.
With this disorder, if elections were free and fair in the country today with all this confusion in the opposition, am very convinced popol will have a 90% score.

Bamda boy

Defenseless people are always senseleslly killed.

Bamda boy

If Cameroonians must drink,drink home grown Palm wine.Each beer you buy is a contribution directly to Biya he is the only individual who owns a share in the company, a tragic irony indeed Brasseries du Cameroun .


Mallam should check out the story of Cuba. Dont get me wrong. Democracy is a very good thing, but sometimes a dictatorship is the only thing protecting a country from being controlled by outside forces with their own agenda.

Cuba used to be a corrupt hole, controlled by the Mafia with the aid of a dictator and his armed enforcers. There was no hope. There was just prostitution and a lot of rum, just like Cameroon . It took a small determined band of men and a sprinkling of women, bound together by a coherent ideology and strong leadership to bring them down. It did not require the entire people in this case or in Ghana. Cameroon army is very conscious of this, so there is a very thorough process to keep the officer corps clean of politicized officers. It only takes one good one. Gan Charles has a point.

Never say never, Shehu.

@limbekid. Why should anybody in right mind do that?

J. S. Dinga

A good successful country usually has leaders and followers and a small number of critics. Whenever this balance is upset with critics outnumbering the other two, there is double trouble!

Bob Bristol

By the time the election has come and gone and Biya is still in charge, it must have dawned on all of us that "we are cawards". If we don't have what it takes to unseat this guy, then let us see how an armed gang can do the job. I can swear it will not degenerate into a much unexpected situation.

Gan Charles

Bob Bristol - I agree with you to a point.
If you are old enough you will recall that in the sixties "Wambo le Courent" and "Takala Selestin" were going to take out Ahidjo. Just the two of them. The plot failed only because Mgr. Ndongmo developed cold feet at the last moment becuase he "did not want bloodshed".
Takala and Wambo faced the firing squad while the Vatican extracted Ndongmo, saving his life.
With this history, it is hard for Cameroonians to trust, especially when it come to such serious matters.
So you need two to tango. The technicians to take him out and the administrator to take over.
As you can see, some brave compatriots had devised a plan and were prepared to carry it out.
Cameroonians are NOT all COWARDS after all.


Bob Bristol
I think as a more self conscious person, you should have said that, " volunteer to lead a gang to oust him" rather than
"...let us see how an armed gang can do the job. I can swear it will not degenerate into a much unexpected situation..."
So who is going to make up the gang, a dog's siblings, non cameroonians, hired mercinaries? or who.
Look at how we reason, you sit with your old flabby whites witches in Bristol, meanwhile fools do the dirty job, at the end of it, you trail your white "poufias" like OUATTARA to rule the country isn't it?
Now who is the real coward? ... Bob bristol


@ Bob Bristol,

Pragmaticism is not necessarily cowardice.

From what I observe, most articles on these forums either adopt a populist or pragmatist stance. It may be popular to advocate armed resistance, but not necessarily the most practical option, especially in a part of the world which does not produce arms. It is difficult to envisage positive progress in Cameroon with the current political dispensation, but in a country with such meagre infrastructure it would be folly to futher aggravate the situation by further engaging in armed conflict with no determined duration.

As for degeneration, I think only the loyalty of the regular army would determine the intensity of armed struggle.

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Africa leaders should treat their people failr and be ready to relinquish power.

 Nigeria News

You can see what is happening in libya, it is either I rule you or I kill you.


Nigeria News well said this is prevalent in all of Africa.
Tribalism, Religionism,Big book guys against small book ones.African-West(African Europeans I mean those Africans who thinks they are of Europeans then Europeans them self- Educated ones in particular their Leaders).It seems to we africans are really at odds fighting against ourselves than fighting for a common goal that will lead to our common survival.
Our ego for food and finished western goods has reduced our reasoning faculties to NULL.
Well there is Hope, the new uprising in Egypt and Tunisia is a course that we can learn and wake up to it one day.When will our time come? I left that to the Future.Our comments on this forum shows we are still far away to it.How Far I can not tell.
What we should learn to do is
1. To stop to Fear.
2. Stop asking others to do our Job for us.
3. Crate and Respect institution
4. Act on those who try to tamper with these institution
5. Do not allow ourselves to be continuously be by hijack by the West or any other Power while at the same time we should never negotiate with Any body out of Fear.


Putting the horse before the cart! We have to first have a credible and effective opposition before we can start talking about an armed opposition...

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