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Monday, 20 June 2011


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 Dr. Peter Vakunta

Caustic opprobrium on academic inflation and the disconnect between education and social realities delivered with an acute sense of humor. The speaker's contention that some educational systems are prone to educating children out of creativity chimes well with my experience in Africa and other developing countries. Teachers in these climes excel in squandering the creative ingenuity of learners. On this count, children are miseducated to believe that they aren't endowed with the cognitive wherewithal to pursue certain careers or professions. The speaker's recourse to the concept of hierarchical educational subjects to buttress his contention sits well with me.

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Yeah Dr Vakunta I agree with you on this one. That educationist has pointed out in 20 minutes what I`ve been trying to advance on this forum at every opportunity. Our system of education is staid; uncreative; highly compartmentalised, and it reflects on our economy. Childrens` education should not be targeted towards certain jobs, but on the distillation of knowledge (employment should be incidental). We will never build a solid economy without revolutionary changes in the system.

J. S. Dinga

Yes, they do. One way is by placing impressionable young minds in the hands of wrong teachers whose methods are at variance with positive, creative explorations.

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Thanks for the suggestion – I’ll make sure it’s included in the thinking.

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Bob Bristol

what happens when people are faced with untold adversities? Can creative ingenuity spring from such a situation? Or does it come when the muscles of the mind isn't bothered so much about what tomorrow will look like? Conventional wisdom may suggest the former but then it doesn't reflect on the lives of African children living in the dungeons of sub-Sahara Africa.

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I do believe that schools kill creativity! we need some huge changes to the whole education process to fix that.

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