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Wednesday, 27 April 2011


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Excellent write up. You get an A+. Except Biya'a has penile implant and his penis will be the only thing standing when he is lifeless.

BIR guards are the ones pounding Shantal while the buffoon called Biya'a is snoring.

Emmanuel Elangwe

Despicable and childish...I feel sorry for the institution that awarded your Doctorate. Sounds like a primary school pupil screaming. With all the economic woes facing Cameroon, you manage to focus on hair dye and silly conspiracy theories. Well done Sir, well done!...Pathetic. (and I'm not a member or sympathiser of the CPDM).


Elangwe,when man pass u, carry e bag. Write your own article make we see if u get the same command for grammar.
U are just a jealoused CPDM sympathiser, NYAMFUKA.

Mallam Shehu


why not carry your own bag and go back to CMR to fight. Spending your time down there in California while eating fuf'u corn and njama-njama will never scare any butcher. Langa Man!

Emmanuel Elangwe

I'm hard pressed to understand whatever it is you are trying to articulate. I wasn't aware his write up was a show of command of the english language. If that's the case, YOU win !!! BTW I'm not going to carry Dude's bags, well unless I'm getting paid...boom!

CPDM synpathiser? Naaaah.
Jealouse?....maybe, it's a very subjective word.

You know, when you write to a general public (and especially an opinion forum) and the last thing you expect is a differing opinion, you should not be writing Op-Eds!!!! In my uneducated opinion, focusing on hair dye and silly conspiracy theories is quite frankly...Childish!!! In a democracy, people are not judged by their phenotypical traits!! That's why the are laws in place in Cameroon to prevent discrimination against women, old people, racial minorities etc...So, a man's gray hair is really irrelevant when we as a people need to judge his political and administrative performance. You get my point...!?

Miss Chievious

@ Elangwe Shut up!!!!!!! Shurup ya mop!!!! get down from that high horse and make yourself useful.The problem weh Cameroonians, too much talk, over grammer no action(wonna problem na over book)....Shurup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As for you Njimaforboy... You are out of topic. Get a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Bingo. An altered hair coloring is not a phenotypical trait.

You no fit de compare person like thief man Biya, we e de so so change hair color with sex, race,age and demorcray.

c'mon bro, na which one u de.
Seriously, do you think the butcher of etoudi knows what democracy is?. Sometimes i wonder about Cameroonians. Are you that hungry that you have to sell your soul and conscience?

You see, each time you critize Paul Biya, rats and roaches like Mallam Shehu come out of their holes to defend this thug turned President.Mallam you and supporters of Paul Biya are nothing but loosers. Why don't u just jump off a cliff in Germany and die.

May be if he stops altering the color of his hair he will age gracefully,relinquish power gracefully, and die gracefully.

Elangwe,are u the same family with Namata? Na dem cause all this suffer for Cameroon.

Mallam Shehu

Njimafor the coward,
since when have gluttons ever orchestrated a successful revolution to oust a head of state? Do you in any way think that guy who ignited the Jasmin Revolution in Tunisia, so loves khati-khati? You don't need to dive from a cliff, your fatty and wobbling stomach will do you justice! You'll be shocked to learn that Mallam was the first to slice the butcher's throat, Kunyam!


So that’s the only serious comment you can make, talking about President Biya’s hair? He choose a hair style and I think everybody is free to make choices of styles for his appearance. President Paul Biya does what pleases him. His hair style has nothing to do with money, it is just stupid to say he uses embezzled money to take care of his hair. Do you need to embezzle money to take care of your hair? It does not make not any sense, it is foolish!

Emmanuel Elangwe

@Miss Chievious? That's the kind of name my pre-teen daughter would pick for a screen name. I respect your opinion though.

..pun is..wetin e hair get for do with anything? How do you expect anyone to hold a constructive disagreement with your kind? Seriously...! I had no idea Elangwe was a synonym for Namata. I learned something today.

My gut reaction to this article remains thesame...! It's childish and despicable...! Hair dye, whore, age...etc I mean it's Silly Season 2.0 !!

Miss Chievious

@ Njimaforboy,
what are you wondering about 'WE' Cameroonians!! you inclusive. you know what's worse with us who are out of the country we think we are better.I dare you Njimafor,a runaway like you can do no better than biya.He is a thug with guts enough to steal from ya mami wat are you doing bout it Nada!!!

@ Elangwe
Elangwe! Elangwe! Elangwe, who die give you pre-teen daughter.Even fowl know ei chicks.
But thanks for respecting my opinion.

Miss Chievious

@ Elangwe
I however agree with you that this article needs an upgrade.

Emmanuel Elangwe

@Miss Chievious
...ah you too sef!!...

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