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Tuesday, 14 June 2011


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This is a very disjointed piece; you begin by declaring your allegiance to the CPDM, and then veer off to talk about traditional and liberal education without explaining how the CPDM is going to support the educational system that you prefer. What exactly are you saying? How exactly is the CPDM going to contruct or is constructing that Cameroon that you envision.

Whom you support is none of my business but in terms of coherence, relevance and staying on message, you get 3 points out of 10.

Va Boy

Konde has always been a CPDM, even from the time he was a student. A reactionary right wing student, Konde. This tribalist has nothing to say which any one should be listening to.

Amouta Denis

How can Cameroon ever advance when an individual, having studied and taught in the U.S.A, perhaps is so scared of competing with fellow historians in U.S.A., decides to lend support to an ailing and pathetic individual like Biya?

oil paintings

Whom you support is none of my business but in terms of coherence, relevance and staying on message, you get 3 points out of 10.

Che Sunday

I find it hard hearing a Cameroonian who professes to have the interest of the country at heart refer to the CPDM as a "well organized party." Yes, the opposition parties have nothing to offer. But in the midst of nothingness, does that make you lose your sense of rational thinking? The CPDM, without Biya as its figure head may be in a better position to continue ruling because it has the money, and has perfected corruption into a science, but, please, don't try to sell this school of thugs to the Cameroonian people as what they should look forward to for their political aspirations.
How do you go about selling a traditional education to a people so dis-enfranchised by the present system that all that matters to them is who is first to give them a penny is he who gets their vote? The few that vote do so with their stomachs. Even Cameroonian elites in the diaspora have been known to accept monies to go march in support of Biya at our missions overseas. If educated individuals will go that low for political and personal gains, what chance do you stand in making their sibblings back home think otherwise? If Biya were a polician, he should have declared his intentions to run for re-election. We have no real elections coming in October. We have a CPDM party. If you are longing to be invited, then you have made your pitch. Just wait for your invite to arrive. I am sure your name is on its way to Yaounde. Happy wining and dining!


Bro, you are all over the damn place...what's your point? You are throwing your support for the CPDM and Paul Biya....big deal!!!! Who cares...?!

Ngenge Lorater

Professor Konde, your conception of corruption put here is the refrain of all those who are in the regime.Now you try to justify it and claim that bribe givers are as corrupt as takers.What is in fact ironical about your piece is that you even try to compare bribe givers to embezzlers of public funds.That is a typical CPDM mind set whose leader had first tried to deny the fact by asking for proof.When many high ranking officials in the regime were found wanting through "operation epervier",the story changed.It was now from denial to justification and the powerless masses who have suffered because of the embezzlers who you Konde intentionally decide to minimize swindle billions of francs destined for projects that would have helped the masses.I do not know which kind of progress you are talking about in this piece. And when the system institutionlise corruption by denying it now you are justifying it instead of suggesting how it should be fought and stamped out.Nobody doubts that the corruption in high places is what has wrecked the ship of state and we all know there are no " genuine intellectuals " in Cameroon for all of them cannot even speak out or stand for what they know is the fact.The ship of state is wrecked and yet instead of calling out the people responsible for it who happen to be many of the bigwigs of your CPDM , you now cast the opposition as equally responsible for the mess in Cameroon.How corrupt was the opposition when they raised concerns about corruption and the embezzlement of public funds in Cameroon? Your mentor asked for the proofs and now you shamelessly stand and try to manipulate words and think you can fool us.Please try to write something better next time for if this is the way people like you should be thinking,then what kind of historical objectivity will you impart to your students?

mami ya



And what has region got to do with their comments?


Is this thesame Dr KONDE who wants to see all grasslanders sent away from the SW ?????


Worse than that, he wants to see the Bakweris removed from Victoria. Funny crazy man.

Dasa emmanuel

Calls himself a Guru?
Such a piece from historian who calls himself a guru on Cameroon history can only be described as an amaterish foray into the "political evolution of Cameroon".

John Dinga

I think that if we spend all our amunition on fighting the individual there will be little or nothing left to fight the ideas. Can we concentrate on the ideas? Big brains toy with ideas; small ones spend time on persons.

There is so much in Dr Konde's article. My only problem is that they are disjointed and lack a coherence. And supporting the CPDM which is his democratic right is perfectly in order but the nexus to this write-up is what we ought to seek to connect. Embezzlement, bribe giving and bribe taking are surely aspects of corruption in need of a solution. Under other skies they are placed under the umbrella of "joint venture" and prosecuted as a means of reducing their negative impact on society. In Cameroon, we too should seek to do something about it.

I have a problem judging Opposition parties and the ruling party using the same yardstick because they are most certainly not competing on a level playing field; one has the people's tax money to play with but the others do not, and this is just one example out of many. One enjoys the bandwagon effect while the others do not. And for those who wonder what the bandwagon effect is, let us take a few steps back in time and revisit the process of legalizing Opposition parties to make room for multiparty democracy. One time minister of Territorial Administration, Gilbert Andze Tsoungui is on record as saying that by approving very many political parties, some made up of just a husband and a wife, in any competition, the RDPC will stand tall like an elephant. Of course we all know that riding on the back of an elephant reduces the inconvenience of one's feet getting wet on the dew or mud. Naturally the RDPC will attract more than its share of supporters. Who does not want to be part of the bandwagon(elephant ride)?

Cameroon is a great country and capable of great things. But in the absence of playing by the rules, all we succeed in doing is marking time on the spot as others move on in progress. Once upon a time, merit was valued as the criterion for leadership. In those days it was possible for a simple citizen to rise up the ranks from bottom to top and even soar to continental level. Who can so soon forget Nzo Ekhah Ngaki or William Eteki Mboumoua at the summit of the OAU? But today, the rise and fall is comparable only to meteorites. What went wrong?


I am a small mind, Dinga and damn proud of it.


Dr Konde,

I`ve always silently shared your penchant to diagnose Cameroon from a sociological perspective, but as some have already mentioned, this is a truely disjointed piece. It is a mish mash of ideas.

I am not interested in your political affiliations but please make connections between problem and proposed solution.

You kicked off with a recommendation for poltical education of the masses, and I agree.

Then you moved on to national cohesion, and I was looking forward to recommendations on infrastructural issues. How can you "de-regionalise" a country when it takes a treacherous journey from one region to the other; rail transport is limited; regional airports are dormant, with little or no internal air service; stone age telecoms infrastructure. You also failed to mention the dearth of talent - figures who engender national admiration regardless of political affiliation (inventors, artists, scientists, writers, athletes...). What about the fact that Cameroon has no youth service (enforced or otherwise)? You cannot build national cohesion solely from a political perspective.

Still don`t know what to make of your views on education, and bribery and corruption.

Emmanuel Elangwe

I'm not sure what this is all about (besides a political endorsement of the CPDM), but I have been a fan of your writing (History/Society) for quite some time. Your political orientation is really...your political orientation.

Sir, I stopped reading your article when I read this....

"A different kind of change is required in Cameroon, which must come on the heels of a well contrived and executed policy of education designed to transform the populace from tribal subjects to national citizens. There is no other party in Cameroon that is ready to execute this task than the ruling CPDM."

Is this not the same argument used to justify the birth of despotic single party systems after Independence?


Why have we to bother ourselves if a die-hard tribalist joins the ranks of other tribalists that the CPDM regime constitutes in Cameroon? Is it not just normal for birds of the same feathers to flock together? Who cares about a fly following the corpse to the grave? Please give us a break.


Such an initiative to study the political evolution of Cameroon is welcome. It will help many people understand some basic notions in politics. Many people embark on politics without actually understanding what it is all about, and many find no interest in politics as well and treat it of all sorts of names still because they have no understanding of politics.

Balon Solo

I only hope that your politics do not adultrate your academic performance.

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